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    Best Mobile Games of the Week (09-08-2019)

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    We opened the whole month of August, and the second week does not disappoint. The best games released for Android and iOS. This week is too much! Check out!

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    – Journey (pago)

    That's right my dear reader friend. Out of nowhere, Thatgamecompany studio releases the Playstation 3 classic Journey on iOS. The game is paid, but you can be sure it's worth every penny. Anyone who is a fan of indie games cannot miss this game.

    In an empty world, your character sets out on a journey into the unknown. You can face the game's challenges offline or with a friend. But that friend will always be a random player.

    Download Journey on iOS.

    – LEGO Cube Unlimited

    LEGO Cube Unlimited is a game that recently appeared on Tap Tap. An open world game with LEGO characters. An official title that, for now, is only available in China. Many are calling LEGO “Minecraft” and hey, it makes sense.

    Download LEGO Cube on Android and iOS.

    – Payday Crime War

    Payday Crime War was quietly released on iOS and Android. The game is as soft launch on the App Store and as “unreleased” on Google Play. In this first-person shooter game, you can be the crook who is going to rob the bank or the police.

    Download Payday Crime War on Android and iOS.

    – Yokai Dungeon

    Defeat Japanese demons, the yokai, in a fun puzzle game. A simple game, but that adds a dash of fun, thanks to its random dungeons.

    Download Yokai Dungeon on Android and iOS.

    – Raiders of the North Sea (pago)

    What? A boardgame where you go to Valhalla? It's for now! Raiders of the North Sea is a paid game for Android and iOS that arrived this week. In the game, players embark on a Viking journey to the north.

    Baixar Raiders of the North Sea no Android e iOS.

    – Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (pago)

    Fun and innovative. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is certainly one of the best games of the week for Android and iOS. In this game, you must do exactly what the title proposes.

    Your mission is to defuse a bomb. Get together with your friends and try to disarm the artifact before it explodes. Tip: Your friends can't see the bomb, and you need to keep in constant communication. Excellent for group play.

    Baixar Raiders of the North Sea no Android e iOS.

    – Flip Dunk

    Flip Dunk is another one of those ridiculously silly games, but at the same time highly addictive. Touch the screen and keep your finger on it for the character to do twirls before "burying" the ball in the basket. It starts off easy, but after a little while the game asks for crazy missions.

    Download Flip Dunk on Android and iOS.

    – Garena Speed Drifters

    Garena Speed ​​Drifters was actually released a long time ago. However, he missed the newsroom. We only had time to test the game this week. This is a “Mario Kart” style game that focuses on online matches.

    Defeat other players in thrilling races. A game developed by Tencent Games and published in Spain by Garena, the same publisher of Free Fire.

    Baixar Speed Drifters no Android e iOS.

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