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    Best Mobile Games of the Week (20-10-2019)

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    It's time to check out the games that stood out on Google Play and App Store and were the best games of the week.

    See a selection of amazing games with endless fun for your smartphone.

    Fortnite Capítulo 2 (Free)

    The week was marked by the new season of Fortnite. Chapter 2 completely changed the dynamics of the game, nerfing some weapons, buffing others, adding new mechanics and much more.

    Among the novelties, one of the coolest is the possibility to carry companions. In addition, a fishing system and new vehicles such as boats have been added.

    Download Fortnite on Android and iOS.

    – eFootball PES 2020 (Free)

    When this update came out, I thought it was some fake game trying to impersonate PES 2020. Then I saw that it was really an update for Konami's football game.

    In reality, the update brings little news. Only player and club name updates, and new legend players. But you certainly can't miss the opportunity to play with Ronaldinho Gaúcho and Pelé.

    Baixar PES 2020 no Android e iOS.

    – Extraordinary Ones and My Hero Academy (Free)

    But another big update of the week was the return of the My Hero Academia heroes in Extraordinary Ones. The game is not available in Spain, but it is well worth downloading. An excellent MOBA with very different characters.

    Baixar Extraordinary Ones not Android (APK).

    – Reign of Amira: TLK (Free)

    Reign of Amira: TLK is a very old game, but it had never appeared here on Mobile Gamer Spain. GAME OFFLINE.

    A hack'n slash game with simple graphics, but it's well worth downloading because it's a level game with bosses. Very good for picking up and scratching.

    Download Reign of Amira: TLK on Android.

    Breakout – Dark Prison (Free)

    Breakout – Dark Prison is an action and hack' slash game available for Android. The game looks like an offline game, but unfortunately it's online.

    But is it worth playing? OK! The game begins with a non-interactive scene of a little girl kidnapped and taken to a prison. Her mission is to rescue the girl and for that she will have to deal with the police and the bandits.

    Download Breakout – Dark Prison on Android and iOS.


    Bonus: I play more or less that you might be interested in

    Digimon ReArise honestly doesn't seem like a good game to me. The game is from Bandai Namco, a company that is known for breaking its games as excessive monetization. It is already available on Google Play and the App Store in Spain, but only in English.

    Download Digimon ReArise on Android and iOS.


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