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    Best Android Games of the Week #39 of 2016

    Another week where the Google Play surprised with major releases for android. This week the highlight was Miami Saints, a game that draws from the source of GTA Vice City, but which is free and very light. The other highlight was The Banner Saga 2. The epic RPG reaches its second version on Android with all updates up to date.

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    Broken Dawn Trauma (Free)

    Send more Alien Zone that is little Hummingbird Mobile Games. The producer of the classic Alien Zone, has just released an upgrade of the game Broken Dawn. In the form of a completely separate game, Broken Dawn Trauma brings new levels, weapons and challenges. The gameplay remains completely the same. A shooting game with great graphics, offline and ideal to play on the go.

    Link to Download on Google Play – Broken Dawn Trauma

    Android 3.0 – In English
    Size: 89 MB | Offline Game

    Miami Saints (Free)

    Speaking of OFFLINE, the highlight of the week is the game Miami Saints. With a total GTA: Vice City vibe, the game can score 0 in the original category, but it lavishes resources for those who want a light game that doesn't require internet. Unlike other games, which don't have many goals, Miami Saints has history and a huge city to explore.

    Download Link on Google Play – Miami Saints

    Android 4.0 – In English
    Size: 99 MB | Offline Game

    The Banner Saga 2 (PAID)

    The adventure through the Viking lands in The Banner Saga continues. The second chapter has just arrived on Android and already has the latest updates from the PC version. In The Banner Saga 2, humans form an alliance with a race of giants to fight beings of darkness. The game has a very beautiful art direction and focus on narrative. A must for anyone who enjoys old-school RPGs.

    Link to Download on Google Play – The Banner Saga 2

    Android 4.1 – In English
    Size: 3 GB | Offline Game

    Real Football (Free)

    Gameloft took everyone by surprise with the relaunch of the Real Football franchise. In fact, the series never stopped being released on Java mobile phones. The 2017 (or is it 2016?) version of Reall Football arrived on Android in the form of a light, OFFLINE game. There are only 29 MB of download and a game that contains much of the fun of the main football games.

    Link to Download on Google Play – Reall Football

    Android 4.0 – In Spanish
    Size: 29 MB | Offline Game

    The Legend of Skyfish (PAID)

    The Legend of Skyfish is an action and adventure game for Android where the objective is to go through levels, solving puzzles and defeating enemies. The game has short stages, but it draws attention for being all in Spanish and has battles against stage bosses.

    Link to Download on Google Play – Legend of Skyfish

    Android 4.0 – In English
    Size: 96 MB | Offline Game

    Micro Machines (Free)

    The classic Micro Machines has been re-released on cell phones. The version that arrived on Android this week is the same version released for iOS some time ago. The graphics and licensed franchises were renewed, but the new version brought some elements of freemium games. The game is only online, but it makes up for this defect with good multiplayer modes, such as the arena mode, where players must destroy opponents' carts at a dinner table.

    Link to Download on Google Play – Micro Machines

    Android 4.0 – In Spanish
    Size: 332 MB | Online game

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