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    Best Android Games on SALE this New Year 2020

    See a selection of the best games that are on sale on the Android platform. All games really worth buying and having.

    As you can imagine, this list is for those who enjoy offline games.

    The discounts on these games are for a limited time, so take advantage of them soon, as many of them end this weekend or until the 30th.

    – Adventures of Mana

    Remake of a classic that wouldn't have made it to mobiles otherwise, Adventures of Mana is a prequel to the classic Legends of Mana.

    This action RPG (not turn-based) usually costs BRL 74 reais, but is on promotion for R$ 34. It's still expensive for some, but it's a miracle to see a promotion from Square Enix, which doesn't usually bring a discount on their games.

    These other Square Enix games are also on sale on Google Play:

    • FINAL FANTASY III (from R$54,90 to R$24,90)
    • FINAL FANTASY IV (from R$54,90 to R$24,90)
    • FINAL FANTASY IV: THE AFTER YEARS (de R$ 54,90 por R$ 24,90)
    • FINAL FANTASY V (de R$ 54,90 por R$ 24,90)
    • FINAL FANTASY VI (de R$ 54,90 por R$ 24,90)
    • FINAL FANTASY DIMENSIONS (de R$ 54,90 por R$ 24,90)
    • FINAL FANTASY VII (from R$59,90 to R$34,90)
    • VALKYRIE PROFILE: LENNETH (de R$ 69,90 por R$ 34,90)
    • CHRONO TRIGGER (Upgrade Ver.) (from BRL 37,90 to BRL 18,90)
    • FINAL FANTASY TACTICS : WotL  (de R$ 49,99 por R$ 22,90)
    • DRAGON QUEST II (from BRL 18,90 for BRL 10,90)
    • Secret of Mana (from $37,90 to $14,90)

    – Monster Hunter Stories

    Another RPG that will make you think you have a portable console in your hands. Monster Hunter Stories is a Nintendo 3DS game that was ported to Android in 2018.

    This game usually costs R$ 66,99, but is on sale for R$ 24,99. It takes more than 36 hours to beat the game and up to 70 hours if you want to unlock all the achievements.

    - Grey

    The award-winning adventure game Gris is on sale on Android for R$ 9,99, before, the game cost R$ 16,99.

    In Gris, you will follow the story of a girl who wanders through a strange world.

    – Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition

    Spanish game that has unique gameplay and “metroidvania” scenarios, Dandara is a game in Spanish that is very delicious to play.

    The game is from Spanish producer Long Hat House., but is being distributed on Google Play by the RAW Fury “label”.

    Dandara used to cost R$ 6,99, but it's on sale for R$ 2,99. But stay tuned, RAW Fury games have started appearing on Play Pass. If you already subscribe to the service, it could be that Dandara and Kathy Rain will join the service soon, as happened with Whispers of a Machine.

    – Lucid Dream Adventure 3

    Lucid Dream Adventure 3 is a dark game about nightmares and unexplainable dreams. Those looking for a creative adventure, but with shades of gray and a lot of darkness, will find in Lucid Dream Adventure 3 a lot of suspense and mystery.

    The game costs R$ 11,99, but is on sale for R$ 6,99. Did you find it expensive? Test the first game to see if you like it, it's completely free.

    Other Games on sale:

    • DARIUSBURST -SP- (from BRL 40,99 to BRL 18,99)
    • RAYFORCE (from R$31,99 to R$13,99)
    • RAYSTORM (from R$44,99 to R$22,99)
    • RAYCRISIS (from R$54,99 to R$26,99)
    • DISTRAINT: Deluxe Edition (R$16,99 for R$4,99) *This game is on Play Pass.
    • Homo Machina (from R$14,99 to R$6,49)
    • Sleep Attack TD  (de R$ 28,99 por R$ 12,99)
    • Kingdom Two Crowns (de R$ 43,99 por R$ 25,99)
    • Bad North: Jotunn Edition (from $19,99 to $10,99)
    • Her Story (de R$ 16,99 por R$ 4,99)
    • Braveland (from R$9,99 to R$2,09) *This game is on Play Pass.
    • Witcheye  (de R$ 10,99 por R$ 4,99)
    • Shadow of Lemansk ZONE (from R$8,49 to R$0,99)
    • Whispers of a Machine  (de R$ 19,99 por R$ 10,99)
    • Reigns: Her Majesty (from R$10,99 to R$4,99) *This game is on Play Pass.
    • Reigns (from R$10,99 to R$4,99) *This game is on Play Pass.
    • Minit (from R$ 16,99 for R$ 9,99)
    • Cyber Knights RPG Elite  (de R$ 14,99 por R$ 4,99)
    • Codex of Victory (from R$21,99 to R$3,79)
    • Dead Age (de R$ 15,99 por R$ 5,49)
    • The Inner World (de R$ 9,99 por R$ 5,49)
    • Downwell (from BRL 10,99 to BRL 4,49)
    • Gobliiins Trilogy (from $10,99 to $6,49)
    • R-TYPE (de R$ 7,91 por R$ 4,49)
    • R-TYPE II (de R$ 7,99 por R$ 4,49)
    • Double Dragon Trilogy  (de R$ 10,99 por R$ 6,49)
    • Bulb Boy (from R$7,99 to R$4,69)
    • Joe Dever's Lone Wolf Complete (from R$41,99 to R$10,99)
    • Order (from BRL 9,99 to BRL 4,99)

    [originally published December 24, 2020]

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