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    Battle Team: RPG with a futuristic look and story in Spanish

    Battle Team is a role-playing game for Android and iOS that follows exactly the formula of the most recent titles of the genre. The game is not afraid of being online, turn-based and grinding. But the story and visuals of the characters make up for these flaws.

    The game takes place in the distant future. The look of the characters is very reminiscent of Overwatch. But the gameplay, as has been said, is that of a turn-based RPG.

    The mission is to assemble a team of up to 6 characters and face the villains of the Galaxy. Like any other game of its kind, it offers a glimpse of the characters' maximum potential, only to then put the player right at the beginning of the game.

    The highlight is creativity. The VISUAL CUBE studio did not appeal to characters copied from other franchises, they created their own characters, and they are quite charismatic.

    Another thing that immediately stands out is the absence of an automatic button. The player needs to go through all the battles and control all the actions.

    Battle Team isn't perfect, but in the world of increasingly automated games, it stands out for not being too generic. Casual fun, with a focus on history and all in Spanish.

    Download Link from App Store (iOS)

    Link to Download on Google Play (Android)

    Developer: VISUAL CUBE
    Advertising: Yes| Online game
    Contains built-in purchases:Yes
    Requires Android 4.1 / iOS 9.0
    Language: Spanish | Size: 350 MB

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