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    Best old handheld video games (PSP, 3DS, GBA) 2022

    See the best vintage handheld video games for sale on Aliexpress. Nintendo 3DS, Sony PSP, GBA and many other consoles from the 2000s.

    Why buy a handheld console in 2022?

    The demand for portable consoles is on the rise and promises to explode in 2023, driven largely by nostalgia, but also by the fact that many gamers are tired of free-to-play games with abusive purchases.

    A good portion of gamers have preferred a laptop to be the "sidekick" (helper) of their cell phone. With this, it is possible the smartphone only for social networks and web browsing.

    But what if you could buy the original console instead of emulating it on a handheld? In this article, we've rounded up the best portable video games to buy on Aliexpress.

    The consoles that we are going to show you in this article are all reviewed and have a three-month warranty.

    There was a magic around portable video games like the Game Boy, for example, with different screens, these little wonders overflow nostalgia, even for those who never lived the time.

    As they are limited pieces, it's good to guarantee yours soon.


    Sony PSP 2000, 3000 e PSP GO

    PSP 2000 and 3000 models still yield a lot of fun and are the favorites of retrogamers.

    While it is perfectly possible to emulate the PSP on Android mobile, playing on the original console has an extra magic.

    On Aliexpress, you can find models available such as: PSP 2000, 3000 series and PSP GO. Let's talk briefly about them.

    Released in September 2007, the PSP 2000 is the first revision of Sony's famous handheld.

    The PSP 2000 is the model known for its easy unlocking and versatility. The PSP's success among collectors and people looking for retrogames is due to its excellent grip and robust controls. It is a very durable laptop.

    One of the advantages of the PSP 2000 model compared to the 1000 (original) version is the greater amount of RAM (64 MB), twice as much as the original console. This extra RAM facilitates the work of emulators of other old systems like Mega Drive, SNES, Arcade and etc.

    The 3000 model was launched in the same year of 2007 and brought a better screen, in addition to having scanlines (lines that simulate CRT TVs). If you are a fan of retro games, you will surely be more delighted to see the Model 3000 in action.

    Criticized in the past, the PSP GO stands out for its size and ease of use.

    The PSP GO is more recommended for fans looking for a portable and small console. The format may not please those with large hands. About the slide, don't be afraid, it is quite durable.

    The PSP 2000, 3000 and GO can be found in the range of R$430 to R$530 reais.


    Where to buy?

    • PSP 2000 (~R$ 420)
    • PSP 3000 (~R$ 470)
    • PSP GO (~R$ 512)


    Nintendo 3DS is 3DS XL

    But if you have an old portable console that makes perfect sense to buy and give your cell phone a break, it's the Nintendo 3DS or 3DS XL.

    The concept of two screens can even be copied by emulators such as Citra , but only holding the 3DS in hand does it make sense.

    In my personal opinion, I think the Nintendo 3DS is too small. The screens are tiny and I recommend it only to anyone who really wants this laptop in their collection.

    The 3DS XL, on the other hand, makes much more sense for today. The 4.88-inch screen looks much larger than the 3.5-inch on the original model.

    As it is a more recent model, manufactured until 2016. It is still possible to find 3DS XL on Aliexpress in practically new condition.

    This is a video game that goes very well with a backpack. In addition to native game support from GBA to 3DS. the XL can still be unlocked to run other systems.

    In addition, the 3D effect without the glasses is still a very interesting trick that still impresses today.

    Where to buy?

    • Nintendo 3DS (~R$ 489)
    • Nintendo 3DS XL (~R$ 652)


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    Game Boy Advance

    The Game Boy Advance has a special aura that exudes retro gaming. Despite being a 32bit console, this portable was focused on 2D games and has a library of excellent titles from the Mega Man, Mario and Zelda series.

    Where to buy?

    • Nintendo GBA (~R$ 630)


    PS Vita

    The PS Vita was a console released by Sony that failed as a successor to the PSP. Born in an era when second-generation smartphones (the iPhone era) were already showing their potential in games, the PS Vita struggled to gain popularity.

    With greater processing power, PS Vita is ideal for anyone who wants to run PSP and PS Vita games and emulate a lot.

    The bad part is that as it is a rarer console, it is usually more expensive than normal. Maybe it's better to buy in your region in Spain.

    Where to buy?

    • PS Vita (~ R $ 981)



    my impressions

    Bonus: and this is my baby. It's not exactly a handheld console, but it was a smartphone I always wanted to have again. The first one I only bought in 2010, when the Nokia N-Gage was already a “retro laptop”, imagine now, almost 20 years after its original launch in 2003.

    The version I bought on Aliexpress was the QD, remanufactured and working perfectly. It arrived some time ago and I've been using it a lot to play old Java games, as well as N-Gage games and Symbian games too.

    Where to buy?

    • N-GAGE QD


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