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    Best Offline Zombie Games for Android and iPhone

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    See what are the best zombie games to iPhone, iPad and cell phones Android. meet games where you must run away from zombies or confront them. This is another post in the offline games series, get to know the other posts in this series and have the best games that don't use the internet on your cell phone or tablet.

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    – Into the Dead 1 and 2 (Free)

    The first two games on the list are an easy recommendation. in Into the Dead is a zombie game franchise where the objective is to escape the undead by dodging them in a forest.

    Into the Dead's graphics are sensational. The second game is even more fun as it features a “The Walking Dead” style story and is also an offline game.

    Links to Download Into the Dead 1 (Android and iOS)

    Links to Download Into the Dead 2 (Android and iOS)

    – Dead Trigger (Thank you)

    One of the first big zombie hits of Android and iOS, Dead Trigger was a milestone in mobile gaming. Its cutting-edge graphics remain current and it's still an eye-catching game. In this amazing shooting game, the objective is only one: to destroy all the zombies.

    As if that weren't enough, Dead Trigger remains a free and offline game. But unfortunately the same cannot be said for its sequels. Dead Trigger 2 and Unkilled require internet connection.

    Download Links (Android and iOS)

    – Dead Effect (Thank you)

    Dead Effect is one of the most important shooting game franchises on Android and iOS. If you're looking for a free game that has a story and doesn't have infinite levels, you've just found it.

    In Dead Effect, you're trapped in a spaceship surrounded by science experiments gone wrong. The game's graphics are impressive. Game especially suitable for those who enjoy Doom and Dead Space. There is also Dead Effect 2. A game with even more impressive graphics than the first, however, only the first level of it is offline.

    Links to Download Dead Effect 1 (Android)

    – Telltale Games from The Walking Dead

    Of course, in this list I couldn't fail to include Telltale's games from The Walking Dead. With their own story, Telltale's adventure games stand out for their excellent storytelling and character development.

    If you are a fan of The Walking Dead, you will love the game The Walking Dead: Michonne that tells a special chapter telling the character's past.

    Links to Buy Telltale Games on Android and iOS

    – Zombie Tsunami (Free)

    Zombie Tsunami is a casual zombie game that was very successful on Android and iOS. Quite popular at a time when Pou dominated cell phones, Zombie Tsunami is a game where you control zombies and your mission is to “convert” whoever appears in front of you to zombies.

    Download Links (Android and iOS)

    – CKZ ORIGINS (Free)

    One of the games little known by the younger crowd. Contract Killer Zombie Origins, leaves the distance shooting theme and puts the character to face the zombies in "one-on-one".

    CKZ ORIGINS is a game whose main difference is being able to move the girl around the scenarios. Help people escape the zombie apocalypse in a light offline 3D game. Unfortunately it does not run on any cell phone and usually gives errors on devices with Mediatek.

    Download Links (Android and iOS)

    – Zombie Gunship (Free)

    The first Zombie Gunship can be played without internet. The shooting game puts you in command of a machine gun in an airplane. Your mission is to wipe out the zombies and make sure that normal people escape.

    Unlike the second game (which is freemium), Zombie Gunship is much more difficult.

    Download Links (Android and iOS)

    – Plants vs zombies (Grátis)

    Em Plants vs Zombies, you must stop countless zombies that come to your garden and to fight them you only have plants. The game has 50 challenging levels and some minigames that were added later.

    Download Links (Android and iOS)

    – Zombie Highway 2 (Free)

    Escape the zombies in Zombie Highway 2. They will stick to your car and you must move the vehicle from side to side, or use obstacles to remove the zombies. But be careful, it is necessary to have precision behind the wheel so as not to run into the wall. Zombie Highway 2 arrives with new graphics and scenery changes, but it doesn't stray too far from the “casual game” label.

    Download Links (Android and iOS)

    – Mini DAYZ (Free)

    Mini DAYZ is an offline open world survival game with Android and iOS versions. The game is the miniature version of DayZ, made by the producer of the original game. Mini DAYZ brings to the reality of smartphones with 2D visuals, but very fun gameplay.

    Link to Download on Android and iOS

    [originally published October 22, 2017]

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