Best Android Games of the Week #35 of 2017

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The week was full of surprises and we selected the best android games that will surprise you. The highlight of the week is not a game released, but in soft lauch, Into the Dead 2. Another game that caught our attention is a title that is paid on iOS, but is free on Android, Sonny.

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– Sonny (Free)

In this game with HQ visuals, you control a newly resurrected zombie who is aware of his actions. Now he looks for his friends and tries to stop the undead infestation. Sonny is a game that lacks combat animations, but has a fun plot and full of interesting dialogues. Unfortunately, the game is only in English.

Link to Download on Google Play

– Pocket Conquest (Thank you)

But if you like games in Spanish, you can't miss this online RPG inspired by Pokémon games. Pocket Conquest is a turn-based combat game with missions and lots of scenarios to explore. As in any Pokémon game, the thing is to collect the little monsters.

Link to Download on Google Play and APK

– Golden Axe (Free)

Golden Ax is the newest SEGA game to participate in the SEGA Forever promotion. The game that used to be paid is now available for free. In Golden Axe, you choose one of three epic warriors whose mission is to defeat a villain who has kidnapped his King and Daughter. Innovative for the epic, Golden Ax brought concepts that are common today, but that did not exist at the time, such as running and spells that hit the entire screen.

Link to Download on Google Play

– Arena Masters (Free)

Arena Master is a MOBA-style game that has a lot of action. The game isn't new, but it got a special update this week: The King of Fighters characters. Arena Masters is online and on diversified maps, the player needs to team up with other competitors to defeat the opposing team.

Link to Download on Google Play

– Sniper: Ghost Warrior (Thank you)

Sniper: Ghost Warrior for Android is the Mobile version of a game of the same name released for PC and consoles. The mobile version is free and resembles little of the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. But the player still controls a super soldier, whose mission is to put a bullet in each villain's head. The story does exist, but it is neither important nor interesting. In short: casual fun with good graphics.

Link to Download on Google Play

– honorable mention: Into the Dead 2

Now we come to the “icing on the cake” of the week. Into the Dead 2, despite not being officially released, is the main highlight of the week. The game mixes casual action with a cool story, with good dubbing and moments of great tension. Into the Dead 2 hits where all The Walking Dead free games miss: offering action and suspense in a single game. The gameplay is the same as the original Into the Dead, but the addition of a good storyline made all the difference.

Link to Download the APK


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