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    Best Mobile Games of the Week (25-08-2019)

    We're back with our fabulous top with the best games of the week for Android and iOS.

    The main games for your mobile, you can check it out now.

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    – GRIS (R$ 18,90)

    The highlight of the week is the artistic GRIS. Anyone who is a fan of games like Monument Valley, Journey and other Indie hits, needs to play GRIS.

    In the game, you control a girl who walks through desolate scenarios. The phases tell a story about the feelings of the girl who is in depression. It's up to the player to find out what happened.

    Offline game.

    Download GRIS on iOS.

    – Ace Force (Free)

    Ace Force is a release from last week, but since we didn't have our weekly top (due to force majeure), here it is.

    A game with clear inspirations from Overwatch, but which stands out for being very well made and very well produced. Game under Tencent's tutelage. No need to say more, right? Without a doubt one of the best mobile games of the week.

    Download Ace Force on Android (APK).

    – Gear Pop! (Free of charge)

    Gear Pop has finally been released on Google Play and App Store. Although it has a “Clash Royale” feel, the new game from Microsoft is very cute and fun.

    Earn glory by destroying your enemies in a 1v1 game featuring cute characters from the Gear of War franchise.

    Download Gear Pop on Android and iOS.

    – Battle Hunters (R$ 22,90)

    It looks like a free game “mequetrefe”, but it is not. Battle Hunters is an RPG with a “root” feel. Very well done game with story and very polished.

    Battle Hunters is a strategy RPG with real-time combat. Don't let the visuals fool you, the game is yes, very good.

    Offline game.

    Download Battle Hunters on iOS.

    – One Punch Man: Road To Hero (Grátis)

    Released first for iOS, the anime game One Punch Man is the inverse of the game we mentioned before, Battle Hunters. Road To Hero is visually pleasing, but it's just a "mobile RPG" with a lot of monetization.

    What really saves are the references to the anime with many animated scenes. Ideal for those who are enjoying One Punch Man: Road To Hero.

    Download One Punch man iOS.

    – Starlit On Wheels 2.0 (Free)

    The Spanish kart racing game Starlit On Wheels, received an update dubbed only “2.0”. Several performance issues have been fixed.

    One of the most beautiful karts games on mobile.

    Baixar Starlit On Wheels no Android e iOS.

    – Witcheye (~R$ 10)

    A witch turns into an eye and goes out into the world to chase a knight who stole her belongings. This crazy plot could only have come out of a Devolver Digital game.

    Witcheye will please retrogamers with its pixel art look, and a collection of 2D challenges with very fun levels.

    Baixar Starlit On Wheels no Android e iOS.

    – Motorcycle Racing Champion (Grátis)

    Motorcycle Racing Champion would be a Traffic Rider for those who are tired of it. MRC is not just about dodging cars and going through checkpoints. In this game, you have to defeat other bikers in an animal competition.

    Offline game.

    Download MRC on Android and iOS.

    – Banana Kong Blast (Free)

    Banana Kong Blast is the new game, the successor to the Android classic. But this time, our running gorilla will face several stages, jumping from one barrel to another. All very similar to the bonus stages of Donkey Kong Country (SNES).

    Offline game.

    Download Banana Kong Blast on Android and iOS.

    – Hot Wheels Infinite Loop (Grátis)

    We already talked about this game in May, but Hot Wheels Infinite Loop returns to our top, as this time it's the global launch. An impressive racing game awaits you. Anyone who is a fan of games like Asphalt needs to know this amazing game.

    Download Banana Kong Blast on Android and iOS.



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