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    Best Android and iOS Games of 2021 – 1st semester

    Who usually looks for best games for android e iOS de 2021 often bump into lists where many games are not this year.

    But not here! In this article we have gathered the 25 best mobile games that were released in the 1st half of 2021.

    A perfect post for those who want a summary of 2021 and know what's happened on mobile so far.

    Games in Soft Launch or beta test like Devil May Cry, Harvest Town and many others are not included in the list.

    And of course this list will include paid games as well. After all, you can't leave them out. We're not going to name a bunch of bad games here just because it's free.

    1. Bob Esponja: Battle for Bikini Bottom

    2021 got off to a great start with the release of SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom for Android and iOS.

    The game is a remake of a PlayStation 2 classic that has been remastered for PlayStation 4, Xbox, Switch and current consoles.

    The mobile version is identical to the console version. A 3D action game with 13 levels, secrets to discover and bosses to face.

    All in Spanish, I like to play and even support Bluetooth controls..

    Don't be fooled by the children's theme, this game is addictive and by far one of the best releases of 2021 for Android and iOS.

    SpongeBob: BfBB in the App Store (iOS)

    SpongeBob: BfBB on Google Play (Android)

    Type: Paid | Language: Spanish | offline


    2. League of Legends: Wild Rift

    Next on our list is LoL mobile.

    Ah Wild Rift, how I wish I wasn't addicted to you. The mobile version of League of Legends has arrived after many delays.

    The wait was worth it and Riot delivered one of the most solid and flawless releases of 2021.

    Yes, the hype for most who have never played on mobile has passed, but Wild Rift is without a doubt the best MOBA of the moment on mobile.

    Created from the ground up for mobile, Wild Rift arrived with even better graphics than the PC version. An impressive game that also surprises for its compatibility, it runs even on old cell phones with 32 bits.

    Wild Rift na App Store (IOS)

    Wild Rift na Google Play (ANDROID)

    Type: Free | Language: Spanish | online


    3. Fantasy

    Fantasian is an amazing offline RPG developed by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi.

    The game is also signed by another Final Fantasy legend, composer Nobuo Uematsu.

    The highlight of Fantasian is its artistic style. The game mixes real models, scanned in 3D, with also three-dimensional characters.

    The result is a very beautiful and different game than usual. The art shocks and captivates right away. Beautiful game!

    The combats are in turns with random encounters, but the player can “stack” these combats. The commands were all very well adapted to the reality of touch screens.

    Fantasia is amazing! It alone is worth the “ticket” of Apple Arcade. Yes, the game is exclusive to iOS, what a shame huh!

    Fantasia na App Store (iOS)

    Type: Paid | Language: English | offline


    4. Smash Legends

    Smash Legends is a charismatic brawler that was released in April 2021 on iOS and later on Android.

    The game shines in a saturated genre by offering combat that resembles a mix of classics like Smash Bros and Power Stone.

    But Smash Legends keeps its own identity with very well done and balanced character designs.

    The game features 3v3 battles in small arenas, which guarantees action-packed fights.

    Reminiscent of the classic brawler, this game offers refreshing gameplay that is quite different from what you usually see in other online games made for mobile phones.

    Smash Legends na App Store (IOS)

    Smash Legends na Google Play (ANDROID)

    Type: Free | Language: Spanish | online


    5. Titan Quest: Legendary Edition

    In January 2021, Titan Quest: Legendary Edition was released. This version would be identical to the Anniversary Edition that was released for consoles and PC.

    The Legendary Edition has both expansions and all the extra content of this excellent offline RPG.

    In Titan Quest, you will face mythological creatures, gods and titans in an incredible journey. The game, which was previously only about Greek mythology, expands with updates that address Egyptian and Norse mythology.

    Now see the cool part. The game costs R$ 67 reais. “Bad pear there? How is that the cool part?”

    The cool part is that you can sign the play pass on Android and turn the normal version into the Legendary Edition, so instead of paying 67, you only pay 10 reais!.

    Epic! Be sure to check it out! The game is in Spanish and supports bluetooth controls.

    Titan Quest  na App Store (IOS)

    Titan Quest na Google Play (ANDROID)

    Type: Paid | Language: Spanish | offline


    6. Dadish 2

    The creativity of indie developers knows no bounds.

    Check it out, who knew that a game where you're a family radish would be one of the best platform games on Android.

    In Dadish 2 the mission continues. Your goal is to recover all your children, the little radishes.

    Free and easy to play, this is one of those games that are instant. You take it and you already know what you have to do, go right.

    There are 50 levels with boss rights and some very difficult parts.

    Anyone who likes old games will like this game. He is also offline.

    Download Dadish 2 na App Store (IOS)

    Download Dadish 2 na Google Play (Android)

    Type: Free | Language: English | offline


    7. Knightin'+

    When it arrived on Switch, Knightin plus was seen as just "OK" by the trade media.

    But on mobile, where there is a lack of good zelda-style games, Knightin plus is very welcome.

    Developed by just one person, Knightin plus is a dungeon-crawler with a retro look and gameplay in the style of the first zeldinha.

    With beautiful pixel art and chiptune music, this game is another delight to beat on mobile.

    But Knightin plus is short, 3 hours you zero. So only get it if it's really cheap.

    Knightin'+ na App Store (IOS)

    Knightin’+ na Google Play (ANDROID)

    Type: Paid | Language: English | offline


    8. FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered e SaGa Frontier Remastered)

    Square Enix is ​​no joke.

    The Japanese producer has released several console games in Remastered version for cell phones.

    Among them we can highlight FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered.

    A remake created almost from scratch.

    With reworked character models, better textures and HD CGI, FF8 is very different from the PS1 version.

    In this game, Squall is a young Balamb Garden cadet. He wants to become a mercenary and guardian.

    The story takes place in a world that looks like a mixture of futuristic and medieval. Anyway, a game with a grandiose plot and that if I were to say everything that happens here, I might spoil some surprises.

    The same can be said for Crystal Chronicles Remastered and Saga Frontier Remastered. If you are rich or enjoy a “jack sparrow” be sure to check out these fantastic games.

    FF8 Remastered na App Store (IOS)

    FF8 Remastered na Google Play (ANDROID)

    Type: Paid | Language: English | offline


    9. World of Demons

    You can fall off your chair, World of Demons, announced in 2018 was only released in April 2021, and on top of that it arrived as an Apple Arcade exclusive.

    The game was scheduled to come out at the end of 2018, but then came the Apple Arcade hurricane.

    It's a shame he's exclusive. This game was developed by Platinium Games. The same producer as Bayonetta and Nier Automata.

    In World of Demons, the player will control samurai warriors and will have to face demons inspired by Japanese folklore.

    The artistic style that is very reminiscent of Okami, a PS2 classic, draws attention right away.

    As it's platinum, the gameplay is what many expect, a hack'n slash.

    The stages are short, at first, I'll be honest, it seems kind of boring, but then the game opens up, with bigger scenarios, and of course, bigger enemies.

    World of Demons na App Store (IOS)

    Type: Paid | Language: English | offline


    10. Unruly Heroes

    Unruly Heroes is a 2D action game with art that looks like it was hand-drawn. This gorgeous game was released for PC and consoles in 2019 and arrived on Android and iOS in March 2021.

    The game is based on the popular Chinese tale, "A Journey to the West", which tells the legend of the Monkey King, the same tale that inspired Dragon Ball.

    By mixing action with puzzle elements, Unruly Heroes presents us with a complete adventure to complete on mobile.

    The game is paid and offline, but the price is very affordable, only R$ 10 reais!

    Unruly Heroes na App Store (IOS)

    Unruly Heroes na Google Play (ANDROID)

    Type: Paid | Language: Spanish | offline


    11. Baba is you

    Baba Is You is one of the most original and unique games you will play on your mobile. It's a puzzle, but nothing is explained in an obvious way to the player, and you'll have to understand some English too.

    But to summarize, in each level, there are words that the player will have to put together to form sentences in English, and with that subvert the natural order of the game.

    In most cases, to complete a level you will have to form the word “Flag is Win”, and by making the character touch the flag he passes the level.

    However, in some cases, the flag will not be accessible, but the words “is Win”, will.

    Then the player must change the victory condition and form something like "Rock is Win", and then, by touching the rock, it is possible to pass the level as well. Did you understand?

    Each level introduces new mechanics and scenarios that can be manipulated as the player assembles the sentences.

    You can for example change the words, turn your character into a wall and the walls into your character. Anything goes to pass the stage.

    Baba Is You na App Store (iOS)

    Baba Is You na Google Play (Android)

    Type: Paid | Language: English | offline


    12. Huntdown

    Cyberpunk 2077 may have been one of the biggest flops in gaming in recent years, but the dystopian future theme is pretty cool.

    And Huntdown knows very well how to take advantage of that to create a beautiful pixel art in 2D.

    It's a “run and gun” that screams that 2s retro-future vibe, and besides, it's an excellent XNUMXD shooter with impeccable gameplay and great to play on mobile.

    Huntdown launched on PC and consoles in 2020, and May made its way to mobile.

    In the game, you control 3 mercenaries who will do the job of the police: clean the streets of vagrants.

    Despite being paid, you can download and test it. There are 20 action-packed levels in one of the best mobile releases of 2021.

    Huntdown na App Store (iOS).

    Huntdown na Google Play (ANDROID).

    Type: Paid | Language: English | offline


    13. Thronebreaker

    I know many of you dream of playing The Witcher 3 on mobile. But believe me, it's really worth knowing The Witcher Tales: Thronebreaker.

    Mix of RPG and cardgame, this game is a game that is almost offline. It requires internet from time to time to authenticate license, but it is a game with no in-app purchases and ads.

    It's free to download and try, but after a while you have to pay.

    Thronebreaker is voiced brilliantly and the audio part is a show! You really feel like you're in a medieval tale.

    In the game, we live the stories of Queen Meve, a mixture of aristocrat and warrior who will fight in the wars between Kyria and Rivia. The game takes place before the witch stories in the books and series, but he is quoted and appears in the game… I won't spoil the surprise.

    As for the gameplay, the game works like this, you walk through kingdoms and face enemies as if it were a game of Gwent.

    Thronebreaker na App Store (iOS)

    Thronebreaker na Google Play (Android)

    Type: Paid | Language: Spanish | offline


    14. Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins

    Do you know the concept of “Found phone” style games? These are games that have no representation of the protagonist on the screen, since you are the protagonist.

    When starting a game of this type, the interface of your cell phone becomes the interface of the person or victim who lost their phone. Then, you have to search the device looking for clues and find out what happened.

    The production company Kaigan Games is well known for games in this style like “Sara is Missing” and “SIMULACRA”.

    Her latest game is a licensed game from the Doctor Who TV series.

    Access the cameras, videos, messages, try to discover the mystery behind sinister events that happen in abandoned houses in London.

    The Lonely Assassins is all in Spanish.

    Doctor Who: TLA na App Store (iOS)

    Doctor Who: TLA na Google Play (Android)

    Type: Paid | Language: Spanish | offline


    15. Bionix

    Bionix is ​​a simulation game for Android very similar to SPORE, a classic of PC and mobile games that was very successful in 2008.

    Free and without requiring an internet connection, in Bionix it will look like you are looking through the lens of a microscope.

    In this game you control a modest little creature that is trying to evolve.

    Of course, in this primordial soup, your creature will not be alone. Explore the region devouring smaller creatures and trying not to be swallowed by the larger ones.

    The game world is procedural, so no run will be the same. You can also create your own creature, customizing various options and trying to create the perfect organism.

    Bionix na Google Play (Android)

    Type: Free | Language: English | offline


    16. Inked

    In this puzzle with art that looks like pen doodles, the player must solve puzzles and help two characters: a samurai and his illustrator.

    The game was first demonstrated in 2016, and released on PC in 2018.

    After an eternity, it arrives on mobile phones as a paid, offline game.

    The samurai called only the Hero is in search of his beloved, Aiko, and the player-controlled illustrator must help him.

    Despite being short, Inked gives us a game with just the right amount of challenge. It's not a difficult game, and it offers a pretty cool ending.

    This game is not a copy of Monument Valley, it is far from that, but I recommend it to anyone who enjoys this type of game.

    Inked na App Store (iOS)

    Inked na Google Play (Android)

    Type: Paid | Language: Spanish | offline


    17. Warhammer: Odyssey

    Warhammer: Odyssey is an old-fashioned MMORPG for Android and iOS.

    In this open world game, players will find many locations from the Warhammer universe. Travel to iconic Old World locations. You can explore the bustling port of Marienberg, the Drakwald forest and other notable sites.

    Perhaps because it's too root Warhammer: Odyssey surprises those who expected an easier game to grind. There are no P2W options and the combat system is a little slow.

    There are six classes: Witch Hunter, Archmage, Slayer, Engineer, Shadow Warrior and Warrior Priest. The player can choose between 3 races: human, elf and dwarf. Very old-school WoW style.

    Warhammer: Odyssey is really suitable for those who like old-school MMOs. Nothing automatic and it will take a long time to level up the character.

    Warhammer: Odyssey na App Store (IOS)

    Warhammer: Odyssey na Google Play (ANDROID)

    Type: Free | Language: English | offline


    18. Slay the Spire

    It's no use talking about a single player card game and not talking about the ridiculously magnificent Slay the Spire.

    This title captivated the gamer community by betting on a different style. Instead of being multiplayer versus, the game bet on being a “dungeon crawler cardgame”.

    What a great idea!

    Slay the Spire was released for iOS last year, but on Android it only arrived in February 2021.

    Unlike many of the “brainless” RPGs and roguelikes we see on mobile, Slay the Spire will make you feel like you have an IQ of 8.

    But if you're stupid like us, no problem. Slay the Spire has an addictive cycle of experimenting, dying, and growing to the next run.

    A game that mixes very well balanced deckbuilding with infinite dungeons. Don't even try to complete everything in the game. You will easily take 200 hours. But the main story can be finished in about 12 hours. Which is a good size and makes up for the expensive price of the game.

    Slay the Spire na App Store (IOS)

    Slay the Spire na Google Play (ANDROID)

    Type: Paid | Language: English | offline


    19. Mad Skills Motocross 3

    Tired of wasting your gray matter on Slay the Spire? Then relax in an easy game. Mad Skills Motocross 3 is here to help you.

    Developed by the Swedish producer Turborilla, this game renews the motorcycle racing game franchise for 3D graphics.

    It got a little heavy on some phones, but it's still the same simple and very fun racing game.

    The commands are accelerating, braking and tilting the bike from side to side. Only with that is it possible to fulfill the missions and perform radical maneuvers.

    All very simple, but very well done in an offline game and ideal for those who just want casual fun.

    Mad Skills Motocross 3 na App Store (iOS)

    Mad Skills Motocross 3 na Google Play (Android)

    Type: Free | Language: Spanish | offline


    20. Evan’s Remains

    Evan's Remains is a platform puzzle game where you control a girl in a fantastic, virtual world.

    She is looking for a boy, but before finding her “friend”, she needs to know what happened to the place.

    Could this virtual world be someone's memories? Then just playing to find out.

    The challenges boil down to puzzles that you have to solve using platforms.

    The game is free to download and you can play a lot, however, to know the end of the story you have to buy it.

    Evan’s Remains na Google Play (Android)

    Type: Paid | Language: Spanish | offline


    21. Divinity – Original Sin 2

    Divinity – Original Sin 2 is another one of those rubbed in the face of Android fans. Another console game that is exclusive to iOS. But if it's any consolation, it only runs on the iPad Pro.

    That's because for the team that ported the game it was a real nightmare to bring it to iPads.

    Produced by Larian Studios on PC, but on iPad, it was ported by Elverics who are the same folks who take care of Metal technology in iOS.

    Usually an Android game consumes a maximum of 1 GB, and much less on iOS. But Original Sin 2 eats no less than almost 3GB of RAM.

    To have this marvel of metal technology on your iPad, you'll need to have at least 18GB of data free space so you don't have problems with updates. The game sits there between 8 and 10 GB.

    According to the producer, this game is a “Next-Gen” for mobile, as the game makes the most of the iPad Pro.

    About the game, Divinity - Original Sin 2 is an RPG game in the style of Baldur Gate and other old-time classics. But this time, no 2D or pre-rendered scenarios.

    Similar to console games, Divinity – Original Sin 2 takes about 60 hours to complete and the price is also that of a console game: R$ 139 reais.

    Divinity – Original Sin 2 na App Store (iOS)

    Type: Paid | Language: English | offline


    22. Slash of Sword 2

    Beat this iPad game right? But if you're looking for a cheaper game, how about a totally free and offline game?

    Slash of Sword 2 is an offline RPG where you are a bounty hunter. Wrongfully accused of a crime, now you must prove your innocence.

    Unlike Divinity – Original Sin 2 which is incredibly heavy and expensive, Slash of Sword 2 goes in the opposite direction. The game uses “low poly” graphics and this makes it a game that runs on any Android phone and iPhones.

    Despite being developed by a small company, Slash of Sword 2 has very cool mechanics such as a day and night system, weather and an interesting sword combat system.

    Slash of Sword 2 is available on the App Store (iOS)

    Slash of Sword 2 na Google Play (Android)

    Type: Free | Language: English | online


    23. Giant Dancing Plushies

    If you know a little English, that's what you read, a game of furry things dancing. Dancing and destroying everything ahead.

    With electronic music, in this musical game you'll have to detonate cities dancing with bears and other giant animals.

    The game is paid but available on Google Play Pass. Have fun making the bear dance while everyone in town is panicking!

    Giant Dancing Plushies na App Store (IOS)

    Giant Dancing Plushies na Google Play (ANDROID)

    Type: Paid | Language: English | offline


    24. Cyberika

    Cyberika is Cyberpunk mobile. Although the statement seems too pretentious, it is true.

    One of the few mobile games with a cyberpunk theme and that feeling of living in a “megalopolis” where technology is high but the quality of life is not.

    Cyberika was created by Kefir, the same producer of “Last Day and Earth”. This makes the cyberpunk game have the same vices as its older brother, but that's not so bad.

    Kefir knew how to fit the futuristic ideas of several books, games and movies very well and condense it into a cool RPG game.

    Of course the overhead view and power and distance limiters will annoy some players. So, look at this as that free game that is good, up to a point.

    Cyberika na App Store (IOS)

    Cyberika and Google Play (ANDROID)

    Type: Free | Language: Spanish | online


    25. FOG – Battle Royale

    FOG – Battle Royale is, as you can imagine, a Battle Royale game. But the differential of this one is to mix the BR genre with MOBA. Players start on a vast island full of weapons and monsters and must race for survival.

    With easy controls and a MOBA aesthetic, FOG stands out for being very light and easy to play.

    There are only 30 players and focus on quick games. A competitive game, but you don't have to play 10-40 minute matches.

    FOG na App Store (IOS)

    FOG on Google Play (ANDROID)

    Type: Free | Language: Spanish | online

    And here ends our list of the best Android and iOS games of the 1st half of 2021.

    Did you like this search with paid and free games? Did you miss any? Comment the games you liked.

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