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    Best Games for Android – September 2019

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    We're back with our monthly tops of the best Android games. This time, let's do something different. Each month, are we going to award the BEST GAME of the month that will always appear in the first position of our top? Prepared? Then check out the best games for you to play on your Android smartphone.

    Due to the fact that we have gone a few months without the top, in this list, we will include the best games of August as well.

    – Saint Seiya Awakening (Free)

    Best Android Game of September

    The highlight of September is undoubtedly the new game of the knights of the zodiac. Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac stands out for being a very good RPG game based on the famous anime that was successful in Spain in the 90s.

    In addition to the great presentation, and being entirely in Spanish, the game stands out for being accessible to the Free to Play player. Of course PvP will always be “Pay to Win”, but the story mode and many PvE events with good gameplay variety.

    Download da Saint Seiya Awakening no Android e iOS.

    – Stranger Things 3 (Pago)

    Remember that we said that this top would contain August games as well. Stranger Things won easily as the best Android game of August. An action and adventure game that pleases everyone, except those who expected a game for free.

    The kids and adults of Stranger Things in a new adventure. The game with a retro footprint, this time reminds of the old Java games.

    Download Stranger Things 3 on Android and iOS.

    – Perfect World Mobile (Free)

    In September, the long-awaited MMORPG Perfect World Mobile was released. A really great open world game that rescues that emotion of playing games of the genre on PC.

    Made in partnership with Tencent, the game arrived rocking with great graphics and gameplay. However, it's a bit of a heavy game.

    Download Perfect World Mobile on Android and iOS.

    – Tropic (PAID)

    Speaking of heavy game, Tropico was finally released on Android. The strategy and management game where you can become a communist dictator is one of the most hilarious games I've had the pleasure of playing.

    But you can surrender to the capitalist empire too. The game is paid and offline.

    Download Tropico on Android and iOS.

    – Hoppia Tale (Free)

    Hoppia Tale is an adventure and puzzle game created by Spanish developers. Inspired by Super Nintendo classics, such as Goof Troop, the game puts you in control of a kitten and a dog in their fight to save the animals of the forest.

    The game has diversified levels with boss battles and even a level creator. Game offline.

    Download Hoppia Tale on Android and iOS.

    – Slaughter 3 The Rebels (Pago)

    Paid shooters are rare to see these days, Slaughter 3 The Rebels is a rare gem that deserves your attention. The shooting game, puts the player in a prison full of maniacs. Together with a companion, your objective is to finish off the bad guys.

    The game is paid, but worth every penny. It is divided into phases and it is possible to finish it. Great option for those who like offline games.

    Download da Slaughter 3 no Android e iOS.

    – Fist of the North Star Legends Revive (Grátis)

    For those who don't know, Hokuto No Ken is one of the first Shonen manga that is known. It inspired several manga of the genre, including Knights of the Zodiac (Saint Seiya) which borrowed much of the excessive violence.

    Also released in September, the anime game was somewhat hidden due to the release of Saint Seiya Awakening. Fist of the North Star Legends Revive follows a similar style, and also has very nice graphics. But unfortunately it's only in English.

    Fist of the North Star Legends no Android e iOS.

    – Super Mecha Champions

    Every month a Battle Royale is released and the game of the genre that was released between August and September was Super Mecha Champions. With an anime look and a different gameplay, the game captivated the otakus on duty, taking them from other games like Free Fire and PUBG.

    After all, who ever wanted to control their own mecha. The gameplay is very different from other games of the genre, you only die after having the robot and your character destroyed.

    Download SMC on Android and iOS

    – Hot Wheels Infinite Loop (Grátis)

    It's rare to find quality racing games after 2015. For some time now, only Asphalt 9 has caught my attention. But then came Hot Wheels Infinite Loop.

    The toy car racing game impresses with excellent graphics and gameplay. Hot Wheels is free and focused on the online mode, but it guarantees a lot of fun with fast and mind-blowing matches.

    Baixar Hot Wheels Infinite Loop no Android e iOS.

    – Gigantic X (Free)

    The end of our list of the best Android games for September (and August) is the game Gigantc X. For those who don't know, get ready to face a shooter with an aerial view that is simply impressive.

    The game is from the same producers as Blade 2: Return of Evil. Gameplay is action focused with giant bosses that need to be destroyed with teamwork.

    Baixar Gigantic X not Android and iOS

    Bonus: Bad game that is successful and everyone says it's good

    Mario Kart Tour launched at the end of September. Despite appearing on our list of the best of the week, the game didn't captivate me after a few days of playing, in fact, it seems pretty bad and greedy.

    But if you want to see what a Mario Kart would be like on mobile, it's worth the download.

    Download Mario Kart Tour on Android and iOS.

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