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    Blitz Brigade Rival Tactics: Gameloft's "Clash Royale" Coming Soon

    Oh boy! Gameloft is preparing a game very similar to Clash Royale, called Blitz Brigade Rival Tactics. The new game intends to take the characters of Blitz Brigade to an arena, where there will be three towers and cards that are used as troops. All in a scheme very similar to the Supercell classic, check out the trailer below.

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    Same scheme. Three towers, a river, two bridges, troops that are slowly being positioned and that attack automatically. It's not even a criticism of the inspiration in Clash Royale, but the Blitz Brigade franchise deserved more.

    From the trailer you can still see that troops are basically cards that need to be upgraded to level up. In other words, there's a lot of similar stuff here.

    Gameloft has already started pre-registration for Blitz Brigade Rival Tactics. The game will be released for Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone. The game does not have a scheduled release date.

    Link to pre-registration

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