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    Best Mobile Games of 2016 (Android, iOS Java and WP)

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    Finally, we're closing our best games of 2016 special with the most awaited post, our Mobile Games Awards. Check out a summary of 2016 with the best in each category and in each system.

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    Best Platformer – Vulture Island

    Few people know this instant classic of cell phones. The reason for this is simple, Vulture Island is paid. Although most prefer Dan The Man, Vulture Island is the ideal mix between the old and the new, bringing simple gameplay, and very long. Content to explore is not lacking in this amazing game.

    Download Links at Android and iOS

    Best Action Game – Oceanhorn

    Okay, Okay, it was originally released in 2013 for iOS, but it wasn't until 2016 that Android fans got to know Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas. Story in Spanish, great graphics and gameplay in the “Legend of Zelda” style of being. Fun worth every penny and born on mobile.

    Download Links at Android and iOS

    Best Adventure Game – Brothers a Tale of Two Sons

    This PC classic arrived on Android in 2016. In this adventure, action and puzzle game, the player needs to help two brothers complete tasks and help other people. The end of the game is exciting and will match that of classics like Shadow of the Colossus (PS2).

    Download Links at Android and iOS

    Melhors FPS – Bullet Force

    Bullet Force is an incredible example of how just one person can make a difference. The game was released first on Android and then on iOS, and snatched players who were thirsty for a new game of the genre. Bullet Force continues to be improved every day and has everything to give big producers a lot of work in 2017.

    Download Links at Android and iOS

    Best Soccer Game – Dream League Soccer

    Unfortunately Pro Evolution Soccer was left for 2017, and it was up to Dream League Soccer to assume the position of best soccer game for mobile phones of 2016. FIFA Mobile is an interesting experience, but it's more about casual gaming than serious soccer gameplay . Dream League Soccer, on the other hand, offers all the real experience of a real soccer game.

    Download Links at Android and iOS

    Best Multiplayer – Clash Royale

    Clash Royale was improved by Supercell throughout 2016. The producer surprised with a capacity for adaptation and innovation not seen in the past year. Practically every day there is news about the game and this was reflected in the multiplayer. With several challenges, the new clan chest and other new features, Clash Royale is consecrated as the best Multiplayer game of 2016.

    Download Links at Android and iOS

    Best Graphics – Eisenhorn Xenos

    Eisenhorn Xenos is an action-adventure game that brings, like few others, that seriousness of console games to mobile. The game has a very impressive production design, when it comes to a mobile game. The mix between visual steam punk and art deco is reflected in a dark game. A unique experience for lovers of the Warhammer series.

    Download Links at Android e iOS

    Biggest Surprise of 2016 – Mobile Legends

    The MOBA genre has been present on mobile phones since 2012. But the arrival of this game, very similar to League of Legends, brought the spotlight to the genre again. Much sought after by LoL fans, Mobile Legends demonstrates that the genre blends perfectly with cell phones, to the point that the game deceives and is presented as League of Legends Mobile for the unsuspecting on duty.

    Download Links at Android e iOS

    Best Casual Game – Card Wars: The Kingdom

    Card Wars: The Kingdom is the sequel to Card Wars, a game in the Adventure Time franchise. The new edition of the game, bet much more on casual gameplay, and brought refreshing gameplay. For fans of the cartoon, it's almost impossible not to waste a few hours playing. The game innovated with many modes and even online multiplayer.

    Download Links at Android e iOS

    Best Strategy Game – Zombie Anarchy

    Zombie Anarchy was one of the few news from Gameloft in 2016, the year in which the most famous mobile producer promised many new features. The game where you control a survival camp, mixes elements of Boom Beach (Super Cell) with casual gameplay. It's not the most “deep” game in the world, but it offers light and fun gameplay, ideal for everyday life.

    Download Links at Android e iOS

    Best Simulation Game – Punch Club

    In Punch Club, you control a boxer who will walk the path of the fist in the most complicated way possible. The journey begins in a dilapidated apartment, the player needs to arrange fights and train to earn money. With different mechanics options and many references, Punch Club is definitely one of the most fun simulators of 2016.

    Download Links at Android e iOS

    Best Fighting Game – BlazBlue RR

    For the people on the site, BlazBlue RR was unanimous. The fighting game that mixes side-by-side combat with beat'em up is the big winner of 2016 in the Fighting Game category. By combining simple gameplay with graphics taken directly from the console versions, BlazBlue RR entertains even those who are not into the genre.

    Download Links at Android e iOS

    Best Mobile Puzzle – Samorost 3

    Samorost 3 is a psychedelic experience that needs to be enjoyed by game lovers that mix unique art with puzzles. It's not a short game. The entire game lasts about five hours. For those who have already finished, I recommend playing again listening to the soundtrack of the movie Interstellar. It is an almost transcendental experience.

    Download Links at Android e iOS

    Best Game for Java – Little Big City 2

    The game to build a beautiful city won a new version for Java phones in 2016. Little Big City 2 may be all in 2D on Java phones, but the game has a quality above the average of other titles that arrived last year. Proof that the platform still has appeal in countries like Russia.

    Download Links at Android e Java

    Most anticipated game of 2017 – Shadowgun Legends

    The year 2017 promises for those looking for quality FPS games. Modern Combat Versus is coming, but he will have to face strong competition from the game that is already being dubbed "Destiny Mobile", Shadowgun Legends. Madfinger games has already presented a little bit of the game and the visuals are impressive.

    Biggest Disappointment of 2016 – DC Legends

    DC has had a pretty rough year in filmmaking. On mobile it was no different, the producer launched the very weak DC Legends. The game, in addition to being uninspired, is still one of the greediest titles of 2016, with a very abusive purchase system. It's not easy for DC.

    Download Links at Android e iOS

    2017 Producer of the Year – Lucas Wilde

    What? A person? That's right, producer Lucas Wilde deserves all the credit for leveraging a premium quality FPS game (even though it's free) and zero merchandising. Bullet Force, a game produced by him, gained popularity thanks to the “word of mouth” of users. And for those who don't know, know that it's a quality FPS that will match great shooters like Call of Duty: Strike Team and Modern Combat 5.

    Best Mobile Game of 2016 – Oceanhorn

    2016 was a year in which we had many good games, but few games as unforgettable as Oceanhorn. Yes, the game was originally released in 2013, but only this year it came to Android. As we didn't have our annual post with the best of the year, nothing better than correcting this flaw of the past.

    Many see the game as just an uninspired clone of Legend of Zelda. But precisely because it does not strictly follow the formula, Oceanhorn stands out. The game has its own art and the right amount of challenge (for cell phones).

    All the purity of the classic adventure games of the past, with a 3D look, all in Spanish. Yes, the game has a simplistic campaign, but it contains many hidden secrets and mastering the game takes a long time. Oceanhorn is one of the most satisfying and memorable experiences of 2016.

    Download Links at Android and iOS

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