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    Best Games to Beat on Android in 2022

    Get ready for a legendary list with 25 offline games for android amazing, which are very good to zero in the cellr.

    Those who only access the Google Play homepage will always come across tons of casual or online games.

    A lot of people are disappointed with the mobile platform, because you have to go a little deeper to find amazing stories and exciting games.

    That's why we're here.

    It's no fuss here, so "let's go" to the list!

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    1 – Castlevania Symphony of the Night

    Starting with a mandatory game for anyone who likes a good game to beat.

    The legendary Castlevania Symphony of the Night has already passed through several platforms and is available on Android phones as well.

    The game that popularized the term metroidvania can be emulated, but the Android version brings significant improvements.

    In addition to on-screen controls very well adapted for this dark adventure. The game has a continue system that saves the game long before you make that mistake.

    The game starts at the end of the previous game, Rondo of Blood. After defeating Dracula, Richter Belmont disappears into the castle. Maria, now grown, sets out to rescue her friend.

    But we start the game with the mega badass Alucard, son of Dracula and who has helped the Belmont clan in the past.

    Dampiro sets out to investigate the premature reappearance of his father's castle.

    Needless to say, the big stars here are the castle and enemies design. A class on how to make immersive scenarios.

    This game is simply a delight to beat. He has 6 different endings, and you'll find yourself beating him like 10 times just for fun.

    If you know emulation, we also suggest you to beat Rondo of Blood, Android nowadays emulates PC-Engine very well, the original console of this adventure.

    Fun fact: Rondo and Nocturne (in the Japanese version of Symphony) are allusions to musical theories. Needless to say, the soundtrack of this game is a show in itself.


    2 – Dead Space Mobile


    Moving on to another nostalgic and very good game to beat, I present to you — again — Dead Space Mobile.

    We've already covered it in our retro list of the best offline games of 2011. By the way, we'll be releasing the 2012 one soon, stay tuned.

    That's right, it's hard to believe that Dead Space Mobile is 11 years old. Think of a game that has aged well.

    In the story, you are trapped on a space station along with grotesque creatures called Necromorphs.

    The game's plot is tied to Dead Space 2 and I want to avoid spoilers as much as possible. But if you are looking for a game with an intriguing story, the ending of this game will surprise you.

    With 12 chapters, it delivers a no-frills, no-nonsense challenge. Just action, on top of action with lots of enemies and a puzzle here or there.

    When it was released, the game was only in English, but nowadays, with the fan community, it even has versions in Spanish.

    Dead Space Mobile doesn't have it in any app store, you can only find it in the APKs of life.


    3 – Just a Show: Best park in the universe

    Who can also only be found in APK form is the drawing game Just a Show: The Best Park in the Universe.

    How I miss this drawing. It was a drawing full of references to retro things and nowadays it is already retro.

    After losing the park in a dubious deal, Mordecai and Rigby must fight a variety of enemies to get their home and work back.

    This game is very funny and very fun to beat. It's also pretty easy, so just think of it as a good game to de-stress.

    The game has RPG elements such as the possibility to improve your characters, unlocking new skills and leveling up.

    Just a Show: Best park in the universe is reminiscent of the mobile games of yesteryear that didn't have much pretension and focused only on having fun.


    4- Trials of Mana

    Leaving a very light game for a dense JRPG full of content and things to do.

    This action RPG came to mobile last year, and my friends, how good it is to play an RPG with no in-app purchases, no online mode, just you and the game.

    The third in the Mana family was originally released for Super Nintendo in 1995, but was restricted to Japan.

    That's right, Trials is a very well-crafted 3D remake with calibrated gameplay for cell phones.

    There are no less than 6 initial characters, where each one has its well-defined prologue.

    During the adventure, it is possible to recruit up to 2 characters, forming the trio gameplay, already classic in the Mana series.

    Combat is real-time with large areas to explore in each chapter.

    Unfortunately the game is paid and only available for powerful devices.

    But if you were awarded the gift of money (bufunfa, la plata) you can go without fear that it is a big game.

    Baixar Trials of Mana

    Size: 5 GB | Language: English | Paid out


    5 – Shovel Knight

    Shovel Knight on Android is one of the hidden secrets of the internet that a lot of people will think is legend.

    The game was released exclusively for Amazon devices, but it can be downloaded in the APK of life.

    There's just one problem. You will need to have a Bluetooth or USB controller to play.

    This is something that is very necessary, since this game is very difficult.

    Don't be fooled by the 8-bit look and music. In fact, let it go! This game is full of nostalgia.

    In this amalgamation of Nintendinho's platform games, you control a brave knight who has a shovel in his hand and an idea in his head: rescue his companion the Shield Knight.

    When you finish Shovel Knight, you won't just have the feeling of having finished another game on your cell phone, but of having played one of the best platform games of all time.

    This is one of those few times when there's an "exclusive" (in quotes) on Android that hasn't come out on iOS. So you can celebrate guys.

    Be sure to check out our video about APK games that never came out on Google Play. There's a lot of game there that I bet you've never seen it.


    6 – N.O.V.A Legacy

    NOVA Legacy is the remake of the first game in Gameloft's legendary shooter franchise.

    It is worth remembering that there are two versions of this game, one from Google Play, full of in-app purchases and one that can only be purchased on the Gameloft website.

    This last one is the best version as it is offline and allows you to unlock all game content without crying.

    In the distant future, Earth will no longer be able to support life. Because of this, huge satellites called “Near Orbitals” were designed and built for people to live.

    To protect itself from the alien invasion, humanity formed a group called the Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance.

    Does that remind you of anything? Yes, NOVA is all sucked up on the HALO series, but who cares?

    The important thing here is to have a good offline game to beat on mobile. And NOVA Legacy is definitely one of them.

    Download NOVA Legacy

    Size: 89 MB | Language: Spanish | Paid out


    7 – Pascal’s Wager

    And finally, we arrived at THE GAME that we consider one of the best mobile games of all time.

    Pascal's Wager translates the souls formula in smartphones like few others.

    With a production that is rarely seen on mobile, Pascal's Wager delivers a dark adventure full of difficulty.

    There's no way not to find this game similar to Fromsoftware games. Especially Bloodborne and Dark Souls.

    In the story of Pascal's Wager, an eternal eclipse took place bringing darkness and various monsters. Humanity survives only because of creatures with small suns on their heads, the colossi.

    Follow messenger Terrence on his quest to find out what happened to his wife. He is closely followed by the beautiful Viola and the enigmatic Norwood.

    Pascal's Wager already has two DLCs and one of them with an entirely new area and a new selectable character.

    Download Pascal's Wager

    Size: 3 GB | Language: Spanish | Paid out


    8 – For morning light

    Released in 2015 by Amazon and the brilliant studio WayForward, Til morning Light is one of those games that only fans of old-school mobile games know about.

    The game was never released on Google Play and Android people only know about it because of the APK of life.

    Follow Erica who is in an abandoned mansion after a challenge proposed by her friends.

    The game is very cool with gameplay that mixes puzzle and combats with entities from beyond.

    Until today, Til morning Light is very beautiful visually and the audio is a show apart too. Too bad this game never came out on Google Play.

    Once again, this is one of those mobile games that looks pretty simple, but has charismatic characters and a story that makes you want to see the end. A great game to beat on mobile.


    9 – Grimvalor

    From the creators of Swordigo, Grimvalor is commonly dubbed a "Dark Souls 2D".

    The nickname is due to the difficulty that is above the average of traditional mobile games.

    Grimvalor follows the mantra “git gud” and will require the player to put in the effort to make it to the end.

    The exploration of 2D environments and the fast-paced combat will make you addicted to this game and want to finish it as soon as possible. But get ready, the journey will be long.

    If you have Google Play Pass, you can unlock all game content for free, including New Game+ DLCs and Spanish translation.

    When you beat this game, you can come back here and comment, it was worth every penny, right?

    Download Grimvalor

    Size: 800 MB | Language: Spanish | Paid out




    10 – Batman: The Dark Knight Rises and Spider-Man Games

    Long before open world games became a common reality on Android, Gameloft developed these mobile gaming masterpieces 10 years ago.

    The Amazing Spiderman and Batman: The Dark Knight Rises are two fantastic games that were released in a short amount of time.

    Both were released in July 2012, just 16 days apart.

    The Amazing Spiderman brings Andrew Garfield's "miranha" on a fantastic adventure on mobile phones.

    Batman: The Dark Knight Rises is also a game inspired by the film of the same year that brings a perfect setting. Even the soundtrack is similar to that of Hans Zimmer.

    These two games have a very different development and ending than the movies. We won't give spoilers, even if it's from games from 10 years ago, but here's the tip: Play!

    If you don't have them on Google Play anymore, look for the APK and OBB around. Even if it takes work to install. It's really worth it, especially for those who didn't know Gameloft's golden age.


    11 – Dandara: Trials of Fear

    Forget that fuss about defending a game just because it's indie.

    Dandara is an excellent Metroidvania spot!

    Gameplay might have been controversial on consoles, but on smartphone touchscreens it makes perfect sense.

    After 5 minutes, you're used to the game's proposal.

    Here you will find a perfect mix of exploration and challenge facing bosses. Ideal for a mobile game.

    In Dandara, we control this character who fights against a totalitarian system. The coolest part of the game are the references to our culture, something unique and very difficult to see in a mobile game. Here it is all represented brilliantly.

    Launched in 2018 on mobile, Dandara gained an expansion in 2020 called Trials of Fear. The game is available for free on Google Play Pass.

    Download Dandara

    Size: 534 MB | Language: Spanish | Paid out


    12 – To the Moon

    When you play To the Moon, prepare the tissue to cry a lot.

    This game makes any grown man get excited.

    To the Moon is a beautiful RPG that lacks gameplay and beautiful graphics.

    huh? And why recommend this game then?

    For the story.

    Get ready for one of the most remarkable games you will ever beat in life.

    Control two agents from a very different company.

    Their mission is to investigate people's memories to give them the most beautiful dream before death.

    In this way, the person can “chat”, “Beat the pan”, “take their last breath” in peace, fulfilling all their dreams.

    But the life of the old man who hired their service is full of mysteries and twists.

    Nobody knows for what reasons, after his wife passed away, this little old man has the strange desire to go to the moon.

    It's up to you to find out.

    What is lacking here in game mechanics and visuals, it makes up for in story and tenderness.

    Download To The Moon

    Size: 181 MB | Language: Spanish | Paid out


    13 – Dead Cell

    Jeez, the list of best games to beat this year is full, isn't it?

    This is the fault of the Google Play Pass service. Despite being a little weaker than Apple Arcade, Play Pass gives you access to a bunch of offline games that are great to beat.

    The service started off a little lukewarm in 2020, but things heated up after Dead Cells was added.

    This game is simply fantastic and makes us think like the metroidvania formula to evolve into something increasingly absurd.

    After all, Dead Cells is also a very well-built Roguelike with an intelligent algorithm that closes each run with your death.

    Yes, you will die hundreds of times, but relax, it's all part of the game. With each death, your character can collect items and become stronger.

    Although not necessarily a game about history, Dead Cells has a good plot and nice endings. Yes, there is a True ending that will take a lot of effort to get.

    Oh, and this game is even better if you play it with a Bluetooth controller.

    Baixe Dead Cells Google Play

    Size: 1.4GB | Language: Spanish | Paid out


    14 – Forgotton Anne

    Have you ever thought about where that old sock that disappeared went?

    In Forgotton Anne, you, or rather Anne, are trapped in the realm of forgotten things.

    This anime visual adventure is especially recommended for those who like movies like “Alice in Wonderland” or “The Labyrinth”.

    But in this realm of forgotten things, Anne would not be a forgotten “thing” either.

    She thinks she's always belonged here, but that might not be true.

    Forgotton Anne is a very linear and easy to beat game, but it's still a good game to put on the mental shelf of zero games.

    Download Forgotton Anne

    Size: 1.1GB | Language: Spanish | Paid out


    15 – Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap

    Where are the guys recommending Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap?

    I don't see anyone talking about this fantastic remake made by Lizardcube.

    It seems that there is a rule on youtube mobile which is the following: if a game is paid, nobody talks about it.

    Bizarre this.

    It seems that the game is no longer good if it is paid, when it is the other way around!

    The overwhelming majority of good-to-beat games are paid.

    I know not everyone can buy it, but for those who can't, there's always an APK out there on the internet.

    The classic Master System game won a remaster for mobile phones in 2019. The same remake that was released for consoles like PS4, Xbox and Switch.

    Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap is one of the most beautiful 2D games you will ever see.

    Like Castlevania Symphony of the Night, this game picks up exactly where the last one ended. After defeating the Mecha Dragon, your character is transformed into a lizard.

    The goal is to get rid of the curse — or curses — because whenever you get out of one, you get another.

    Each curse turns you into a different animal that can access new areas.

    Wonder Boy's gameplay fits very well on mobile, with this system transforming the character to access new areas and defeat new enemies.

    A differential in relation to the Master System version is that you can choose to play as a boy or a girl.

    The game is short, but very good to beat on mobile.

    Lizardcube games will also bring Street of Rage 4 to cell phones. So if you saw this video after the release, you can download this one without fear too.

    Wonder Boy Google Play

    Size: 700 MB | Language: Spanish | Paid out


    16 – Unruly Heroes

    A few years ago, if someone introduced me to Unruly Heroes, I would immediately say it was from the same Ubisoft studio that made Rayman Legends.

    It wasn't the same studio, but it was the same people.

    Created by Magic Design Studios, made up of former Ubi employees, Unruly Heroes is a 2D action game that was released on consoles and later on mobile phones.

    Inspired by the Chinese novel, “Journey to the West”, you control up to 4 heroes whose mission is to spread a lot of beating around.

    Divided into 29 stages where in each one you need to collect items and complete them in the shortest time to complete 100%, Unruly Heroes has good commands adapted for touch screens.

    The game has an inviting price, is offline and is all in Spanish.

    Unruly Heroes na Google Play

    Size: 1 GB | Language: Spanish | Paid out


    17 – Leo’s Fortune

    Another game with very beautiful 2D art is Leo's Fortune.

    Leopold is that furball. He suspects his relatives have stolen his most valuable treasure.

    The game has a simple story, but a nice moral lesson at the end.

    This game is strange, because the look is 2D and, at the same time, it gets to be photorealistic at times.

    Released in 2014, the game has a lower-than-expected difficulty, but it's worth the download and above all, it's worth zeroing.

     Leo’s Fortune na Google Play

    Size: 350 MB | Language: Spanish | Paid out


    18 – Bully: Anniversary Edition

    In the first video of offline games to beat, we recommended the classic GTA San Andreas.

    For this video, our recommendation is the controversial Bully.

    Released in 2006 on Playstation 2, the game won a remaster on iOS and Android with the subtitle Aniversary Edition.

    All original content has been included with improved visuals and redesigned controls for touch gameplay.

    Everything was kept, even the controversial jokes and the frog dissection class.

    For those who don't know, this 3D action game puts you in the shoes of James “Jimmy” Hopkins.

    Jimmy just wanted a normal life, but his mother has already changed him from school 7 times.

    This year he decided to play terror and will get everyone ready in this school of noise.

    The game is open world. It starts at school, but then unfolds through the rest of the city.

    The only thing missing was the Spanish translation. And no guys, the PS2 one didn't have an official translation, it was fan made.

    Bully na Google Play

    Size: 2 GB | Language: English | Paid out


    19 – Titan Quest e Legendary Edition

    Anyone looking for an isometric RPG for Android in the best Diablo style on Android will enjoy Titan Quest.

    The game strictly follows that formula of "explore", "go back and sell everything", "explore more", "sell more and improve your character's teams".

    Titan Quest seems like an infinite game, given the enormous amount of things it has to do.

    The Google Play Pass version can become the most expensive version of the game, as all expansions can be released for free. And this game has many expansions.

    I start in ancient Greece, go through Egypt and go to Ragnarok and China.

    The story starts there "Wrath of the Titans" with you helping the gods of Olympus, but then it becomes a business that no one understands.

    Huge game, takes forever to beat, but it's worth it.

    Titan Quest na Google Play

    Size: 4 GB | Language: Spanish | Paid out


    20 – Bloodstained

    Another game that is also very big and that will give you a lot of work to beat (and a lot of satisfaction too) is Bloodstained.

    Created by none other than Koji Igarashi, one of the minds behind Castlevania Symphony of the Night, Bloodstained is an action RPG game that directly refers to the games Iga made at Konami.

    You take on the role of Miriam, an orphan scarred by an alchemist's curse that slowly crystallizes her skin.

    Miriam must fight through demon-infested regions and a castle summoned by Gebel, an old friend of Miriam's whose body has become more crystal than flesh.

    The graphics are in 3D and the game is quite heavy, I recommend it only for those who have a high-end smartphone or tablet.

    Baixe BloodStained na Google Play

    Size: 1.5 GB | Language: Spanish | Paid out


    21 – Sword of Ditto

    This is another one of those games that nobody really cares about on consoles, but that looks great on cell phones.

    An adventure game for mobile phones in the best style of The Legend of Zelda with a colorful look and lots to explore.

    Swords of Ditto may not have been a hit on consoles, but on mobile it's one of the most rewarding adventures you have right now. Fucking cute little game.

    It introduces a different concept of Roguelike, called Roguelite.

    It sounds confusing, but playing is pretty simple. The more you explore, the more you'll see what you've done in the game.

    Swords of Ditto is all in Spanish and is a delight to play on your cell phone.

    Swords of Ditto na Google Play

    Size: 850 MB | Language: Spanish | Paid out


    22 – Shadow Fight 2: SE

    Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition is the special paid version of Shadow Fight 2. It was released on August 17, 2017 on Android.

    "Uh, I'm more downloading the free one."

    The good part of the SE version is precisely that it removes all the fat from a freemium game like ads, internet requirements and in-app purchases.

    The game focuses only on the essentials, fun and gameplay.

    In this version, players have unlimited energy, which means they can fight without any limit.

    Additionally, Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition features a unique storyline: Old Wounds.

    Shadow Fight 2 SE na Google Play

    Size: 150 MB | Language: Spanish | Paid out


    23 – ICEY

    ICEY is an unmissable action-adventure game for Android.

    Developed by Fantable and published by XD Network, in this game you control a robot with a sword that must obey the commands of the “narrator”.

    But since you are in control, you can disobey him and that will have a lot of implications. Who will be this “narrator”?

    The gameplay is fluid and the combo system is really fun. ICEY is short, so it's worth the game recommendation to beat it in one shot.

    ICEY Google Play

    Size: 350 MB | Language: English | Paid out


    24 - Oddmar

    Oh, you thought we had forgotten about him, right?

    Oddmar is another brilliant 2D game with absurd art that is well worth beating on mobile.

    Follow the adventures of this good-natured Viking who's never done anything special.

    But now, the village expects him to do great deeds, and he sets out on an adventure.

    Well, his way, right?

    Oddmar is a fun platform game with lots of stages and stunning scenery.

    The game allows you to try out the first two levels before deciding to buy.

    This is also great to see if your smartphone is compatible with the game.

    Oddmar na Google Play

    Size: 400 MB | Language: Spanish | Paid out


    25 – Evoland 2

    To close our list, we couldn't help but recommend this RPG / Fighting game / spaceship game / guitar hero and so on.

    Evoland 2 is a fantastic game that approaches the different gameplays of the gaming world, and fits everything into a story and makes it all make sense.

    As the character travels through time, not only does the gameplay change, but the graphics as well. For those who like a lot of video games this is a must.

    Evoland 2 Google Play

    Size: 400 MB | Language: Spanish | Paid out


    Ufa! And here ends another video of recommendations for offline games to beat on Android phones.

    I hope you enjoyed it, because this video took a lot of work to make.


    Who said you don't have good games to beat on your phone huh? probably that friend who only lives on online games and thinks that companies have to release everything for free on cell phones.

    Launch not guys. Get real. If a company is going to make a game with a lot of story on mobile, either that game is paid, or it's online full of embedded purchase.

    A big thank you to whoever made it this far. A big hug and until next time!

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