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    Best Imported Headphones of 2017 (cheap)

    When investing in headphones to your smartphone Android, a lot of people tend to get lost in the face of the wide range of models and different prices. On ear, over ear, in-ear, the variety is huge. To try to help those looking for a cheap and quality model, we prepared a special with the Best Headphones to buy in Chinese stores. Check out.

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    – Original Xiaomi Headphones Relaxed Version

    Undoubtedly, one of the first names that should come to your mind when you think of cheap and imported headphones is Xiaomi. The maker of the Mi6 has a high quality headset known as the Original Xiaomi Headphones Relaxed Version.

    Created with resistant materials, but with an ultra comfortable foam, the Original Xiaomi Headphones is an “over ear” model, that is, it stays over the ear. However, due to its size, it is practically an over ear (covers the ear), as it can fit covering the ears completely.

    In addition to being very comfortable, this Xiaomi headphone has touch controls on the side. Just tap to pause or resume a song, and swipe from side to side to skip or skip songs. The headset also makes it possible to answer calls as it has a microphone on the wire.

    With 109 customer reviews and a 4.9 average on GearBest, the Original Xiaomi Headphones Relaxed Version is our first choice. Its only negative point is for people who don't like wires, as this headphone is the classic standard P2 (3.5mm).

    Price in the range of R$ 130 reais.

    Link to Buy on GearBest

    – Bluedio H+ Turbine Wireless Bluetooth Headset

    Bluedio is a well-known manufacturer for those who like audio, as it only works with headphones and speakers. The Bluedio H+ Turbine is suitable for anyone who wants a Bluetooth headset with good bass, but doesn't want to spend a fortune on a Sony or Samsung headset.

    The H+ Turbine has a 57mm, 16 Ohm drive. But it doesn't stop there, the amount of features of this phone is impressive. In addition to Bluetooth 4.1, it has space for a microSD card, multimedia and volume controls. This is the ideal phone for that little run and leaving your cell phone at home. The pressure of this earphone is a little more than that of Xiaomi, and because it has this stronger fit, it is suitable for exercise.

    The construction and stem shape of the Bluedio H+ is reminiscent of premium gaming PC products. However, its cushions are not as comfortable as the Xiaomi's. For those with a big head, the Bluedio H+ Turbine can tighten up a bit.

    A nice feature of the Bluedio H+ Turbine is that it has audio messages that let you know when you turn on the phone and when its battery is low. When the battery runs out, you can use a traditional P2 (3.5mm) wire to continue listening to your music.

    Price in the range of R$ 65 reais.

    Link to Buy on GearBest

    – Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Music Sport Earbud

    This post is not about big headphones, we also have in-ear headphones. For starters, another quality product from Xiaomi, the Music Sport Earbud with Blueooth 4.1. Indicated for the practice of sports, this wireless headphone is also great for everyday life.

    With the Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Music Sport Earbud, the user will be able to listen to music without being paranoid that the headphones will fall out at any time. It has a stem that fits very well in the ears.

    Waterproof and sweat proof, the Music Sport Earbud also surprises with its battery life, with an average duration of 7 hours. The Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Music Sport Earbud, despite being small, still has volume controls and for answering calls.

    Price in the range of R$ 77 reais.

    Link to Buy on GearBest

    – BT-09 Over-ear Wireless Headphones

    The BT-09 Over-ear Headphones is a headphone that has a very low price (around R$ 70 reais) and quality well above average, given its price range.

    Its main advantage is comfort as it is a headset that completely covers the ears. Ideal for long hours of use. Its battery lasts around 30 hours of Stand-by, but only 5 hours of use at maximum volume. When the battery runs out, you can use a traditional P2 (3.5mm) wire to continue listening to your music.

    The headphone audio is excellent, with strong bass, but it cannot be compared to premium products with 7.1 audio. The strength of the BT-09 is the amount of features for the low price. A fully functional bluetooth headphone, with good bass and simple and direct touch controls. You can play songs, pause and answer calls.

    The weak point of this headset is its support for microSD, which was only around 16 GB. When placing a microSD with more GBs, the phone will only recognize 16 GB.

    Price in the range of R$ 77 reais.

    Link to Buy on GearBest

    – Bluedio T4

    The last headphone that we are going to indicate as one of the Best imported (and cheap) headphones to buy in 2017 is the Bluedio T4. It exceeds our import limit a little bit and you may be taxed when buying this headset. But the quality is worth it.

    The Bluedio T4 has a 57mm driver and 16 ohm impedance. But the similarities with the previous version stop there. The new version comes with Bluetooth 4.2 and they solved that pressure problem for those with big heads (but created another problem, as you will see below).

    The highlight of the new T4 is the ANC, which is the noise canceller. This provides good isolation from the environment, making this headset ideal for use at work. However, it is not very good for outdoor use, such as walking on the street. Another factor that makes this headphone more suitable for use at home or office (in door) is that it is quite loose. For those who have a small head, it may just be because you bend over.

    Despite these minor problems, due to its sound quality and comfort, the Bluedio T4 is a very good headphone.

    Price in the range of R$ 220 reais.

    Link to Buy on GearBest


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