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    Black Desert Mobile: Drakania Class comes to MMORPG

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    Following in the footsteps of the PC version, the class Drakania is already available at Black Desert Mobile. Drakania is a female character who is the incarnation of the Burning Lightning Dragon. Her moves include a spear and electricity.

    In addition to the arrival of the new class, a series of events will help adventurers to quickly evolve into the new class. Various rewards and quests will also be available to help this class evolve.


    Peral Abyss also revealed the roadmap of updates for Black Desert Mobile in 2022:


    • The game will have a new three-player co-op mode called “Party Rush”.
    • The 30v30 action style “Battlefield of the Sun: Siege War” features a dynamic and expansive conflict between the territories of Valencia and Calpheon. Different prizes will be given to the winners.
    • Drieghan, an entirely new region, will be established. Adventurers will have the chance to explore the streets of Duvencrune, the capital of the dwarves, fight fearsome dragons and engage in combat with the vengeful Garmoth, the Crimson Dragon.
    • The Fairy and Little Fairy companion systems, which will give characters more abilities as they develop and level up, are here.
    • Additionally, Chang-Wook, the executive producer of Black Desert Mobile, will give adventurers a surprise gift known as the Blessing of W, a consumable item for material enhancement that can only be used in Chaos Equipment. This material guarantees a successful restore after a failed upgrade attempt and increases the chance of upgrading by a factor of 100. A discount code will be required to redeem the item.

    To learn more about Black Desert Mobile, visit the official website. The game is available on App Store ou Google Play Store.

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