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    Bless Mobile was shut down before completing one year of release

    Do you remember Bless Mobile? The MMORPG game for cell phones was yet another game that hoped to clash with Black Desert Mobile.

    Announced 4 years ago, Bless Mobile arrived in South Korea in March 2020. In January 2021 it launched in the west. There wasn't even time to celebrate a year of life here. The game closed completely on December 17, 2021.

    Bless Mobile was just like most mobile MMORPGs with beautiful 3D graphics, lots of content, but with auto-quest and auto-battle. In other words, you could automate everything and you could just watch the game play itself.

    With this kind of practice, it becomes clear what the developer wants: she wants the player to get to the part where he has to pay right away. In the end, another pay to win or pay to evolve.

    With “only” 500 thousand downloads on Android, it seems that Joycity did not get the expected traction in number of downloads and profitability and decided to close the project soon. But that 500 thousand was to be expected, in fact, it was even a good size, as the mobile version of Bless arrived late on mobile.

    Bless Mobile has since been pulled from the app stores and its official trailer and videos deleted from Youtube. The order now at Joycity is to pretend the game didn't even exist. But luckily, the company is offering refunds to anyone who put money into the game during the last season.

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