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    Blade & Soul 2 arrives this month on mobile phones, learn all about the game!

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    Blade & Soul 2 is a prequel to the original PC game released in 2012. The new MMORPG will be released for Android, iOS e PC on August 26st, 2021 in South Korea. There is currently no release date for the West.

    The game was first announced in November 2017, and has experienced some delays and misinformation. After many months without any information, NCsoft delayed the game to 2019. As we know, it was not released and was delayed again in August 2021.

    Como a NCsoft define Blade & Soul 2

    According to NCsoft, Blade & Soul 2 will be a massive open-world MMORPG that players will be able to explore alone or with friends in Raid. There will be PvPs and bosses to face that will give players a lot of work.

    Successful pre-registration

    Blade & Soul 2 pre-registration in South Korea started in February and ended in June of this year. The game has broken all pre-registration records in Korea and has already surpassed 7 million people registered.

    Blade & Soul 2 is one of NCSoft's most important titles, and the publisher is giving the game its full attention. Maybe that's why she delayed the release so much.

    Is Blade & Soul 2 really a mobile game?

    One of the biggest recent doubts from gamers is whether Blade & Soul 2 is really a mobile game. This is due to the fact that NCSoft hid the gameplay quite a bit. She didn't do any soft launches or beta tests. Blade & Soul 2 will be released on August 26th for everyone in Korea.

    What immediately catches the eye in the Blade & Soul 2 trailers is the beautiful look. Everything shown so far of the game is too impressive to have been rendered on a smartphone.

    Awesome video with character customization.

    Gameplay trailer.

    Apparently, much of what was presented would be running on a high-end computer.

    It's also strange that they never actually revealed mobile gameplay. Just some rendered gameplay footage. But the studio makes it very clear that the game will have mobile as its main platform.

    NCsoft also says the game will be released on cloud gaming. This raises even more doubts about the look of the game really being that or if everything is not running on a proprietary platform going to the cloud. What a mess huh. Calm down, it gets worse.

    Classes and fighting system

    Three starting classes have been confirmed: Gon, Jin and Lyn. Blade & Soul 2, like its previous games, does not have standard MMORPG classes. In reality, the class will be the weapon of choice for each player. There are six different weapons at launch, with more planned to be released.

    Like the first game, Blade & Soul 2 has a focus on combats and they will require some extra skills from the player. There will be blocking, parrying, dodging and much more.

    At least that's what NCSoft says. We hope that the title really requires more than “button crushing” and doesn't come with automatic mode.

    Emulated on PC? Yes and with its own emulator

    NCSoft has confirmed that Blade & Soul 2 will run on PC under an emulator that was specially designed to house NCsoft games. The emulator name is Purple will contain besides Blade & Soul 2 other games from the company.

    The latest video showcases the sword and ax combat system.

    Notice how the gameplay image on Google Play is much more modest.

    So yes, Blade & Soul 2 is really a mobile game, but go easy on expectations. NCsoft released a lot of cinematic and rendered trailers on PC, but I'm always suspicious when the developer hides the game's gameplay at all costs.

    All these doubts about how it will look on our regular cell phones will only be answered when the game is released on the 26th. If it is accessible from Spain, we will post a tutorial teaching how to download and play.

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