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    Best Games for Skyline (Switch Emulator for Android)

    Know the best games and leves games that run on skylinethe Nintendo Switch emulator for Android that stands out for being free.

    There is a lot of misinformation when it comes to Skyline.

    Many youtubers report “gigantic” advances, when in reality, Skyline is still in its infancy.

    In this article, you will see the games that are really running well on the emulator and which you can already play a lot.

    Remember that we will only use the emulator in its standard form, without extra drivers and hacks.

    Warning: game performance may vary depending on the device, you must have at least one smartphone with a Snapdragon 855 processor to run the games on this list.


    Compatible games that run super well


    - Bastion


    Bastion is a game that surprises for its compatibility with emulators. The game runs very well on Skyline.

    In Bastion, you control a boy who will face the forces of evil in isometric camera battles.

    But in addition to the combats and the narrator who explains your every action, this game has a very interesting story full of twists.


    – Hollow Knight


    A game that needs no introduction. Who wants to play in Skyline, most likely is because of this game.

    Although there is an APK version that is the conversion of a PS Vita port, Hollow Knight runs very well on mobile phones.

    In this almost 40-hour Metroidvania, you will find a true epic journey of this insect knight.


    – Cuphead


    This is another game that is so crazy that the public is ready to play it on their cell phone, APK versions have already been created.

    But if you have a good phone, you can play Cuphead as if you were on a Switch with Skyline.

    After making a pact with the "capiroto" himself, these two cup-headed characters will face different challenges in an addictive shooter.

    One of the best and hardest games of all time.


    – Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition


    Yes, Dante's third adventure is available on Switch and is perfectly playable on Skyline.

    A beautiful 3D action game with lots of beating and “wave shooting”.

    However, because the game is also available on the PlayStation 2, you may be better off using the AetherSX2 emulator.


    Games that run laggy

    The games below run reasonably well on Skyline, however some lags and crashes can happen from time to time. It is also visually buggy and music glitches.


    – Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope


    The first game in the Shovel Knight franchise, the one subtitled Shovel of Hope works perfectly on Skyline.

    Yes, I know that there is an APK version from Amazon, but when emulating through Skyline, you will be able to play with on-screen commands. However, I don't know if this is a good idea, as this game is very difficult.

    It is worth remembering that at the moment only this game in the franchise is running on Skyline, be careful not to confuse it with the Treasure Trove collection.


    – Jump King


    Jump King is also playable with some lag in Skyline.

    In this game your mission is to jump and reach as high as you can. This game is also another very difficult game.


    – Cyber Shadow


    Also from the same producer of Shovel Knights, Cyber ​​Shadow is a side action game with a ninja.

    The game is inspired by the classic Ninja Gaiden and delivers frantic gameplay.


    – Spelunky


    Inspired by a classic from the past, Spelunky is a unique and different platform game. One of the first to have a random level generation system.

    The game is available on PC and consoles, but the Switch version is identical.


    – Rising Hell


    A 2D action game perfect for Castlevania fans who enjoy a good soundtrack. Game with simple commands and fast gameplay, but it has a short campaign. Roguelike style game.


    – Enter the Gungeon


    Enter the Gundeon is a mixed salad of Roguelike, Dungeon Crawler and Shooting game. The game combines all these elements with lots of action and scenarios full of enemies.



    – Assault Gunner: HD edition


    A simple robot shooting game, despite being perfectly emulated, it's not such a good game.


    – A Robot Name Fight


    A metroidvania roguelite with a Terminator-style storyline, but in reverse. In the game's story, the machines, which already dominate the land, are threatened by a strange being of flesh.


    Games that run well on Skyline, but already exist on Android

    The other games that work well on Skyline, at the moment, are games that have versions for Android, so it may not be that interesting to emulate them.

    Below, you can see which games these are:


    – Implosion


    – Dead Cells



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