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    Battle Royale with robots will have crossover and show with virtual idol Kizuna AI

    NetEase has announced a collaboration with Japanese pop music idol Kizuna AI. The crossover will include in-game virtual celebrity shows Super Mecha Champions. In addition, the character will also be the new pilot of the game's mechas.


    Idol's debut event in Battle Royale starts on September 30th and runs until October 21st. In the days October 16th and 17th concerts will take place with the character within the game.

    But all this isn't just to delight J-Pop fans. There will be rewards for players. There will be several surprises that will be announced during the event.

    Check the release

    The new original single created especially for Super Mecha Champions, Here for you, will also make its debut at this show. “Believe me and hold my hand; I will be there, until the end.” – With the lyrics of this new original song, Kizuna AI expresses his hope and desire to connect with more new friends. And for this new single, DÉ DÉ MOUSE, a composer close to Kizuna AI, is responsible for the composition and arrangement.

    In this first-of-its-kind show in the city of Mecha, mecha Firefox will show the audience a different side of his hardcore warrior image, dancing passionately on stage! What interesting things will happen when Kizuna AI encounters this steel giant? Let's wait for their performance on stage!

    A stage where you can “play”! Who will be the most attractive audience?
    Come and join the “Here for you SMC × Kizuna AI LIVE 2021” concert! There are many cheering poses for you to unlock:

    After the show starts, not only can you wave a glow stick in your hands to cheer for Kizuna AI as if you were at a real show, but you can also use a special effect item, “Cheering from fireworks” to enjoy of romantic fireworks at this show for the first time this fall!

    You can also have fun on the trampoline and experience a great “disco dance”. When the music reaches its climax, you can also experience unique music gameplay – swipe the screen, become a DJ and immerse yourself in the enchanting music!

    Limited bonus redemption after Kizuna AI Crossover starts!
    This will be a super fun show as well as a show full of amazing rewards.

    To welcome Kizuna AI, Super Mecha Champions has prepared nine limited bonus events! During the crossover period, you can subscribe, share, complete event quests, etc. to get limited Kizuna AI Emojis, Kizuna AI Animated Avatars, Wobble Headwear and other limited crossover gifts. You will also receive an exclusive commemorative badge when you attend the show. Invite your friends to watch the Kizuna AI show together and get a chance to unlock an exclusive Kizuna AI crossover skin! More surprises are waiting to be unlocked!

    About Super Mecha Champions

    Super Mecha Champions (SMC) is a Battle Royale quite different from the common one. The game has good graphics, but the gameplay seems a little too complex for ordinary people to understand. In the game, in addition to playing with your character, you can enter giant robots and shoot enemies. Literally the "otaku" version of Titanfall or if you're old school like me, Metal Warriors (Snes)

    The title is one of those NetEase titles that we call “imminent failure”. A pity, as the game looks pretty cool, especially for mecha anime fans. But apparently, SMC failed to attract the “otaku” audience.

    Super Mecha Champions It has versions for Android, iOS and PC.

    PC (STEAM)

    Download from APP STORE (IOS)

    Download on GOOGLE PLAY (ANDROID)

    Developer: NetEase Games
    Advertising: No | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 5.0 / iOS 11.0
    Language: English | Size: 1.7GB

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