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    Best iPhone and iPad Games of the Week #38 of 2016

    See the top App Store releases from the past week. The highlight was Batman: The Telltale Series, followed closely by the crowd of NBA 2K17. This demonstrates the strength of iOS when it comes to paid games, the iOS clientele (at least the gringos) are not afraid to reach into their pockets and grab some cool titles.

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    Batman: The Telltale Series (PAGO)

    The first chapter of Batman: The Telltale Series arrived first on iPhone and iPad. The bat man arrives in a new adventure, but this time no action game. Despite having some combat, Batman: The Telltale Series is a point-and-click adventure, whose focus is the story.

    App Store Download Link – Batman: The Telltale Series

    iOS 9.0 – In English
    Size: 1.12 GB | Offline Game

    NBA 2K17 (PAY)

    Realistic graphics and fluid motion are just some of the highlights of NBA 2K17. Following the line of previous games, 2K maintains the standard and brings a mobile game above the average of free games. There are 3GB of downloadable data, and the possibility to play seasons with your favorite team without any kind of built-in purchases or limitations.

    App Store Download Link – NBA 2K17

    iOS 9.0 – In English
    Size: 3 GB | Offline Game

    Sorcery 4 (TURTLE)

    The fourth edition of Sorcery is now available on iOS. The game is a mix of RPG book and turn-based game. All presented the old-fashioned way, that is, through texts. The game has an intriguing story that unfolds throughout the four games. Therefore, this title is recommended only for those who are already fans of the franchise.

    Link to Download on the App Store – Sorcery 4

    iOS 7.0 – In English
    Size:464MB | Offline Game

    Faily Rider (Free)

    Faily Rider is the same Faily Brakes style game. The car leaves, and a very crazy motorcycle enters, but also without brakes. The game is not just a skin that repeats the same formula as the previous game. In Faily Rider, the objective is to dodge obstacles and try (not) to die in impressive accidents. We have different power-ups, like one that lets you destroy everything that gets in your way. Guaranteed fun to pass the time with a free and offline game.

    Link to Download on App Store – Faily Rider

    iOS 7.0 – In English
    Size: 104 MB | Offline Game

    Primordia (PAYMENT)

    Primordia is a captivating adventure game. With a totally retro atmosphere, the game is reminiscent of old java mobile titles and will fall in the taste of the most nostalgic players. Wander through dystopian landscapes where humanity has long since gone and only robots are left. A terrifying vision of what the future of our planet might look like.

    Link to Download on the App Store – Primordia

    iOS 6.0 – In English
    Size: 1.54 MB | Offline Game

    Asked X (Free)

    Trivia X is the most ingenious version of the Trivia social game. The new game allows you to create your own game, based on subjects that interest you. It's the ideal game to play with friends about TV series, movies, games, the subject you master and want to test your knowledge.

    Link to Download on the App Store – Asked X

    iOS 8.0 – In English
    Size: 62 MB | Online game

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