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    Best Android Games of the Week #23 – 2015

     – Inside Out (Free)

    Inside Out is the official game of the new Pixar movie. Following the line of bubble popping games, your mission here is to complete all the missions with the help of the characters from the movie. The game is quite easy and is all in Spanish, which makes it an adventure suitable for anyone looking for a casual game to pass the time.

    Download Game for Android – Divertida Mente

    Android (4.0 or higher) – In Spanish
    Size: 42 MB | Offline Game

    – Flight Pilot Simulator (Thank you)

    Flight Pilot Simulator is an airplane simulator game with a very casual feel. Instead of complicated controls, the game's commands are quite simple. The challenges are reminiscent of a Super Nintendo classic, Pilotwings. Fun and with many missions, Flight Pilot Simulator is the ideal simulator for those who don't know much about aviation.

    Download Game for Android – Flight Pilot Simulator

    Android (2.3, 4.0 or higher) – In Spanish
    Size: 60 MB | Offline Game

    – Friends of Dragons: Greenwitch (Free)

    Dragons Friends is a game for Android where the player has to raise and take care of many dragons. It is very similar to other games of the genre, but it focuses a little more on the story, a pity that it is all in English. But its main differential is the minigames, with great animations and casual gameplay. The art and evolution of dragons is also cool.

    Download Game for Android – Dragon Friends: Green Witch

    Android (2.3, 4.0 or higher) – In English
    Size: 41 MB (additional downloads) | Online game

    – Rush of Heroes (Free)

    Rush of Heroes is an action and RPG game that mixes elements from several games. The look is amazing, but the game draws a lot of attention for having several types of gameplay. Assemble a team and face various enemies in battles that can be against the game or against other players in an online mode. The game has battles against giant bosses and even has Subway Surfers-style minigames. Complete fun for those who like to evolve characters and master items.

    Download Game for Android – Rush of Heroes

    Android (2.3, 4.0 or higher) – In Spanish
    Size: 60 MB | Offline Game

    – Cartel Kings (Free)

    Cartel Kings is a casual shooter with building elements. In the game, you will face risky missions like robbing banks and fighting rival groups. With the money you earn, build buildings and improve your gang. The game consists of dominating a territory, but the fun starts from the moment it is possible to attack the territory of other players.

    Download Game for Android – Cartel Kings

    Android (2.3, 4.0 or higher) – In Spanish
    Size: 172 MB | Offline Game

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