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    Beat Fever: new electronic music game for Android and iOS

    Beat fever is now available on the Spanish Play store. The rhythm game is online. in which the player can also play real-time Multiplayer and make in-app purchases. With 190 mb of data and a considerable variety of music available in the game itself, it can become (or not) a great game especially for electronic music lovers and etc !!

    – How is the BEAT FEVER game?

    Beat fever is a sound and rhythm mixing game created by the company WRGKSHIP.
    The game contains a charismatic campaign mode in which the player controls his own character (which is created by him) and also joins a “Musical Rebellion”. Which consists of further revitalizing the music in the world to finally defeat the evil collective.

    The game has real-time Multiplayer, which consists of you challenging another player to the same musical note and so the combat begins. Whoever has the most points and is the best wins.(Of course)

    The game also has a great character customization system that the player's character can simply be customized from head to toe. Where it is possible to add shoes, glasses, change the style of the pants among other customizations.

    The way to evolve the character is also a little curious. As advancing in the story missions in general, you can get monsters, in which when these monsters are added to the music mixing slots they tend to improve the achievement of points and hits when the player hits a track of the chosen music. There are also some types of monsters available in the game, being them legendary, rare, normal and among others.

    In addition to having the items mentioned above, when connecting to Facebook or another social network, the player can enter a chat. The game itself starting a group conversation, individual, global chat and etc.

    The game also contains a great collection of music. With genres between Pop / electronic / classical / rock / Latin and among others and other diverse with various artists and composers today.

    - Opinion

    Unfortunately, in addition to the game not being offline and fully online to play, there are also some freemium factors in the game. It's not hard to see in play store reviews and also in the game's gameplay itself constant complaints about the energy bar. Because with a total energy count of 30, each song requires 5 energy to play. Thus influencing the player to buy more and more energy to continue playing the game normally without any worries. The game also has a “Premium” version. Beat fever can be a good music game. However, there is still a lot to be improved in the game.

    Link to Download on iPhone and iPad

    Link to Download on Android (Google Play)

    Developer: WRKSHP
    Advertising: Yes | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 4.1 / iOS 8.0
    Language: Spanish | Size: 100 MB

    [originally published August 10, 2017]

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