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    Black Desert Mobile receives major update with new region

    Black Desert Mobile, the MMORPG developed by Pearl Abyss, announced a new region, Kamasylvia. Bringing new adventures and a mysterious story with forest elves, the new map is now available through an in-game update.

    A new battle awaits players and their “waifus” (I know you created one). A new boss has emerged, Narc Brishka. An intelligent and angry creature that lives in a cave located in the forest of Manshaum.

    The new boss is quite difficult and will require a raid with friends. Upon defeating this new boss, players will receive a huge defense bonus.

    Along with the new region update, Black Desert Mobile has also gained several seasonal events that are full of rewards. The events will take place throughout the month of March. Check schedule:

    • For Spring! Quest Sequence (From February 28, after maintenance, to March 7)
      • Black Coin (300.000+), Chaos Crystal (1.000+)
    • For Spring! Upgrade at Luz-Benta (From February 28, after maintenance, until March 7)
      • Holy Light of Illumination one size larger than normal
    • For Spring! Special Warrant Event (From February 28, after maintenance, to March 7)
      • Page from Caphras's Secret Book, Lapis Lazuli, Abyssal Accessory Box
    • Cleaning up in the Desert Temples (Between March 1st and March 31st)
      • 100% Great Desert Hot Time (20 minutes), Frozen Purified Water, [Ancestral Mystic] Elion's Rune Chest.

    Sobre Black Desert Mobile

    Released in 2018, Black Desert Mobile is quite popular because of its gameplay and its female characters, Black Desert Mobile literally created the trope of the character staring at you all the time. The look is beautiful, but it takes a powerful smartphone to run.

    In 2020, the game won full Spanish translation.

    Black Desert Mobile brings much of the feeling of playing a PC MMORPG. The game is accessible, has easy commands and many incentives for the beginner player.

    The game's Spanish community is small, but very active on Facebook.

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    Developer: Pearl Abyss Corp.
    Advertising: No | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 6.0 / iOS 11.0
    Language: Spanish | Size: 4 GB

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