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    Best Games for Android and iOS – January 2020

    Every month hundreds of games arrive on Google Play e App Store. Here in the Mobile Gamer, you check what were really the best games released in january.

    Instead of making a list with a bunch of free games and calling them “best”, our recommendations mix paid games, offline and free games and online as well. So that we can have a broader view of each month's releases.

    1. Coromon (Free)

    A release that went unnoticed by many people was coromone. This RPG game is obviously inspired by Pokémon, but get it out of your head that it's a poorly made clone. Coromon is much more than that.

    Coromon is a nice PC game that has just won a version for iOS and Android. Still in early access, the game offers a vast world with many places to visit and monsters to collect. The Pokemon vibe is strong, but the game strips away all sorts of in-app purchases and freemium elements that often spoil Pokemon-like games.

    Subject Link.

    2. Disgaea 1 (Paid)

    With an absolutely ridiculous price, it even made me want to remove this game from the list. But it would be a crime, as Disgaea Refine (R$124) is simply a must. Fans of strategy games need to play (make your jump).

    Disgaea Refine is an HD remaster of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. The mobile game is just like the remaster released for 3 Playstation No hassles like ads or in-app purchases. Just needed to improve the price, which is ridiculously expensive. But anyway, a very good game for those looking for a classic gaming experience at its best Final Fantasy Tactics style.

    Link in the article.

    3. Magic: Mana Strike (Free)

    Maybe the folks at Wizards of the Coast didn't target the "hardcore" card gamer with Magic: Mana Strike. But you know what, this Clash Royale “clone” was really good.

    Magic: Mana Strike borrows the “Quick Strategy” formula from a card game and delivers it in a beautifully crafted package. Of course, the game will be a bit “Pay to win”, but it is possible to have a lot of fun with the characters and setting of Magic.

    Link in Matter.

    4. Happy Wheels (Free)

    It took years of waiting but finally Happy wheels arrived on Android. The hype for this viral game has already passed, but it's worth checking out, because it's free and offline.

    In this game, ordinary people try their luck in bizarre challenges. The result? Too many accidents!

    Link in the article.

    5. Tetris (Thank you)

    Todos os Tetris were removed from app stores. Nobody knew for sure what happened. But the truth came out in January.

    There has been a change of hands in the game's license. EA no longer has rights over the Tetris brand. The rights passed to N3TWORK in partnership with the Tetris Company. O new game is free and offline.

    Link in Matter.

    6. Ducktales Remastered (paid)

    Ducktales Remastered It's not exactly a new game, but this remastered classic is back in action recently. It is only available on site da Gameloft.

    the game is the even released for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC and which is now only available on the Gameloft website.

    How to download here.

    7. Death Move (Free)

    January seems to have been the month of “the return of those who did not go”. Death Move is the new name of Until Dead. In this game made by Spanish people, you will control an investigator who is in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

    The gameplay resembles games in Hitman GO style. Simple, but with cool graphics and an interesting story. And on top of that offline.

    Link in the article.

    8. Pascal's Wager (Payment)

    No need to say much. Pascal's Wager It's the action game everyone wanted to play, but for now, only iOS folks will enjoy it. a game in dark soul style, reminiscent of the classic game in both its dark setting and gameplay.

    Pascal's Wager surprises with long chapters, dangerous bosses, but you can rest assured that the game is not very difficult. Zero chance of throwing your cell phone at the wall in anger.

    Link in the article.

    9. Extraordinary Ones (Thank You)

    Another MOBA from NetEase. Although, Extraordinary Ones It was a highly anticipated game. The game has a bit of a “feel”Boku no Hero Academia“, where the students fall for the fight straight away.

    The plot matches the anime so much that several partnerships have already been made in which characters from “Boku no Hero Academia” appear in the game. Extraordinary Ones follows the traditional MOBAS scheme, the real difference is the characters.

    Link in the article.

    10. Phantoms: Tang Dynasty (Grátis)

    Phantoms: Tang Dynasty is in pre-registration in China, but with menus and language in english. The game is impressive both in graphics and size. You will need no less than 8GB free to install the game.

    In Phantoms: Tang Dynasty, the player has the experience of an MMORPG, but in a game with a lot of focus on the story. A very beautiful game that is worth knowing.

    Link in Matter.

    11. Monomals (Apple Arcade)

    monomal is the new game from PICOMI studio, the same as heroki, another iOS exclusive. In this game, you control DJ animals that look for new rhythms and sounds for their music.

    The gameplay, however, has nothing to do with music games. The player uses a fishing rod and scours the ocean floor.

    Game link.

    Bonus Game: Bright Memory Mobile (Paid)

    Long awaited and hyped, Bright Memory Mobile disappointed me a little. The game arrived exactly the same way it arrived on iOS and PC. It's not a complete game, it's far from it.

    Bright Memory is just a small taste of a shooter game that has everything to go right. However, the demo released is only one hour long.

    Link in the article.

    [originally published February 7, 2020]

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