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    Black Desert Mobile receives new update with fairies that evolve

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    The “Fairies, Little Magical Creatures” update for the Black Desert Mobile has just been released by Pearl Abyss. Players can now embark on their journeys with an enchanting Fairy by their side.

    These magical allies support by increasing action and defensive stats. Building Fairy Huts will allow players to create their friends from childhood to adulthood. Adventurers can strengthen their connection with the Fairy through a variety of activities to help her develop her best skills. Also, the player's growth can vary in terms of appearance, personality, and abilities based on the decisions he makes.

    The following features will be included in the “Fairies, Magical Creatures” update:

    • Fairy: To raise the status of a baby fairy, take care of her. Use the special menu that appears in the upper right corner of the screen, to the left of the Adventurer's health bar, to interact with him there or by going to the Fairy Huts.
    • Earn inclination points by playing games with the Fairy, such as singing, dancing, and mediation.
    • Inclination and Personality: Fairies have six personality traits: Cheerful, Sincere, Calm, Bold, Creative, and Affectionate. Choose alternative answers when talking to the Baby Fairy; this will affect how the adult stage develops.
    • Elevation: To expand the Fairy's skill slots and increase the potency of her attributes, use the "Bloom" option.

    Two new events will be available to celebrate the release of this new update along with it:

    • Fairy Premium Login (September 13-October 10): Players who regularly log into the game will have a chance to earn unusual items like Black Pearls and Alchemy Stone Grow Support Chests, which will benefit their characters.
    • Fairy Adventure (September 13-October 10): By eliminating enemies and collecting fairy dice shards to place on the adventurer's fairy board, players will have a chance to earn unusual treasures. Among the rewards are Neruda Shen's Secret Chest and the Ancestral Secret Chest.

    After finishing the main objective “Captain of Lemoria Guard Post” in Kamasylvia, the Adventurer can access the side quest “Fairy”, which allows access to this new companion. The player will obtain the Baby Fairy and the nickname “Very Cute Creature” after completing this new objective.

    To fully review the changes implemented with the update, please click here.

    To learn more about Black Desert Mobile, visit the official website. The game is available on App Store ou Google Play Store.

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