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    Battlefield Mobile enters new test! How to download the apk and play

    The game is in alpha test again Battlefield mobile. The new mobile FPS has returned after an April test was met with mixed reception among fans. That means the game has improved a lot right? Er…. No! See how to download APK and test the game on Android.

    Is Battlefield Mobile a bad game?

    Battlefield Mobile, in the current state of the alpha test shows greater stability of the servers. But the game still feels a long way from the experience gamers expected as a Battlefield 3 or 4.

    The game maps are small, the number of players is reduced. Movement is slow. Anyway, the game needs to improve a lot.

    But that doesn't mean there aren't good things. In the game it is possible to blow up some walls and the handling of the vehicles is realistic.

    However, there's no way not to get a bitter taste for the Battlefield Mobile player. No jets, fighters or helicopters. The scenarios are small and the movement is slow. The game that many expected to be a revolution is quite amateur at this stage of its development.

    The current development of Battlefield for Android and iOS causes concern, as the game is of a quality far removed from competing games that arrive soon like Apex Legends, Valorant Mobile, and I don't even need to comment on COD Warzone Mobile, right?

    And it's not the case like Apex Legends that were bad in the beta, but it has improved a lot. The point is that Apex brings the same map and same gameplay as the original game, something that Battlefield Mobile doesn't seem to bring.

    Anyway, let's hope that Battlefield Mobile debuts a bigger map and adds more things to the gameplay.

    How to play Battlefield Mobile on Android

    To play Battlefield Mobile on Android, just download the apk in the link below. The game is in alpha testing at India. So to play, you will need to use a VPN. You can use VPN.Lat. Don't know how to use VPN, see a quick tutorial here.

    Note Yes it's only 93 MB. When starting the game it will make two downloads, one of 500 MB and another of 400 MB.



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