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    Best iPhone and iPad Games of the Week #35 of 2016

    Check out the main games released during the past week on the App Store. The highlight is the artistic Samorost 3, a game that is definitely unique. The other highlight is the bizarre Politicats, a tapping game that mixes politics and cats.

    Narcos: Cartel Wars (Free)

    Narcos: Cartel Wars is a Boom Beach style strategy game. The objective is to defeat enemy cartels and live like a criminal of the caliber of Mega Trafficker Pablo Escobar. But here things are a little crazy with lasers, missiles and weapons worthy of a futuristic army.

    Download Link on App Store – Narcos: Cartel Wars

    iOS 7.0 – In Spanish
    Size: 139 MB | Online game

    Samorost 3 (US$ 4,99)

    Samorost 3 is one of the best looking iOS games of the year, period. The game originally released for PC comes to iPhone and iPad with the same technical and visual quality. The game is from the same producers as Machinarium and brings the perfect union of puzzle and art. Expect hours of entertainment, thought and beautiful art in a game worth playing again and again.

    Link to Download on App Store – Samorost 3

    iOS 6.0 – In Spanish
    Size: 1.34 GB | Offline Game

    Politicats (Free)

    Politicats is a tapping game for iOS. In this style of game, you simply tap the screen quickly to see what happens next. Clueless, Politicats is a title that unites politicians and cats. Cute look, lots of funny references and casual fun in a game to pass the time.

    Link to Download from the App Store – Politicats

    iOS 7.0 – In Spanish
    Size: 307 MB | Offline Game

    He-Man Tappers (Grátis)

    He-Man Tappers also follows the tapping genre, as does Politicats. The difference here is the action and nostalgia. The objective is to help He-Man defeat Eternia's enemies in an addictive game. The game is especially suitable for old-timers who grew up watching the He-Man cartoon. The game has original dubbing and text in Spanish.

    Link to Download on App Store – He-Man Tappers

    iOS 7.0 – In Spanish
    Size: 351 MB | Offline Game

    Pac Man Pop (Free)

    They nailed the cuteness of Pac Man Pop. In this cute game, Pac Man's objective is not to eat ghosts, but to save puppies. Rescue the poor animals that are trapped in bubbles. In the best Puzzle Booble style, Pac Man Pop is an addictive casual game, with cute graphics and uncompromising gameplay.

    Link to Download on App Store – Pac Man Pop

    iOS 9.1 – In English
    Size: 215 MB | Offline Game

    Super Powerboy (US$ 1,99)

    Super Powerboy is that typical game that borrows beat-up mechanics and transforms the genre through unique gameplay and art. The game for iPhone and iPad features a boy with super powers, the Super Powerboy. He collects items to get his transformations and put an end to the plans of the aliens that invaded the earth.

    Link to Download on App Store – Super Powerboy

    iOS 8.1 – In English
    Size: 1.2 GB | Offline Game

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