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    Beyond a Steel Sky comes to iOS and expands the horizons of “adventures”

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    Beyond Steel Sky is an adventure game for iPhone e iPad. The game is the sequel to Beneath a Steel Sky, a cyberpunk adventure and science fiction game, released for PC in 1994. The new game is exclusive to iOS and demonstrates a new level for adventure titles on the mobile platform.

    A remastered version of the first title in the franchise was released for iOS in 2009. Apparently, the reaction was so good that the producers released Beyond a Steel Sky as a temporary exclusive on Apple Arcade.

    When we talk about adventure-style games on mobile, we immediately think of games with limited graphics or, at most, adventures like Telltale's. Beyond a Steel Sky fits the second example a bit, but it has a common difference: vast environments to explore.

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    Unlike other titles of the genre on mobile, Beyond a Steel Sky gives the player complete freedom to walk through the scenarios. This is so obvious that the player will get the impression that they are playing a Sand Box RPG, but Beyond a Steel Sky is an adventure.

    From the creators of Broken Sword, in the world of Beyond a Steel Sky, the planet was devastated due to policies of massive exploitation of the environment. Along with a nuclear war, humanity has turned the planet into a sort of “desert of Australia” version.

    While investigating the disappearance of a child, Robert Foster arrives in Union City. A seemingly peaceful place, but which reveals itself to be full of intrigue and secrets.

    Beyond a Steel Sky is an awesome adventure on iOS. However, for those who saw only trailer and screenshoots, don't expect an RPG with a lot of action. The game is more about talking to NPCs and solving enemies.

    Despite being released on Apple Arcade, Beyond a Steel Sky is slated for release on PC as well. Perhaps an Android version will arrive sometime in the future.

    App Store (IOS)

    Developer: Revolution
    Advertising: No | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: No
    Requires iOS 13
    Language: Spanish | Size: 3.5 GB

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