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    BlackBerry 10 has native SDK for controls and joysticks

    O BlackBerry 10 appears to be much more prepared for today's smartphone market than Windows Phone. BlackBerry (formerly RIM) seems to know “what's catching on” in the cellphone market. Games are, without a doubt, a big part of what is the current smartphone application market. Thinking about it, BlackBerry itself has already released an SDK to bring compatibility with different types of gamepads. Since Gametel, even the Wii controller.

    And instead of putting players on the back burner with few and few releases, BlackBerry has already guaranteed a wide variety of games from the beginning, such as the already classic Shadowgun. This is very exciting, because it puts gamers in the foreground instead of being mimimi and making life difficult for gamers, as Microsoft has done with Windows Phone, as much as you like Windows Phone, the number of games released weekly is annoying).

    Via Blog from BlackBerry

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