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    Best Games for Android and iOS – April 2020

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    Check out the best games for Android and iOS that arrived in April 2020. A month that was full of news for lovers of mobile games.

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    Sky: Children of Light

    The most fantastic adventure game of recent times.

    After many beta tests, it's time for Android users to get to know one of the best mobile games of recent years.

    Sky: Children of Light takes players on a transcendent journey. Travel through beautiful settings in a game that is pure work of art.

    ( Android | iOS )

    Gameloft Classics

    In April Gameloft gave a real gift to fans of mobile games. The producer released its best java games in a free and completely offline package.

    There are 30 classics entitled to games such as: Zombie Infection, Soul of Darkness, Midnight Pool, Gangstar 2, Hero of Sparta and many others.

    ( Android )

    Dead By Daylight Mobile

    Dead By Daylight Mobile was one of April's big releases. The game was perfectly ported to mobile phones, keeping much of the tension of the original PC game.

    In this multiplayer game, 3 players must escape from a 4th player, who controls an assassin. But it's not enough to just run, each player needs to fulfill tasks to get out of this nightmare.

    ( Android | iOS )

    Area F2

    In tests at the beginning of April and released in the same month, Area F2 is a fighting game in closed environments. The shooting game has a gameplay quite different from other titles of the genre.

    An instant success. On Android alone, Area F2 has already hit the 1 million download mark. Not bad for an unknown FPS with zero advertising. Detail: game was released globally on April 28th.

    ( Android | iOS )


    Disorder is a third-person shooter that has different modes. There is a zone control mode and a Battle Royale-like one. The game drew attention for the visual and unusual proposal.

    ( Android | iOS )


    In artistic GRIS, players will immerse themselves in the emotions of a protagonist who has been through trauma. The game is a platform game in which the scenario portrays the emotions of the character.

    The game had already been released for iOS and in early April, it arrived on Android.

    ( Android | iOS )

    Vainglory All Stars

    Vainglory All Star is a side project of the popular MOBA but which is heavily inspired by Brawl Stars. Form teams of up to 3 characters and face fast and addictive battles.

    In fact, the game has not yet been released, but it is being tested exclusively in Spain.

    ( Android )

    Legend of the Skyfish 2

    Legend of the Skyfish 2 is a game released only for iOS through the Apple Arcade service.

    The new game takes place hundreds of years after the first one (which is for Android). As the last descendant of the legendary "red hook", her mission is to use this strange weapon to once again end the monsters that ravage her kingdom.

    ( iOS )

    Beat Hazard 2

    Beat hazard is a PC game series that feels like a mix of Asteroids with lots of electronic music and suspicious substance use. In addition to the first game, the second game in the franchise, Beat Hazard 2 is also available for Android e iOS.

    ( Android | iOS )

    [originally published May 4, 2020]

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