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    Batman – The Telltale Series Arrives First on iPhone and iPad

    Batman - The Telltale Series had already been released for PC. Now it's the turn of iOS users to enjoy the first chapter of the new Batman saga in video games. Those who have Android will have to wait a little longer. Telltale didn't leave any kind of predicted date, the game could arrive for Android today, or maybe just a month from now.

    The Telltale Series tells a new Batman story completely out of the movie and comic book universes, but featuring classic characters like Catwoman. The game is based on the producer's new engine that brings new graphics and a visual much closer to that shown on consoles and PC.

    At least it should be that way, but the reality is that the game is having problems on devices like iPod Touch 6 and iPad pro.

    In the mobile version, we noticed a lot more jaggies and use of blurry textures. The result is a game not as heavy as it is on PC or console. It's only 1.2 GB to download on iOS. On Android, this number may be below 1 GB.

    Despite referring to games in the Arkham series and the excellent Batman: The Dark Knight Rises (Gameloft), it's worth remembering that Telltale's games are focused on history and the action always takes place through QTEs (Quick Time Events).

    Link to download the game from the App Store (iOS)

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