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    Best Mobile Games of the Week (12-07-2019)

    This past week, we were cured of the absence of Nintendo news. Dr. Mario World is now available for mobile phones. The other highlight was on account of games that left out the so infamous “automatic mode”.

    Check out the best games of the week for Android and iOS.

    – The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

    The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot has lost a lot of the charm of the PC version, but it's still an excellent game option for those looking for a Dungeon Crawler without automatic mode. Uncommitted action.

    Mighty Quest for Epic Loot (iOS)

    Mighty Quest for Epic Loot (Android)

    Size: 100 MB | Language: Spanish | online

    – Evil Lands

    Speaking of not having automatic mode, Evil Lands is the highlight RPG of the week. This small developer's game was one of the most downloaded titles of the week. The reason? To be an old-school MMORPG, with no facilities.

    Evil Lands (Android)

    Size: 500 MB | Language: English | online

    – Dr. Mario World

    However, the most popular game of the week, without a doubt, is Dr. Mario World. The mobile version of the Game Boy game arrived with some changes, but keeping the essence of the handheld. But this time, with a more “mobile” atmosphere.

    Dr. Mario World (iOS)

    Dr. Mario World (Android)

    Size: 100 MB | Language: Spanish | online

    – TEPPEN

    TEPPEN is a card game developed by Capcom in partnership with GungHoOnline. The game is very simple in terms of visuals, but the mechanics and possibilities draw attention. The title is suitable even for those who do not enjoy PvP, as there is a story mode for the heroes present in Teppen.

    Teppen na App Store (iOS)

    Tappen APK (Android)

    Size: 700 MB | Language: English | online


    Is it cold in your city? A great choice is the offline game Frostbite. In this game, the big enemy is the cold. Avoid turning into a popsicle just like the other researchers on this sinister research station.

    Frostbite na Google Play (Android)

    Size: 100 MB | Language: English | offline

    – Flappy Royale

    At first I thought it was fake, but Flappy Royale is really a 100-person Battle Royale game. I don't know how the game matches. But it looks like he puts together his best run, and compares it to other players. Fun and sadistic.

    Flappy Royale na App Store (iOS)

    Flappy Royale na Google Play (Android)

    Size: 30 MB | Language: English | online

    – Meridian 157: Prologue

    Meridian 157: Prologue is a point and click puzzle game focused on puzzles, immersive visuals and an exciting storyline. It is the first part of the Meridian 157 series, where you play as detective David Zander investigating a mysterious weather anomaly in the northern Pacific Ocean.

    Meridian 157: Prologue na App Store (iOS)

    Size: 186 MB | Language: English | offline

    – Pixel Knights Online

    A new 2D open world fantasy MMORPG, fully in line with the classic old school 2D MMO RPG (like Tibia and Warspear). The aim of the game is to bring back the nostalgia of games of the genre. In addition to being an "ultra light" game to run on mobile.

    Pixel Knights Online na App Store (iOS)

    Pixel Knights Online na Google Play (Android)

    Size: 100 MB | Language: Spanish | online





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