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    Best Fighting Games for Android and iOS (ONLINE)

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    Lost in the midst of tons of RPGs and Battle Royales, almost in the underworld of mobile games, are the fighting games for Android and iOS.

    The genre that was quite popular in the 90s in arcades and arcades, also has its share of audience on mobile, although in much smaller numbers.

    But fear not, fans of beatings and broken bones, let's gather here the 8 best fighting games of the online competitive scene and you will be surprised by some of these titles.

    Check out the best fighting games for Android and iOS that enable online combat.

    1. Metal Revolution

    If you've ever wondered what a mix of Giants and Steel and Street Fighter V would be like, the answer to that crazy dream would be Metal Revolution.

    The game created by the studio Next and published by GT Arcade is a fighting game with frantic and very well balanced combats.

    The game's producer has already arrived thinking about setting up the competitive scene. For this, the game has a spec mode with built-in chat.

    On the battlefield, robots with a lot of personality will exchange punches and kicks in fights that aren't the least bit mechanized.

    The game has fluid movement and special moves reminiscent of Street Fighter V's CAs.

    The first thing you will find strange is the jump button, but it exists for a good reason, so that you can perform other commands and not accidentally “jump”, something that is very common in fighting games on touch screens. .

    The great advantage of Metal Revolution is the great balance of fighters and differentiated combat system.

    It's all very refined for the fight to happen is online.

    But for those who want to play alone, there are Arcade and training modes.

    Metal Revolution na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Free Game | Spanish
    Online | 1.87 GB


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    2. The Final Fighter

    As you'll see throughout this list, mobile fighting games have a tortuous development.

    Many games take years to be released or are released the wrong way, or the release goes wrong.

    A lot of times, a studio makes a game, gets a ton of complaints and even lawsuits, and is forced to change the game.

    That's what happened for example with Final Fighter.

    When the game was released in Southeast Asia, it had a character very similar to Sakura from Street Fighter.

    Final Fighter first appeared in 2018, spent some time missing and came back reworked in partnership with Tencent.

    There in Southeast Asia he became “Soul Warrior” and gained characters from SNK. But here in the west, the game remained as Final Fighter and the first character released had to be remodeled.

    Final Fighter has clear references to Street Fighter 4.

    The game has very nice graphics and despite the online mode, what really stands out is the story mode with the possibility to play even a beat'n up between one boss and another.

    A very fun game, despite the low number of players.

    Final Fighter  na APP STORE (IOS)

    Final Fighter na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Free Game | English
    Online | 1.9 GB


    3. HeroVs

    Another game with complicated development, but that deserves attention is Hero Versus.

    Widely publicized in tournaments such as CAPCOM Pro Tour and Evo 2019, HeroVersus is a fighting game with versions for Android and iOS.

    The game has already been in open beta testing, but has been removed from Google Play.

    This game's poster boy is none other than Justin Wong. One of the most famous Street Fighter pro-players and known for starring together with Daigo in Evo's 37th moment.

    Also focusing on online multiplayer, HeroVersus has balanced gameplay and a very interesting combo system.

    The characters in the game are very charismatic and the fights are frenetic.

    Unlike other fighting games, Hero Versus has nothing to do with gacha and you can unlock all fighters just by playing.

    Due to a weak marketing campaign, the game did not attract many players. But you can still check it out by the link in the description. An excellent fighting game.

    Link to download on Android and iOS

    Free Game | English
    Online             |  781 MB


    4. The King of Fighters ALLSTAR

    Released in 2019 on Android and iOS, The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is not exactly a traditional fighting game. The gameplay is more like a beat'em up.

    But the online scenario of the game is quite strong and competitive.

    The cast of fighters is immense, as in addition to containing characters from several The King of Fighters, ALLSTAR also contains characters from Tekken, WWF and anime like Seven Deadly Sin and Gintama. It's easy?

    And what about the art of this game, sensational! An eye candy!

    The main gameplay, however, is quite repetitive and the game has a lot of gacha elements. However, the fights and story in Spanish are very interesting for KOF fans. It's worth the chip, which after all, is free, right?



    Free Game | Spanish
    Online | 3.24 GB



    Skullgirls for mobile is the mobile version of a very unusual fighting game. The game brings together girls in tight clothes and monsters in an atmosphere that looks like a movie noir from the 40s mixed with cartoons of the time.

    This is one of the few mobile fighting games that gets the swipe commands right. The game has a competent combat system that is neither too easy nor too difficult.

    The commands are simple and in a few minutes you'll have mastered the entire battle system.

    Despite being all in Spanish, we have some caveats for this game as well.

    The character collecting system is gacha style and after a while the game gets pretty difficult.

    Once again we have yet another fighting game that has gone through crooked paths to find its place in the sun.

    Skullgirls was released in 2017 and after some beef with Line, producer Autunn Games decided to release it alone.

    Very well done and with a cool story mode, Skullgirls also delivers a challenging online mode.

    Be sure to check it out, Skullgirls is free to download and play, but requires an internet connection.

    Skullgirls na APP STORE (IOS)

    Skullgirls na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Free Game | Spanish
    Online | 1.03 GB


    6. Shadow Fight Arena

    With a massive hype campaign, sponsored in part by youtubers, the exclusively online version of Shadow Fight 3 arrived on mobile phones as Shadow Fight

    This fighting game goes against the grain of those who expect to crush their cell phone screen by pressing the virtual button so much.

    Here, what counts is the control of the distance and perfect fit of the blows, always taking advantage of the gaps that the enemy gives. For the pro-player to understand, the game is focused on whiff punish.

    The graphics are jaw-dropping and the gameplay is crazy. This fluid movement comes from years of studying real martial arts fighters. All the result of Nekki's first Shadow Fight, released back in 2011.

    Shadow Fight Arena na APP STORE (IOS)

    Shadow Fight Arena GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Free Game | Spanish
    Online | 1.19 GB


    7. Mortal Kombat Mobile

    Let's be honest, we already know a lot of fighting games that have been ported to mobile, but by far, the combat style adopted by Mortal Kombat Mobile is one of the worst.

    It can work fine online, but it's repetitive.

    There are only three types of moves and that's it, the rest comes through the variation of characters and new moves that you'll have to earn or worse... buy.

    “So why is this game here?”

    Why is Mortal Kombat!

    Impossible to ignore the excellent lore, even more so when NetherRealm decides to put characters from Mortal Kombat 11.

    The game has a multiplayer mode with faction warfare, but what really draws attention are the Towers where you'll face classic Mortal Kombat characters.

    Mortal Kombat Mobile na APP STORE (IOS)

    Mortal Kombat Mobile  na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Free Game | Spanish
    Online | 1.47 GB


    8. Street Fighter IV CE


    You thought we were going to leave him out, right? The best we leave for last.

    Street Fighter 4 Champion Edition is the exact opposite of Mortal Kombat on mobile.

    CAPCOM's game is free to try, but it's pretty cheap to unlock everything. That's right, everything!

    For just R$17,90, you unlock the entire game and all the characters.

    What Street Fighter 4 CE lacks in graphics, it makes up for in gameplay. Here we have one of the most dynamic and fun fighting games to ever land on Android and iOS.

    The game pleases both puritans and casual gamers. You can do all the commands traditionally or turn on the “assist” mode, which allows you to perform elaborate moves with the push of a button.

    A game that needs no introduction, the best fighting game for cell phones, which is online and offline.

    As we mentioned in another video, this is another game that had a difficult launch on Android.

    In reality, the first version of Street Fighter 4 was never released globally on Android, it was restricted to some LG devices. But it didn't take long for hackers to drop the APK for general download.

    That was back in 2011, the game has always survived on Android as an exclusive in Japan.

    Until CAPCOM fixed this big blunder in 2018, eight years after the original iOS release, which was in 2010. Is it soft?

    Despite the dated look, Street Fighter 4 CE needs no comment. Just play.

    Street Fighter 4 CE na APP STORE (IOS)

    Street Fighter 4 CE  na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Free game to test | English
    Online | 2.32 GB


    You may have noticed that we left some old games out. The reason is that most of them are no longer compatible with Android 11 or have been abandoned by publishers.

    And that's where we end this video...

    What is it? Did you think little? So wait to see part 2 which will be with 25 more fighting games, but this time it will only be offline.

    A big hug and until next time.


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