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    Best Mobile Games 2022 – May

    After two months where things were a little stagnant, May arrived bursting and brought the best games to Android e iOS that we've seen in a long time.

    A month full of great games. So let's not stall and go straight to the games.


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    Apex Legends Mobile


    Things were kind of stalled in mid-May, but it quickly heated up with the release of one of the most anticipated games of the year.

    Apex Legends Mobile has arrived with impressive compatibility. EA's game in partnership with Tencent is further testament to the talent of the company's in-house studios.

    Respawn's mobile version of the game is an almost perfect copy of Apex on PC and consoles.

    They are the same legends of the PC release in 2019, but the mobile version brought an exclusive character, Fade.

    After that, May was literally a big-release machine gun.

    Apex Legends na APP STORE (IOS)

    Apex Legends na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Free | Language: Spanish | online


    Streets of Rage 4


    The month of May was also special for those looking for paid and offline games. Who showed up was none other than Street of Rage 4.

    This beat'em up game is a sure stop for old school fans who played the original games on the Mega Drive.

    The beating is exactly the same as on consoles and PC. The controls were very well adapted to the touchscreen, but you can use bluetooth or usb controls as well.

    Control Axl, Blaze or newcomers Cherry or Floyd in an action-packed and challenging game. When you finish the game, it is possible to unlock other characters.

    Street of Rage 4 is all about challenge. So if you're going to buy to zero on easy, you might not see much fun in it. The trick is to complete all the achievements in the arm.

    It is possible to unlock stages and characters from classic Street of Rage.

    Street of Rage na APP STORE (IOS)

    Street of Rage na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Paid | Language: Spanish | offline


    ZOZ: Final Hour


    NetEase has revealed to us the release of ZOZ: Final Hour. The shooting game seems generic, but it turns out to be a game with very different gameplay.

    There are only 15 players in a match and the challenge is to survive without becoming a zombie. Players who die turn into zombies and can team up to hunt other players.

    The interesting part of this game is that each team has a goal.

    Humans need to collect crystals and try to escape the zombies by calling a helicopter. And who is zombie, can team up with mobs or other transformed players. You can even upgrade your zombie and make it stronger.

    There are only two modes: solo and co-op. And here's the tip, play with a friend.

    ZOZ: Final Hour is definitely not a Battle Royale, and the matches are short and action-packed. The good part is that there are no bots. A different shooting game, but it will need a good player base to maintain itself.

    ZOZ: Final Hour na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Free | Language: Spanish | online


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    Dragon Quest Builders


    And out of nowhere, literally out of nowhere, Square Enix launches another game paid for at an absurd price on cell phones.

    The game is a mix of Minecraft and RPG set in the universe of the first Dragon Quest.

    The story takes place right after the hero saves the world. Save in quotes right, because in reality, it's like the bad ending of the first game of the entire franchise.

    But you don't control the hero, you are a small builder whose function is very “small”. rebuild the whole fucking world.

    Originally released for Playstation 3, the game won a remaster on PlayStation 4 and Switch. It is precisely this version that comes to cell phones.

    All in Spanish and with a simple and even childish proposal, Dragon Quest Builders pleases those looking for a game to relax.

    Builders brings the perfect balance between Minecraft mechanics and the charming charm of the legendary RPG franchise. The only thing missing was Spanish support.

    Dragon Quest Builders na APP STORE (IOS)

    Dragon Quest Builders na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Paid | Language: Spanish | offline




    After being released on iOS in 2020, Moonlighter was recycled and re-released as a Netflix game.

    This is another title that breaks traditional gaming conventions a bit. Instead of being the hero, you are an NPC.

    But it's not just any NPC either, you're a merchant in a shop looking for rare items.

    The game follows the Rogue-lite RPG genre in which your mission is basically to farm items to sell. There are lots of procedurally generated dungeons with bosses and all.

    The part of selling the items is curious, because you need to know how to put the price on the items.

    Moonlighter has only one small problem of getting repetitive after a while. But at least it's a free game for those who have Netflix. It has no built-in purchases or advertisements.

    Moonlighter na APP STORE (IOS)

    Moonlighter na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Paid | Language: Spanish | offline


    T3 Arena


    The hero shooter T3 Arena arrived in May and its release was not on Google Play.

    The company that produced the game is XD Network, the same company that owns the APK download site, Tap Tap.

    This month the game also arrived on iOS and the producer made it very clear that this is the global release, it will not enter the Google Play Store.

    But do you have NA and SA server? Yes, the game is all in Spanish and has servers located in Latin America.

    With 3v3 matches of up to 3 minutes (hence the name), T3 Arena bets on casual gameplay focused on direct fun. It even has automatic fire, but you can disable it.

    The graphics are colorful and the game is very easy to play and get addicted to.

    T3 Arena is one of those “hidden” hits. The game has already surpassed the mark of 700 thousand downloads on Android alone.

    T3 Arena na APP STORE (IOS)

    T3 Arena APK (ANDROID)

    Type: Free | Language: Spanish | online


    Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds


    Diablo Immortal was released in early June. Right?

    This is just a reminder that we are in the best mobile games video of May,

    But it's also a reminder to the game that it's in that position.

    Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds could have followed Devil Immortal's example.

    The simple fact of not having Auto-battle and the Auto-quest being very limited, did a hell of a lot in Diablo Immortal, something that could have been applied in Cross Worlds as well.

    The level of production that Netmarble has reached with this game is impressive.

    Everything is very beautiful and well done, why spoil it with automatic?

    As if that wasn't enough, the company has already announced that it will add NFT in the game.

    What a pity you saw

    This game deserved better. Ni no Kuni is a renowned RPG franchise on consoles and this game promised a lot.

    Although we didn't like it at all, I hope that the NFT thing doesn't work out and that the company improves some things to make the game less automatic.

    I'm Not Afraid: Cross Worlds APP STORE (IOS)

    Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds on GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Free | Language: Spanish | online


    Catalyst Black


    Looks like Super Evil Megacorp picked a bad month to release Catalyst Black.

    But it just seems.

    Its brawler-like shooter is very promising and has interesting gameplay.

    During matches, players must collect masks to transform into powerful monsters.

    All simple and focused on direct fun. However, the game was released without much fanfare.

    He looks like he's lost in the ride, but he just looks like a crowd.

    This game is from the same developer as Vainglory, and they have a huge fanbase.

    So far Catalyst Black has more than 500 downloads on Google Play.

    Catalyst Black na APP STORE (IOS)

    Catalyst Black na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Free | Language: Spanish | online


    Warped Kart  Racers


    Another surprise for the month of May was the launch of Warped Kart Racers.

    In this brazen clone of Mario Kart 8, Fox's adult animated characters will face off in kart races.

    Control iconic characters like Peter and Lois Griffin, Stan and Roger Smith and animated characters like King of Hill, Solar Opposites and of course American Dad and Family Guy.

    Even though it's a pretty shameless clone, it has no in-app purchases and is offline. There are several championships to compete and unlock more characters, tracks and skins. All for free.

    This game is free for Apple Arcade owners. Yes guys, it is iOS exclusive.

    Warped Kart Racers on APP STORE (IOS)

    Type: Paid | Language: Spanish | offline


    Fortnite for free on Xcloud


    To end our list, this gambiarra that set fire to the beginning of May. Yes, I know it's not a release, but stop to think about the revolution that is: Fortnite on Xcloud, for free, and you don't even need an app, straight from the browser.

    As if that wasn't enough nor is it necessary to have bluetooth control, you can play with the commands on the screen. It works so well it looks like witchcraft.


    It even runs on J5 Prime from 2015.


    And with this incredible disappointment.. oops, with this incredible feat of the mobile world, the agent ends another video.

    Did you see a game you didn't know about? Leave a comment below.

    A big hug and until next time.


    Bonus Game: Gunfire Reborn


    Gunfire Reborn na APP STORE (IOS)

    Gunfire Reborn na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Paid | Language: Spanish | offline


    [originally published June 11, 2022]

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