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    Best Free Offline Games for Android

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    Meet the best free games, and which are offline and also to Android of all time. 100 Games that don't require an internet connection and will have fun anywhere.

    Over these more than 13 years of our blog, many games have passed through Google Play. We are always on the lookout for the best free offline games and here they are.

    But in case you want to see a more current list, here you will find 50 offline games for android and 2022.

    All games have been tested by our team. Any errors just let us know in the comments.


    Post brings more than 100 offline and free games for Android mobile game lovers

    The best Android games that don't need internet

    1. Asphalt Nitro


    Asphalt Nitro is a miniature version of Asphalt in which Gameloft managed to condense all the fun of the franchise into a light and very fun game. The game is free to download and allows you to play several races without using an internet connection. Very nice to pass the time.

    Download Asphalt Nitro on Google Play

    Size: 50 MB | Spanish language


    2. Swordigo

    Swordigo is a 3D action game with 2.5D gameplay. With RPG elements, you will be a warrior who will fight against an evil wizard. The highlight of the game is a great adventure that presents itself to the player. The most interesting thing is that you can beat the game without even going online once. And this game is huge!

    Download Swordigo on Google Play

    Size: 50 MB | English language


    3. Dead Trigger

    For years, Dead Trigger always appears in the list of offline games. The reason? Of the Madfinger Games titles, it is the only one that does not require internet. In this shooting game, the objective is to kill zombies throughout a city infested with undead.

    Download Dead Trigger on Google Play

    Size: 500 MB | English language


    4. Dan The Man*

    In the role of Dan or Josie, you must beat up all the villains you come across. This 2D game is one of the most fun on Android. Lots of action in a game with simple and intuitive controls. The highlight is the fun story and all in Spanish.

    UPDATE: Dan The Man is no longer offline, after a few stages the game asks for an internet connection. Our tip is to download the older version here.

    Size: 74MB | Spanish language


    Gameloft Classics

    Relive the Java gaming era of old cell phones in this addictive collection. To celebrate the company's 20th anniversary, Gameloft gave away 20 games in total for free. Games like Hero of Sparta, Gangstar, Soul of Darkness and many others. All in Spanish. And best of all, everything works without needing an internet connection.

    Download Gameloft Classics on Google Play

    Size: 72 MB | Language: Spanish | Free of charge


    6. Sky Force Reloaded

    Sky Force Reloaded is a spaceship game with amazing graphics. Originally released for Java and Symbian phones, this is a remastered version. There are dozens of stages in a simple and very fun command game.

    Download Sky Force on Google Play

    Size: 265 MB | Spanish language


    7. Real Racing 3

    This is without a doubt one of the most amazing games ever released on Android. Real Racing 3 is a sensational racing simulator for mobile. The game has online modes, but it is possible to play career mode without internet.

    Bauxar Real Racing 3 Google Play

    Size: 2 GB | Spanish language


    8 angry Birds

    Angry Birds is one of the oldest Android game series. The mix of an Arcade game-like puzzle with physics elements is one of the most brilliant ideas ever made. This game needs no explanation. Over the years, Rovio has made several versions. Know which ones are offline.

    • Angry Birds
    • Angry Birds Rio
    • Angry Birds Seasons
    • Angry Birds Space
    • Angry Birds Star Wars
    • Angry Birds Star Wars 2 (I need to download after starting)

    Sizes: 50 MB | Spanish language


    9. Exploration World – Exploration Lite Craft

    Exploration Lite Craft is one of the most popular Minecraft clones. The open world survival game places the player on an island and gives complete freedom to build things, explore and live the dangers of the island. One of the highlights of the game is its slightly more colorful look than the Minecraft Original. Also check out Worldcraft.

    Download Exploration Lite Craft on Google Play

    Size: 13 MB | Spanish language


    10. Final Freeway 2

    Retro racing game lovers will have a lot of fun with Final Freeway 2, a game very similar to Out Run (Mega Drive), with addictive Arcade gameplay. Very good to pass the time, but also excellent to zero.

    Download Final Freeway 2 APK

    Size: 18 MB | English language


    11. Movie games (APK)

    Over the years, several movies have gained free and offline games that have since been removed from Google Play. Fortunately, their apks are still available. Check out a quick selection.

    They are usually short games that last just over an hour, but are ideal for picking up and beating.

    You will need the APK Pure website app to download the games.

    • King Arthur
    • Esquadrão Suicida
    • Uncle agent
    • 300

    Size: 200 MB | Spanish language


    12. Sword of Xolan

    A hero and a sword. Sword of Xolan has a simple proposal, but delivers a first-rate adventure. There are 30 levels full of dangers and secrets. You start out as a sword and fire spell, but you can develop your hero without spending a dime. One of the best offline platformer games on Android.

    Download Sword of Xolan on Google Play

    Size: 39 MB | English language



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    13. Alien Zone Plus

    Alien Zone Series is one of the most awesome offline games on Android. You control a silver-haired girl and face aliens and monsters. The graphics are very nice, and they don't require a powerful cell phone.

    • Alien Zone Plus
    • Alien Zone Raid
    • Broken Dawn Tempest
    • Broken Dawn Plus
    • Broken Dawn II
    • Broken Dawn Trauma
    • Broken Dawn 3

    Alien Zone games on Google Play

    Sizes: 100 MB | English language


    14. Leps World 3

    In Leps World 3, you control a Lepreechau, a gold elf. Your mission is to save your people and rescue the gold stolen by trolls. The game is very similar to Super Mario World.

    Download Leps World 3 on Google Play

    Size: 52 MB | Spanish language


    15. Manuganu 1 e 2

    In Manuganu, you control a very skilled young Indian. Jump over obstacles and dodge enemies in this fun 3D running game. The game is not infinite running, you go through stages.

    Download Manuganu 1 e 2 on Google Play

    Size: 62 MB | Spanish language


    16. Hungry Shark Evolution e Dragon

    Control hungry beasts and devour poor peasants in this very funny game for Android. In fact, they are two games, very similar. In the first, you control a shark, and in the other, a dragon. Graphics are excellent, some of the most beautiful offline games.

    Download Links Hungry Shark e Hungry Dragon na Google Play

    Size: 300 MB | Spanish language


    17. Royal Revolt!

    Royal Revolt is a reverse tower defense game. Instead of defending, you will attack. Assemble your army and destroy the castles you see ahead.

    Download Royal Revolt Google Play

    Size: 310 MB | Spanish language


    18. Dead Effect 1 e 2

    Dead Effect is a shooting game franchise. With jaw-dropping graphics, in these games you are in a spaceship full of zombies and monsters. Find out how to get out of this hell, in one of the best offline games for Android.

    Download link Dead Effect 1 e Dead Effect 2 na Google Play

    Size: 800 MB | English language


    19. Slap Kings

    One of the funniest mobile games today. Have you ever seen those championships where people beat each other up? In this game you will slap your opponents in offline matches. A fun game to make you laugh.

    Baixe Slap Kings na Google Play

    Size: 95 MB | Language: English | Free of charge


    20.Plants vs Zombies

    The Plants vs Zombies franchise is one of the most famous in mobile games. The saga tells the story of a very crazy guy and his good fight plants. Enemies are very funny zombies. Behind it all is a fun strategy system. Defend your territory from zombies in a hilarious game. The second game is also offline, but you have to start it first.

    Download Plants vs Zombies on Google Play

    Size: 65 MB | Spanish language


    21. Plague Inc.

    Plague Inc is a game that mixes simulation and strategy. But here, you will be an evil tactician. Your mission is to create a highly lethal disease that will lead to the extinction of the human race. Once created, all you have to do is watch the chaos unfold. The game needs internet during the first use. After that, it works offline.

    Download Plague Inc on Google Play

    Size: 52 MB | Spanish language


    22. Badlands

    With a very beautiful artistic base, Badland invites the player to search through very well designed scenarios. Dodge obstacles and try to get all creatures to the end of the level. The game has a sequel that is also offline.

    Download Badland on Google Play

    Size: 176 MB | Spanish language


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    23. N.O.V.A Legacy

    One of the best shooting games on Android has received a remastered version. NOVA Legacy is actually the first NOVA, revamped for the current generation of cell phones. The game is no longer paid, but became a free and offline game.

    Download NOVA Legacy on Google Play

    Size: 37 MB | Spanish language


    24. ZENONIA 4

    As the last remnant of the Zenonia family that doesn't require internet, Zenonia 4 allows offline play. However, to enjoy this action RPG, you need to start the game for the first time (with internet) and then save your progress (a floppy disk icon), after that, just enjoy one of the most iconic stories in mobile games.

    Download Zenonia 4 on Google Play

    Size: 41 MB | English language


    25. Xeno work

    In Xenowerk, your mission is to deal with an infestation of radioactive monsters. But Xenowerk is surprising in many ways. Graphics, calibrated gameplay and a weapon purchase system that doesn't require much from the player. You advance faster if you pay, but you can beat this offline shooter without any problems.

    Download Xenowerk on Google Play

    Size: 141 MB | English language


    26. Alto’s Adventure e Alto’s Odyssey

    These are two very similar games. In both, the objective is to control a skier and make him slide across the plains, preventing him from crashing to the ground or being carried away by the avalanche. Both games are completely free and offline.

    Link to Download Alto's Adventure and Odyssey on Google Play

    Size: 57 MB | Spanish language


    27. Soulcraft

    Back in 2014 when we started our offline games list. Soulcraft was one of the first games listed that surprised the crowd. It's amazing that this RPG is still available on Google Play. In this beautiful online adventure, command an angel who fights against the forces of evil.

    Download Soucraft on Google Play

    Size: 53 MB | English language


    28.Crossy Road

    Not just epic adventures, live our post of 100 best free and offline games. It also has space for casual games. And is there a game more casual than a chicken crossing the street? In Crossy Road you answer the classic question in an addictive game for Android.

    Download Crossy Road on Google Play

    Size: 75 MB | Spanish language


    29. Kingdom Rush

    In this fun cartoon game, you have to assemble a good defense to defend yourself from enemies. Build your towers, but when the time comes, you can control skilled warriors. One of the best Tower Defense games on Android.

    Baixar Kingdom Rush Google Play

    Size: 75 MB | Spanish language


    30. Pixel Gun

    In this “Minecraft with Guns”, the focus is on online multiplayer. But Pixel gun also has a fun offline mode, with a pretty cool story. The mission is to kill all the zombies and rid the city of the undead.

    Download Pixel Gun on Google Play

    Size: 755 MB | Spanish language


    31. Fallout: Shelter

    Fallout: Shelter is one of the most addictive strategy games on Android. If you're a Fallout fan, you'll laugh a lot at the game's crazy references. In this game, you control an underground base. Build new rooms and expand your base, but watch out for attacks from creatures and raiders.

    Download Fallout Shelter on Google Play

    Size: 273 MB | Spanish language


    32. Smash hit

    It seems that creating the game knew it would be a tremendous success. Smash Hit is a game where the objective is to break all the glass with metal balls. It seems easy at first, but the game gets very fast in a short time.

    Download Smash Hit on Google Play

    Size: 80 MB | Spanish language


    33Subway Surfers

    This game needs no introduction. Your brother, cousin, aunt or mother installed this game on your cell phone, or it already came installed. Does not matter. What matters is that Subway Surfers is one of mankind's best pastimes. Seriously, Android is going to end and Subway Surfers will go on for generations and generations. Recently the game voted to the top as the most played offline game in the world.

    Download Subway Surfers on Google Play

    Size: 88 MB | Spanish language


    34. Beast Quest

    Beast Quest is a must-see action RPG game. The game combines that feeling of exploring a giant map, with breathtaking epic battles. The graphics are excellent, very colorful and flashy. And the best: it runs very well on phones with 1 GB of RAM.

    Download Beast Quest on Google Play

    Size: 60 MB | English language


    35. Magic Rampage

    If you have doubts if Spain produces quality games, the answer is Magic Rampage. This action RPG game is one of the most amazing games. The game combines platforming and intense combat, in a progression system where you can evolve your character as much as you want. And best of all, no internet required.

    Download Magic Rampage on Google Play

    Size: 200 MB | Spanish language


    36. Farm Heroes Super Saga

    Matching games are a rage all over the world. And the Candy Crush franchise has made the best of it, offering fun offline games for its fans. Several King games are free and offline. Don't forget to check them out.

    Download Farm Heroes S Saga on Google Play

    Size: 90 MB | Spanish language


    37. West Gunfighter

    In this wild west game, the goal is to be a good guy and hunt bad guys. Fulfill the “dead or alive” warrants and capture the wild west's worst evildoers. The game is full of varied missions like horse racing, shooting and sunset duels.

    Link to Baixar West Gunfighter

    Size: 20 MB | Spanish language


    38. Punch Quest

    Fighting game fans will have a good laugh in one of the craziest games on Android. Punch Quest is a mix of RPG and fighting game. Your character runs automatically, and it's up to the player to just tap the screen to punch whoever appears in front. But you need to pay attention to evolve your character.

    Download Punch Quest APK

    Size: 17 MB | English language



    This shooter reminds me a lot of Resident Evil. Face a city full of monsters alongside this brave girl. Despite having some annoying in-app purchases, it is possible to get pretty far without spending a penny. The coolest thing is the story, knowing what will happen to the characters.

    Download CKZ Origins APK

    Size: 200 MB | Spanish language


    40. Tiny Thief

    This game has already been removed from Google Play. To download, you will need the app from the APK Pure website. In Tiny Chief, you control a boy who steals from the rich to give to the poor. A brilliant puzzle game. Liked the style. Also check out Bob The Robber 5: Temple Adventure.

    Baixar Tiny Thief (APK Pure)

    Size: 50 MB | Spanish language


    41.Beach Buggy Racing

    A racing game with buggiess and power-ups. Remember something? The Beach Buggy Racing franchise is very reminiscent of Mario Kart and Crash Kart Racing. There are many tracks and a lot of fun in a game that even has an offline multiplayer mode.

    Download Beach Buggy Racing on Google Play

    Size: 80 MB | Spanish language


    42. Little Big City 2

    Little Big City 2 is a city building game by Gameloft. We are even surprised that the game is offline, but it is. With good graphics and an evolution system that takes time, Little Big City 2 has power limiters and a lot of shopping, but it's possible to have a giant city, just be patient. You need to start the game and start a city. After that, you can play offline.

    Baixar Little Big City 2 na Google Play

    Size: 30 MB | Spanish language


    43. Bubble Witch Saga 3

    Bubble Witch Saga 3 is our choice to represent this game genre created by the classic Puzzle Bobble, which is paid on Google Play. But Bubble Witch Saga 3 is completely offline and for free. You can play without fear.

    Download Bubble Witch Saga 3 on Google Play

    Size: 83 MB | Spanish language


    44. Into the Dead 2

    Into the Dead 2 impresses with its visuals and gameplay. The producer made a point of releasing its second game with a very cool story. This game looks like an "Infinite Run", the stages are divided into episodes and the game has a very dramatic ending. Which is? Just playing to find out.

    Download Into The Dead 2 on Google Play

    Size: 1 GB | Spanish language


    45. Two Dots

    Have you ever thought about the confusion that two dots can make. Two Dots is a puzzle where the objective is to make the dots connect. Slide your finger over the screen and make the dots disappear after they connect. Sound easy? The game has more than 1000 levels!!!

    Download Two Dots on Google Play

    Size: 90 MB | Spanish language


    46. ​​Dr. Driving 1 e 2 tester

    Nowadays, it's easy to see kids (and adults) “playing with cars” on their cell phones. Dr. Driving is a driving simulator game. Do everything right to learn to drive. The games are full of missions and stages.

    Link to Download Dr Driving 1 and 2 on Google Play

    Size: 10 MB | English language


    47. Dream League Soccer 2019

    One of the best football games for Android. Dream League Soccer 2022 or simply DLS 22 respects the user and offers a friendly and career mode where it is possible to play offline matches.

    Download DLS 2022 on Google Play

    Size: 500 MB | Spanish language


    48. Batman Arkham Origins

    Batman Arkham Origins is a fighting game, featuring characters from the game of the same name. The look of the game is very beautiful and the commands are very easy. The highlight here is unlocking characters and costumes. You don't have to pay anything.

    Link para APK  Batman Arkham Origins*

    Size: 500 MB | English language

    *Requires APKPure App to install.



    49. Bladelords

    Bladelords is that typical offline game for Android that few people know. With elements reminiscent of Soul Calibur, Bladelords also has a bit of Street Fighter IV in its veins. With quick hits and focus on combos. The controls are very good, with on-screen buttons.

    Download BladeLords APK*

    Size: 300 MB | English language

    *Requires APKPure App to install.



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    50. Neon Shadow

    Neon Shadow is a very old shooter. Before, it was paid and now it's a 100% free game. And best of all: you don't need internet to play. Your character is on a ship full of enemies, destroy them all in this addictive game.

    Download Neon Shadow on Google Play

    Size: 108 MB | English language


    51. SBK16

    This motorcycle racing game is ideal for motorcycle lovers. It is very similar to the previous one, but has slightly better graphics. But SBK16 is literally a racing simulator, so it takes a little practice to master the controls.

    Download SBK16 on Google Play

    Size: 250 MB | Spanish language


    52. Lara Croft: Relic Run

    After the Temple Run formula was worn out, Lara Croft: Relic Run brought us the hero of the games in an adventure that revitalizes this “genre”. The scenarios change as you progress and there are even moments of shooting and incredible escapes. One of the best running games on Android, and the best: for free and offline.

    Download Relic Run on Google Play

    Size: 130 MB | Spanish language


    53.Shadow Fight 2

    The fighting game Shadow Fight 2 has the main offline mode. You will live the story of the shadow warrior who desperately fights to get out of a curse. Beside him an old master and a beautiful girl. Will he do well?

    Download Shadow Fight 2 on Google Play

    Size: 150 MB | Spanish language


    54 Block City Wars

    Block City Wars is a mix of GTA V and Minecraft. In offline mode, the player must play terror in the city. There is also a zombie mode which is a lot of fun. To play without internet, choose the “To Battle” option and then select the “Single Missions” option.

    Baixar Block City Wars na Google Play

    Size: 222 MB | Spanish language


    55. Godfire: Rise of Prometheus

    Godfire: Rise of Prometheus is a 3D action game with great graphics and similar to God of War. Become the titan Prometheus as you embark on an epic quest to retrieve the Godfire Spark and save humanity.

    Godfire apk on APKPure*

    Size: 2.2 GB | English language

    *Requires APKPure App to install.


    56. GT Racing 2

    GT Racing 2 is a racing simulator. A very good, light and fun offline game. Gameloft had removed it from stores, but it came back, but it may not work on smartphones running Android 8.0 or higher.

    Download GT Racing 2 on Google Play

    Size: 1 GB | Spanish language


    57. Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War

    The Brothers in Arms franchise already has a solid reputation on mobile. There were several games for Java and Symbian phones. But on Android, we only have Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War. At least the campaign is offline.

    Baixar Brothers in Arms 3 na Google Play

    Size: 800 MB | Spanish language


    58. ARK Involved

    ARK Involved for Android is an almost identical version to the PC version. A long-awaited survival game. It is possible to play offline in single player mode. But it is worth remembering that this is a very heavy game, it may not run on “weak” cell phones.

    Download ARK Involved on Google Play

    Size: 2 GB | Spanish language


    59. Trials Frontier

    Trials Frontier is a motorcycle and obstacle course game made by Ubisoft. This is another old offline game that had been removed from Google Play but has come back. There are dozens of incredible stages and courses.

    Download Trial Frontier on Google Play

    Size: 85 MB | Spanish language


    60. Snake Rewind

    A game that could not be missing from this list is Snake Rewind. In this top of the best free offline games of all time, we had to pay homage to the first success of cell phones. Snake Rewind is a great example of how to revitalize a classic.

    Baixar Snake Rewind APK

    Size: 31 MB | Spanish language


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    61. Assassin’s Creed Pirates


    Assassin's Creed Pirates is a pirate game inspired by the battles of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. The game's story consists of more than fifty missions, in which players can confront other pirates, templars, or even assassins.

    Baixar Assassin's Creed Pirates no APK Pure*

    Size: 800 MB | Spanish language

    *Requires APKPure App to install.


    62. Strikers 1945-3 (1999)

    Strikers 1945-3 (1999) is a “ship” game with fighter planes. The game is even released for consoles and Arcade. A classic of “shoot'em ups” right on cell phones. The “3” in the name is no coincidence. The game is a continuation of Strikers 1945 II, taking place chronologically 54 years after the first two games in the series.

    Download Strikers 1999 on Google Play

    Size: 50 MB | English language


    63. Astral Light

    Solve stellar riddles in this amazing game. You move the stars to find the shapes that the game suggests.

    Astral Light na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Free | Language: Spanish | offline


    64. Callys Cave 3

    Callys Cave 3 is an excellent and very addictive platform game. Control the girl named Cally in her battle against Doctor Nefarious Herbert. What draws attention are the very well planned bosses. If you liked this one, know that the other games in the franchise are also free and offline.

    Baixar Callys Cave 3 na Google Play

    Size: 46 MB | English language


    65. Bike Unchained

    Bike game created by Red Bull. Bike Unchained is easier to play than any other Downhill game, but it's a lot of fun.

    Download Bike Unchained APK

    Size: 100 MB | Spanish language


    66. Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

    Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom is a very good running game. There is a wide variety of characters and missions.

    Download Sonic Dash 2 on Google Play

    Size: 63 MB | Spanish language


    67. Cyberline Racing

    Cyberline Racing is a game inspired by the Death Race movie. The graphics are excellent and the gameplay is very good. The game's main mode, career, is completely offline.

    Download Cyberline Racing APK

    Size: 255 MB | English language


    68. MMX Racing

    MMX Racing with monster truck style trucks. Races are fast but exciting. The stages have obstacles, where the competitors need to control the acceleration.

    Baixar MMX Racing APK

    Size: 400 MB | Spanish language


    69.Robot Unicorn Attack 2

    Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is the most ridiculous and fun game for those who enjoy retro themes and the 80s. Control a jumping unicorn to dodge the cliffs, spikes and holes along the way. The soundtrack of this game is very good.

    Download RUA 2 APK

    Size: 75 MB | Spanish language


    70. CASE: Animatronics

    Remember Five Nights at Freddy's? CASE: Animatronics is a very similar horror game. You are alone in a store at night, and you have to survive until dawn. Watch out for animatronics.

    Download CASE: Animatronics on Google Play

    Size: 127 MB | Spanish language



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    71. West Gunfighter

    An action game that mixes RPG and shooting. This game is impressive in terms of quantity. An almost open world game with only 26 MB. Very good. Fulfill missions like shooting the bad guys or competing in horse races.

    Link to Download on Google Play

    Size: 26 MB | English language



    72. Clumsy Ninja

    Clumsy Ninja is an addictive casual game. You control a very clumsy Ninja. Take care of him and help him do trick to impress his Ninja friend.

    Download Clumsy Ninja on Google Play

    Size: 162 MB | Spanish language


    73. Hill Climb Racing 2

    Hill Climb Racing 2 is the sequel to the successful game where the objective is to try to get as far as possible. The second game has more elaborate graphics and two modes. To play offline choose “Adventure” mode.

    Baixar Hill Climb 2 na Google Play

    Size: 100 MB | Spanish language


    74. Pocke Mortys

    In this hilarious RPG, which imitates Pokémon, you will have to collect several “Mortys”, one of the protagonists of the popular cartoon Rick and Morty. Travel through various dimensions and face off against other Rick masters. A game full of humor, offline and all in Spanish.

    Download Pocket Mortys

    Size: 76 MB | Spanish language


    75. The Legend of Skyfish Zero

    The Legend of Skyfish Zero is an adventure game similar to the first games of “The Legend of Zelda”. But here, you control a young girl with a fishing rod. She can use this stick to access new places and kill her enemies. National Game.

    Download SkyFish Zero on Google Play

    Size: 120 MB | Spanish language


    76. Cut the Rope: Magic

    For a long time, Cut the Rope is one of the most creative puzzle games on mobile. In Magic, in addition to cutting strings, there are now spells, portals and much more.

    Baixar Cut the Rope: Magic na Google Play

    Size: 67 MB | Spanish language


    77. Ancient Empires

    Ancient Empires is an unofficial conversion of one of the biggest hits of Java phones. A very good strategy game. The Android conversion mixes the first two games and has hours of fun content.

    Download Ancient Empires on Google Play

    Size: 13 MB | English language


    78. Ninja Arashi

    Ninja Arashi is an intense platform game with adrenaline-fueled combat. The game has RPG elements. The player needs to make his hero evolve to get further and further.

    Download Ninja Arashi on Google Play

    Size: 84 MB | English language


    79. The Piologo Brothers Bullshit

    Treta dos Irmãos Piologo is a national platform game that has a very fun plot. The brothers fought and now it is necessary to resolve the arm stop. The game is full of fun memes and lots of jokes.

    Download Brothers Bullshit APK

    Size: 84 MB | Spanish language


    80. Raft Survival Simulator

    In this game, you are alone on a raft. Raft Survival Simulator is inspired by a computer game that takes the player to a new level of survival on the high seas.

    Download Raft Survival: Survival on Raft – Nomad

    Size: 51 MB | English language


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    81. Truck Simulator USA

    Drive across the united states in this racing simulator. The game has great graphics and controls. Drive a truck and explore American roads.

    Download Truck Simulator USA on Google Play

    Size: 163 MB | English language


    82. Grand Shooter

    Grand Shooter is an on-rail-style shooter. The game is Spanish and has a very nice story. Control a soldier who returns from Afghanistan and has her girlfriend kidnapped. A great action game totally offline.

    Download Grand Shooter in APK Pure

    Size: 82 MB | Spanish language


    83. DISTRAINT: Pocket Pixel Horror

    DISTRAINT: Pocket Pixel Horror is a game with a lot of suspense. You're a guy who's going to collect rent on a building and you realize there's something stirring in the shadows. The game is in Spanish and very addictive.

    Download Distraint on Google Play

    Size: 65 MB | Spanish language


    84. NeverGone

    NeverGone is a hack'n slash action game with an anime look. The arts are very beautiful with a gothic tone. The game has a soundtrack by the Metal Band Therion.

    Download NeverGone on Google Play

    Size: 650 MB | English language


    85. Infinite Fighter

    Infinite Fighter is one of the few free fighting games that doesn't require an internet connection. It is very reminiscent of Street Fighter IV and the controls are excellent. There's no way not to like this game.

    Baixar Infinite Fighter APK

    Size: 174 MB | English language


    86. Colony Strikes Back

    Colônia Contra Ataca: the game features the character from the youtube channel Colônia Contra Ataca. Mr. Wilson and Bob will face each other in the world of games. But be warned, this game is very difficult.

    Baixar Colonia Contra Attacks APK

    Size: 37 MB | Spanish language


    87. Stranger Things: The game

    Stranger Things: The game is a game produced at the request of NetFlix to celebrate the second season of the hit series. What no one expected was how good the game was.

    Baixar Stranger Things APK

    Size: 100 MB | English language


    88. Aqua Moto Racing 2

    Aqua Moto Racing 2 is a jet-ski game that has no in-app purchases and no other annoyances. The game is very reminiscent of a Nintendo 64 classic, Wave Race.

    Download Aqua Moto Racing 2 on Google Play

    Size: 55 MB | Spanish language


    89. Exiled Kingdoms RPG

    Exiled Kingdoms is an Android RPG that you have to play. It is entirely in Spanish and very entertaining. The game is not 100% free, but the main campaign is, and offline. There are over 30 hours of fun.

    Baixar Exiled Kingdoms na Google Play

    Size: 200 MB | Spanish language


    90. Zombie Safari

    This is an open world game. The player controls cars and must kill as many zombies as possible. By accessing new areas, new weapons can be unlocked.

    Download Zombie Safari on Google Play

    Size: 65 MB | English language


    91. Granny

    Granny has become one of the most popular horror games today. In this game, the objective is to collect items to escape from a sinister house. But you are not alone. Go an old woman (or corpse of an old woman) who will torment you.

    Download Granny on Google Play

    Size: 100 MB | English language


    92. Occupation 1 e 2

    Occupation 1 and 2 are two sensational games for those who like open world offline games. In a small village, monsters begin to attack. Help the villagers in this game with gigantic scenarios full of missions.

    Link para Occupation 1 e Occupation 2 APK

    Size: 100 MB | English language


    93. Stickman Soccer 2018

    Stickman Soccer 2018 is a light soccer game ideal for playing on weak phones. This new version is all in 3D, but it remains a free and offline game. Another highlight of the 2018 version is the greater number of modes to play without internet.

    Baixar Stick Soccer 2018 na Google Play

    Size: 125 MB | English language

    94. Pokemon Quest

    Pokémon Quest is a game where your Pokémon go on adventures. They attack alone, but that doesn't mean the game is boring. There's a lot to do like defining the party, choosing attacks and even cooking to attract new pokemons. And the best, it's free and you don't need internet.

    Download Pokemon Quest on Google Play

    Size: 210 MB | English language

    95. Day R Survival

    Day R Survival is a textual survival game. All in Spanish, this RPG surprises with a very well built narrative about survival in the middle of “nuclear winter”. A sensational game.

    Download Day R Survival on Google Play

    Size: 80 MB | Spanish language

    96. Zombie Derby 2

    Remember the MMX Racing we mentioned above? Zombie Derby 2 would be the equivalent, but with zombies. Overcome obstacles in this addictive game with monster trucks that can be equipped with many weapons.

    Download Zombie Derby 2 on Google Play

    Size: 73 MB | Spanish language

    97. Ace Academy: Skies of Fury

    Board the World War I planes in this action-packed game for Android. Ace Academy: Skies of Fury has more than 100 missions where the objective is to take down. The graphics are in Cel shading and give the game a very beautiful look.

    Download Ace Academy on Google Play

    Size: 99 MB | English language


    98. Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade

    Our latest shooter named in the top 100 best free offline games for Android is Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade. In this game, you control a giant robot. It automatically walks and it's up to the player to control the aim and shoot the targets around.

    Download Warhammer 40,000 FreeBlade on Google Pkay

    Size: 500 MB | English language


    99. The Pillar

    The Pillar is an intriguing game full of puzzles. Trapped in a maze, your character needs to solve small puzzles to move forward. A very beautiful game with spectacular graphics.

    Download The Pillar on Google Play

    Size: 50 MB | English language


    100. Galaxy on Fire 2

    To close our list of free and offline games, a classic of Java mobile phones, reworked for the current generation of smartphones. In Galaxy on Fire 2, you control Keith T. Maxwell, a bounty hunter in the best “Han Solo” style. After failing on a mission, he ends up on the other side of the galaxy. From there, the player has to walk their own path. Offline mode is the main quest and has over 30 hours of content.

    Download Galaxy On Fire 2 on Google Play

    Size: 1 GB | Spanish language



    – Games that were free and offline and are no longer

    This is an update of the post where I will put the games that are no longer free or offline. I'll leave them at the end of the list, because I believe that in the future they can get an offline version.

    Asphalt 8

    Asphalt 8 is without a doubt one of the best offline games for Android, and best of all, it's free. Several modes are available for those who want to play without internet: Career, Daily Tasks, Quick Race, Mastery and Moto Blitz. However, the game asks for connection from time to time to open new seasons.

    Download Asphalt 8 on Google Play

    Size: 1.5 GB | Spanish language

    Gangstar Vegas

    Speaking of history, how about a completely free and offline “GTA”? That's Gangstar Vegas. In this game by Gameloft, you are a fighter who fails in the city of sin. Find your strength and defeat the main kings of crime.

    Download Gangstar Vegas on Google Play

    Size: 1.65 GB | Spanish language

    Castle of Shadows/Avenger

    Have you ever thought about a Castlevania on Android? Yes, they made a similar game, and a long time ago. Castle of Shadows, also known as Avenger, is a 2D action game with clear inspirations from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Castle of Shadows is one of the oldest Android games I've ever played, I remember it being a port of the Java version.

    Download Castle of Shadows APK

    Size: 10 MB | English language


    Six-Guns is a classic Gameloft game that is very reminiscent of Red Dead Redemption. A 3D action game set in the Wild West. But Six-Guns uses and abuses elements of science fiction, vampires, monsters and witches.

    Download Six Guns on Google Play

    Size: 700 MB | Spanish language

    - Conclusion

    And here ends our mega list of free offline games for Android. All games have been tested by our team, and all are or were offline at the time of testing. Any questions, leave a comment!

    [originally published April 8, 2019]

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