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No, you didn't see it wrong. Check out the best OFFLINE Android games that were released in 2011 and are still worth playing today.

It's my friends, spent 10 years can already be considered retro? In case you haven't noticed, 2011 was 10 years ago!

Check out the video script below.

At that time, few people could afford a Galaxy S2 or Xperia Play.

We mere mortals had to settle for Galaxy Young Bomba or Motorola Travastone 3.

Running these games on a home device was terrifying.

It was a gambiarra festival with Chainfare and more. Who remembers this?

But nowadays it's soup in the honey to run these games,

and the best, most of them are still compatible with Android 10, as they are all offline games and do not depend on the internet.

We have great memories of that nostalgic time and it's time for you to remember it with us.

Video content:

Dead Space

Released at the end of 2011, Dead Space is an action game that went straight to the list of the best Android games of all time.

Can you imagine? A time when EA made good mobile games? No pay to win? That time existed!

Dead Space for mobile is impressive to this day! A canonical game in the series that takes place between the first and second console game.

Yes canonical! it is possible to find dialogue tapes of the mobile protagonist in PC games.

Immersive, dirty, gore, there's no shortage of praise to define this high that EA dropped first on iOS and then on Android.

You control Vandal, an agent with a distorted voice who is trapped on a space station with an infestation of an alien virus.

That same virus that turns bodies into grotesque creatures called Necromorphs.

The opening sequence of this game is a masterpiece…. For the time it was impressive.

The camera pans from a wide angle, then closes as it shows the protagonist trapped in the station.

EA knew how to do a few tricks to simulate effects like this volumetric light and make the most of what GPUs with OpenGL 2.0 could offer.

For the time, Dead Space Mobile squeezed every bit out of smartphones with mastery.

All of this helped this game give the same sense of claustrophobic dread that we had in the PC and console versions.

But remember, at that time the vast majority of high-end smartphones had at most a single-core processor and 512 MB of memory.

The campaign lasts about 4 hours, maybe less if you knew all the secrets.

Never played? Get ready for one shit after another.

This game has aged very well!

Real Racing 2 HD

Maybe you only remember this franchise because of Real Racing 3, and maybe you think it was always free to play.

But before it became a game full of bars, limiters and in-app purchases, Real Racing was a premium gaming franchise. Like, paid, played!

The first Real Racing was released in 2009 and was an iOS exclusive. Only Real Racing 2 HD gave the air of grace on Android … at the end of 2011.

Built-in purchase? Zero! Internet connection? Zero. Fun? 10!

Real Racing 2 is divided into four sections determined by car type: “Hatch”, “Sedan”, “Muscle” and “Exotic”.

Each section is subdivided into three levels of difficulty; “Class C” is the easiest, followed by “Class B” and “Class A”, which is the hardest.

Races in Career Mode can include up to five AI-controlled opponents.

Reminded Gran Turismo right? That's the footprint.

In career mode, the player starts with only one race available, as he wins, he unlocks new wallets and new races.

Real Racing 2 HD is a delight to play to this day, a great old game to pick up and beat on mobile.

Too bad the game is no longer sold on Google Play. But it's out there in the APK of life.

3. Minecraft Pocket Edition

Who doesn't remember the classic Minecraft Pocket Edition commercial where the guy played in the bathroom?

The prophecy came true and the throne became the official gaming chair for those who play on mobile.

Jokes aside, it's amazing how Minecraft never surrendered and never fell into the frills of free to play games.

This game remained a paid game until it became the official version of Minecraft, or rather, all versions converged on mobile.

By the way, remember all the Marketing around Xperia Play. This cell phone was the dream of many people. And at the time it was insanely expensive.

And speaking of Xperia Play, let's give a warning here.

We are not going to cover in this video all the exclusive and offline games that Gameloft released in 2011 for the Xperia Play.

For that, take a look at our video about “Old Gameloft Offline Games” it's pretty cool, watch it too.

4.Sonic CD

A game that was always considered obscure by many, but that gained a survival on mobile was Sonic CD.

Created by SEGA in 1993 as part of a promotion for the Mega Drive peripheral, the SEGA CD, Esse Sonic arrived on cellphones in 2011.

It came to Android and iOS as a paid game, but was later incorporated into the “SEGA Forever” initiative.

Don't know what SEGA Forever is? It is an initiative that offers several classic games for free. They show ads but it is possible to play offline, for that you need to buy the game.

Past, present and future collide as Sonic fights to rescue Amy Rose and retrieve the Time Stones! Travel back in time to defeat Dr. Eggman and his diabolical creation, Metal Sonic.

An addictive platform game that already arrived at that time with physical controls support.

Link to Download Sonic CD on Google Play.


Developed by SilverTree Media for Android and iOS, Cordy was a cute game with beautiful graphics that ran well on any phone. Soon, the game fell in the taste of the crowd.

This is no GOTY, nor is it the most innovative game, Cordy's merit is that it fits perfectly on average Android phones, offers a good look and a moderate challenge.

For those who don't know, Cordy is a 3D platformer with 2.5D gameplay.

In many moments, he uses the third dimension very well, to place the character in scenarios that are displayed in the background.

In this game we control a small robot with a TV head whose mission is to “reactivate your world”. In all, there were 26 stages with the right to bosses.

Yes, they were. Both Cordy and its sequels Cordy 2 and Sky have been removed from the app stores.

But you can find it out there in the APK of life. I recommend it to anyone who likes a platform and wants a simple game with a cute character.

This one was very successful back in 2011 and always appeared on the lists of the best Android games at the time.

Grand Theft Auto III

The person responsible for the revolution of the GTA series on consoles and PC, also revolutionized on cell phones when it was released there in 2011.

Rockstar ushered in a tradition of releasing its GTAs on mobile, as a 10th Anniversary Edition. Tradition that would only be broken with GTA Vice City Stories.

Until the arrival of GTA III on Android and iOS, open world games of this style were a distant reality.

Even the "copies" of GTA like Gangstar West Coast Hustle, struggled to present a complex and richly detailed 3D world in just 512MB of RAM.

GTA III was the first game in the franchise to feature a third-person camera and set the mold for how many open-world or sandbox games would be made.

Our comment in the review at the time:

It's definitely amazing what you can do on Android and iOS with a lot of good faith and respect for the limits of the platform.

Instead of filling the game with HD textures and sending compatibility to the “cucuias”, RockStar decided to lower the textures as much as possible and try their best to make the game similar to the original. Absolutely right!

At the time, the fashion of developers was to talk about textures in high definition on cell phones.

Since, most smartphones still had 480 x 800 pixel screens. Not even the Xperia Play had an HD screen.

Returning to the game, and not just the port, what about this masterpiece of games? I know the San Andreas and Vice City sequels are more famous, but 3 was the one that paved the way.

Violent theme, dirty jokes and fun script? Only Rockstar can bring something of this kind to cell phones.

After escaping from a van, Claude starts a new "mafia job" and now has a chance to exact revenge on the people who betrayed him.

This is that kind of game that is essential and every gamer needs to know.

Link para Baixar about GTA III on Google Play.

Zenonia 3

The Midgard Saga reached its third game with Zenonia 3. Yes, the year was 2011 and we were already in the 3rd game of the series.

For those who don't know, Zenonia is an RPG franchise very dear to those who followed the evolution of mobile games and its first appearance was at the beginning of iOS and Android, when app stores didn't even exist yet.

In this third episode, the player controls Chael, son of Regret (the protagonist of the first game).

When thrown into another dimension, Chael tries to return home alongside his new friends, a God Tribe girl named Celine and a sarcastic fairy named Runa.

The boy's own journey triggers a war between two tribes that ends up spilling over Midgard.

Zenonia 3 retains the magic of the first game with action-focused gameplay. It also has those jokes with references to other RPGs and adventure games known as The legend of Zelda.

As in other Zenonia games, there are 4 classes and all are played by the protagonist. Classes are Sword Knight, Shadow Hunter, Mechanic Launcher and Nature Shaman.

With an engaging story and captivating pixel art, Zenonia 3 was that typical action RPG with repetitive combat, but captivating by its size. They are small stages that come together to form a gigantic map.

The game was paid on iOS and free on Android. After a while it became an online-only game, but the offline version can still be found out there.


Haha this game needs no introduction.

Shadowgun is a mobile classic that drew sighs at the time when Gear of War had a huge hype.

Just imagine, playing a game similar to Gear of War on mobile.

Today we can play the real Gears via xCloud, but imagine back in 2011.

Released for Android in October of that year, Shadowgun, the very first, brought the journey of the brutal John Slade, a bounty hunter who is on the trail of Dr. Edgar Simon, brilliant but Machiavellian scientist.

With tricks to save processing, such as textures with shading already painted, Shadowgun did everything possible and impossible to deliver a striking look on cell phones.

In terms of the plot, the game did not innovate much, but it had good dialogues and interaction between Blade and the artificial intelligence SARA.

It's surprising that Shadowgun is still available for download on Google Play. Not in Spain, around here, he disappears and reappears.

The game was not left out in the open. A good part of the graphical updates of the “TEGRA” version, also arrived in the main version.

This made the game very beautiful and full of effects that are still cool today.

For those who don't remember, Nvidia entered the mobile alone developing the TEGRA 3 processors. The endeavor evolved to the Tegra X1, processor that would come to equip the Nintendo Switch.

Angry Birds e Angry Birds Rio

Wow, we still have to make a video about the history of Rovio, it was really cool the whole trajectory of it on mobile. From Java games, the near bankruptcy on Symbian and redemption on iOS and Android.

Like Gameloft, Rovio is not so hot these days, but you can be sure, Angry Birds has a historic role in mobile gaming.

Developed first for iOS and Maemo, that Linux for the Nokia N900, Angry Birds exploded and took Rovio off the rocks. At a time when almost no one bought smartphone games, the game was a bestseller with 12 million copies sold.

It may seem that nowadays his concept is a little beaten. But in 2009, everything was weeds. Many mobile game concepts hadn't even gotten off the ground.

Angry Birds ushered in an era of touchscreen interface experimentation. It was a time when brave indie developers went all out and released creative games.

Just imagine, an arde / casual / physics puzzle game in which you have to knock down castles created by pigs? great!

The meteoric rise would come to Android in 2010, and Angry Birds Rio would forever seal the success of that franchise in 2011.

Nowadays Angry Birds may be more popular in movies than on cell phones, but this franchise will always be fondly remembered here.

Cut the Rope

Remember that I said that Angry Birds inaugurated experimentalism with touch screens.

What to say then Cut the Rope.

Game that looks like it was created by someone with an IQ of 4.000.

Simply great.

Feed this little creature in a crazy physics puzzle where you have to cut string (that's literally the name of the game).

All very cute and charming.

In addition to being very well done, the game has hundreds of stages and the challenge is very well balanced. Like all good puzzles, everything starts out very easy and the challenge gradually increases.

Cut the Rope even won "Best Handheld Game" awards from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts and the 2011 Game Developers Choice Awards.

Link to Download Cute Rope on Google Play.

 Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD

In 2011, the Asphalt series maintained its tradition as an excellent racing game with Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD.

It was the second game in the franchise to arrive on iOS and Android systems.

The game was a natural evolution of Asphatl 5, which sought to improve one of the most requested features, online multiplayer.

This was still a time when developers insisted on wanting us to play racing games with an accelerometer. Something even playable in racing simulators, but in arcade games like Asphalt, it was a complete disappointment.

Fortunately, it was possible to switch to a touchscreen control.

Asphalt 6 put an end to a somewhat controversial element of the franchise, the "stays". Until the fifth game, Asphalt had a system where the player would not only unlock cars, but also some women.

The campaign mode was interesting, lots of cool races and paradisiacal settings. But Gameloft put so much effort into the multiplayer mode for nothing. Interestingly, that lesson would be learned with Asphalt 8, which would go on to be the most successful game in the franchise.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

Even with the 2021 versions of PES and FIFA, Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 continues to be remembered as one of the best mobile football games of all time.

To this day I don't understand the people's rage in this version… In fact, I do.

Zero built-in purchases, several championships to compete like the UEFA Champions League, and all the nostalgia for playing with Messi at Barcelona, ​​Ronaldinho gaucho at Milan, and so on.

The way to play multiplayer offline with a friend via local wi-fi or Bluetooth also caught my attention.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 was the last game of the franchise on mobile that gave that feeling of complete game. Something that was lost or that today requires connection every 5 minutes.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

Granted, Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is clearly inspired by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, but so what? Can you imagine playing a game with an amazing campaign on Android and iOS?

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation (fallen nation) is so called because Gameloft decided to put the loco and brought the war directly to (North) American homes.

The bad guys this time are a kind of Axis of Evil, made up of Korean, Pakistani and good old Russian terrorists.

With an action-packed storyline and beautifully orchestrated levels, the symphony of modern warfare pops up on mobile phones in 2011, in one of Gameloft's most explosive games.

So much so, that to this day Modern Combat 3 and 4 are still in the app stores.

Modern Combat 3 is a magnificent work by Gameloft Montreal that delivers a graphic quality that would surprise even the God of FPS, John Carmack.

Oh! I miss this Gameloft.

Link to Download Modern Combat 3 on Google Play.


Mediocre Games is anything but mediocre. The company that is now known for the glass iron ball game started on mobile on the right foot. His first game was the sensational Sprinkle.

My young grasshopper, you need to understand that before open worlds and action games became increasingly common on mobile phones, puzzle games dominated download lists.

In Sprinkle, you control a little blue guy whose mission is to put out the fire, or solve water puzzles. The effect of the falling water is very realistic and the game has very smart levels.

The sound effects and music are very charismatic. A game that delights children and adults alike. In all, there are 46 puzzles to solve.

This game has already been removed from the app stores, but it gained a sequel that is still available on Android called Sprinkle Islands.

Link to Download Sprinkle in APK Pure

And here ends our top about games of 2011.

Yes, we know there were hundreds of other nostalgic games that could have made this list. But then the video would have gotten huge and we would have been editing it forever.

Are you interested in knowing which were the best Android games of 2010? Or 2009? Tell me there in the comments.

A big hug and until next time.


[originally published February 24, 2021]

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