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    Black Desert Mobile gets a new class and it reminds me a lot of Asura's Wrath

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    A Pearl Abyss announced this week the arrival of a new class in the MMORPG Black Desert Mobile. The class Yacha is an awakened class with a focus on melee combat.

    If you ever played Asura's Wrath (PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360) will remember at the time of this game when choosing the new Yacha class.

    With the Echo Spirit ability, this class is able to focus blasts of energy through combo attacks. The other skill of the class is Eagle Drop which allows you to jump and perform a strong kick to the ground, this skill can be combined with and Echo Spirit. The Collapsing Sweep weakens the enemy, ripping the ground from under them. Finally, Lights Out will allow Yacha to deliver a gigantic punch.

    See the class skills in the video below:


    To celebrate the arrival of the new warrior, Black Desert Mobile will reward players with up to 700.000 Magic Essences and 14 Scrolls of Fortune through quests. Rewards will be delivered as challenges are completed.

    The new class's “Premium Attendance” event also kicked off this week. With it, 500 Black Pearls and 3.000 Restoration Scrolls will be offered as soon as the player logs into the game.

    For more information about Black Desert Mobile, visit the official website. To play Black Desert Mobile, please download the game from App Store ou Google Play Store.

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