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    Best Mobile Games of the Week (21-6-2019)

    The week was full of news for fans of mobile games, especially owners of Android devices. Check out a selection of the best games released or revisited this week.

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    – Dota Underlords

    The highlight of the week is Dota Underlords. Valve's strategy game was released by surprise on Android and iOS. The game is still in beta testing, but it stands out for having an offline mode with bot battles and or a tutorial.

    Dota Underlords na App Store (iOS)

    Dota Underlords na Google Play (Android)

    Size: 500 MB | Language: Spanish | offline

    – Cuphead Mobile

    It's not exactly a new game, but the crowd asked so much that we decided to post it. It is worth remembering that Cuphead Mobile is not an official game, but a fangame. However, it is very well made, worth checking out.

    Cuphead Mobile APK

    Size: 233 MB | Language: English | offline

    – Attack on Titan: Assault

    Spain was left out of the launch of Attack on Titan: Assault , but just download the APK or access the App Store, which you can play without problems. Criticized, this RPG is convincing, with a QTE mechanic.

    Attack on Titan: Assault na App Store (iOS)

    Attack on Titan: Assault APK

    Size: 66 MB | Language: English | online

    – Modern Combat Rebel Guns

    Released without warning from Gameloft, Modern Combat Rebel Guns is a third-person shooter with an isometric view. Some think it's a tremendous blasphemy with the franchise, but in the end, the game is pretty cool.

    Modern Combat Rebel Guns  APK

    Size: 40 MB | Language: Spanish | offline


    – Layton: Diabolical Box in HD

    Only released on the US App Store and Google Play, Layton: Diabolical Box in HD is a Nintendo DS game, remastered for smartphones. A mix of RPG and Puzzle (more Puzzle than RPG) aimed at fans of the franchise.

    Layton: Diabolical Box na App Store (iOS)

    Layton: Diabolical Box na Google Play (Android)

    Size: 900 MB | Language: English | offline

    – Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

    Another game that was released only in the "States" was Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Although it is possible to download and play in Spain, there are still no points of interest or enemies to face.

    Harry Potter: Wizards Unite na App Store (iOS)

    Size: 175 MB | Language: English | online

    – Resident Slug

    A fangame for Android that mixes Resident Evil and Metal Slug. The result is a free, offline game that you just don't want to stop playing.

    Resident Slug APK

    Size: 27 MB | Language: Spanish | offline

    – Unknown Fate

    Unknown Fate is the most impressive game I've seen this week. It hasn't been released these days, but it was an excellent recommendation from a blog reader. In this game, you control a character who doesn't know if he's dreaming or if he was taken by beings from another dimension.

    Unknown Fate na Google Play (Android)

    Size: 1 GB | Language: English | offline


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