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    Best Android and iOS Games – August 2022

    The month of August showed many surprises and exciting releases.

    Check out the best games to cell launched in August and, at the end, the best news and news from last month.






    Papers, Please


    And out of nowhere, at the end of July, the developer of “Papers, Please” revealed the mobile version.

    I remember when this game exploded in popularity in 2016 on Spanish Youtube.

    Android users were crazy about a mobile version, as there was only one version for iPad.

    It took a while, but it arrived and arrived in Spanish.

    The controversial simulation and strategy game puts you as a border inspector in a fictional country called Arstotzka.

    Your mission is to watch the entry and exit of people from the city of Grestin.

    If you study a little geopolitics, you will understand that the game here is referring to post-war Germany, and the city of Berlin, more precisely East Berlin.

    The player must control the entry of immigrants into the city. Among workers, visitors and the unemployed, there are also terrorists, spies, thieves and separatists.

    You decide who gets in, who gets barred and who gets stuck.

    The fun of Papers, Please is in the subtext and between the lines. It's a game that seems silly at first, but it has a plot behind it that is simply brilliant.

    There are 20 different endings and the game is long, lasting up to 31 days.

    Among the endings, you can get into debt and be arrested, your family die, or even join the separatists.

    Papers,Please na APP STORE (IOS)

    Papers,Please na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Paid | Language: Spanish | offline


    tower of fantasy


    The release of Tower of Fantasy in Spain was even quick.

    This MMORPG was launched in December 2021 in China, and in August 2022, it was already available in Spain.

    It may seem like it took a while, but this type of game takes up to 3 years to get here.

    The reason for Tencent's rush is simple: to ride the wave of Genshin Impact's success.

    And it worked. the game had 8 million downloads at launch, but the real surprise was the revenue: US$ 26 million dollars in the first month. Surpassing many hyped games.

    This demonstrates that the formula of a Genshin Impact-style MMORPG works, just remove auto-battle and auto-quest.

    Learn there publishers. We are already tired of auto games!!!

    Tower of Fantasy na APP STORE (IOS)

    Tower of Fantasy na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Free | Language: Spanish | online


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    Jet Pack Joyride 2


    The saga of Barry Steakfries got an iPhone sequel called just Jetpack Joyride 2.

    This is another one of those “same game 2” cases. As with Banana Kong 2, they renewed the formula by adding some additional features.

    But unlike the monkey game, Jetpack Joyride 2 justifies itself with new scenarios, bosses and modes.

    The game is not endless running, it has a story mode and stages to complete.

    At the end of each stage you can earn coins that allow you to upgrade.

    Jetpack Joyride 2 was released by surprise on some app stores and later converted to a “plus” game on Apple Arcade.

    But Android fans fear not. You can still enjoy the game for free, just download the APK.

    Jetpack Joyride 2 na APP STORE (IOS)

    Jetpack Joyride 2 APK (ANDROID)

    Type: *Free | Language: Spanish | offline

    Free on Android and requires subscription on iOS.




    Descenders is a bike racing game in the best Downhill style, but without all the lies of the classic PS2 game.

    But I'll tell you, it would be better if the game was more Arcade.

    Descenders' mix of realism and Arcade can work on consoles, but on mobile, it gets a little complicated.

    First, because the graphics on mobile aren't as beautiful as on consoles, and second, because the controls don't help much.

    To complicate matters, the game does not have tips on how to use the controls as on consoles.

    Despite this, the fact that the game is paid and offline draws a lot of attention.

    There are several modes and competitions to play without internet. However, the confusing menu can alienate many players.

    Download to the APP STORE (IOS)

    Descenders na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Paid | Language: Spanish | offline


    Sonic Mania


    And lo and behold, out of the blue, someone decompiles Sonic Mania and converts it to various other platforms, including Android.

    This is not an emulation, the game is actually running right on Android.

    However, the game still needs you to have the original game files.

    Developed in celebration of the franchise's 25th anniversary, Sonic Mania arrived in 2017. It's all in 2D and that's why it's ridiculously light. Runs on any coat.

    Test it there and if you don't have the game, give it "that way".

    Unmissable game for fans of platform games.



    Project Winter Mobile


    The producer Boltrend Games has released the game Project Winter for mobile phones.

    If you don't know this game it is like this. A group of players must survive the winter and fulfill tasks to avoid the intense cold. However, one of the players must act as a villain, more precisely a traitor who will sabotage the whole thing.

    If you thought he's like an Among Us, you're right, but here the gameplay is much more condensed with missions that will make you really forget who the traitor is…..unless you are him.

    This is a game to play online, with friends, with audio on. It makes for a lot of bullshit and a lot of laughs.

    Project Winter na APP STORE (IOS)

    Project Winter na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Free | Language: Spanish | online


    Steins;Gate Mobile


    This isn't exactly a release, but playing Steins;Gate was an almost impossible task.

    This Visual Novel was only in Japanese and it took 6 years to get an English version on Android.

    The mobile version is an adaptation with less gameplay of the console version first released, check it out, for the Xbox 360.

    Teenagers discover a way to send messages to the past through microwaves (that's right).

    But it turns out that an organization called SERN was also studying this phenomenon, and is now hunting teenagers.

    The story takes place in present-day Japan and more precisely in the neighborhood of Akihabara,

    Steins;Gate was a relative success and even yielded an anime that came out in 2011 and is on Crunchyroll.

    Steins;Gate na APP STORE (IOS)

    Steins;Gate na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Free | Language: English | online


    Wild Arena Survivors


    We recently released an article on the site about hyped games that are having trouble getting players.

    And it hasn't been a while (actually it's been a long time) that we've made a video about the best empty battle royale.

    I'm not trying to sour Ubisoft's broth, but the company throws me a Battle Royale literally out of nowhere. Without doing any kind of campaign, not even to create a hypezin.

    And this is not a criticism of the game. On the contrary, Wild Arena Survivors is a very fun game, with a mix between hero shooter and Battle Royale.

    So here's our concern about the future of the game. Will it be another good title that will be forgotten by the crowd?

    Wild Arena Survivors na APP STORE (IOS)

    Wild Arena Survivors na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Free | Language: Spanish | online


    Power Spikes II


    Power Spikes II is another Neo Geo game that comes to cell phones thanks to the ACA Neo Geo initiative.

    Developed by Hamster and Video System corporation, the game is the sequel to the cult classic Hyper V-Ball.

    Who remembers him on the Super Nintendo?

    It's a volleyball game that starts out simple, but then athletes are invited to compete in a space league!

    The Snes version already had a robot version, but this one puts humans to play with armor in the best tokusatsu style.

    The game is very simple and has few differences from the classics. It's worth it for nostalgia.

    Power Spikes II na APP STORE (IOS)

    Power Spikes II na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Paid | Language: English | offline




    Another classic that has been revived on mobile, this time through a free remake, was Ys Online: The Ark of Napishtim.

    Originally released for PC and consoles, the game came to cell phones as a free game.

    Despite having its gameplay fragmented for short gameplay moments, Ys 6 at least is all in Spanish.

    And here ends our video, check out other games that were also released or updated in August.

    Thank you so much for watching this video, a big hug and see you next time!

    Ys Online na APP STORE (IOS)

    Ys Online na GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Type: Free | Language: Spanish | online



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