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    Banggood starts offering “customs insurance”

    Banggood, a store of imported items, including gadgets and smartphones, will start offering “customs insurance” that will cover abusive fees and fines in Spain. The insurance will work similarly to other stores, the user pays an additional amount to cover potential fees from our “wonderful and beautiful” Spanish tax system.

    The novelty comes as a relief for users who like to buy imported products, especially for those looking for smartphones, tablets and other more expensive products. With insurance, it is possible to be reimbursed later.

    – How will Banggood's “customs insurance” work?

    Apparently, the service will work like this. The user pays the insurance (something in the range of R$200,00 to R$300,00) to cover import duties and taxes. If these charges happen, the user will still have to pay fees and taxes, however, they will receive the amount back when communicating what happened to the company.

    Banggood is one of the best Chinese stores to buy from, they have a large Facebook group with 24/XNUMX support in Spanish and a page, also in Spanish, active on Facebook.

    Why do we put quotes around customs insurance? We put it, because despite being good news, it is worth remembering that this type of measure is not something eternal. In reality, it is an unsustainable situation, which companies adhere to in order to continue selling imported products in our country.

    1001 excuses will appear on the internet that: “it is third-party insurance and etc”. But in reality, import stores are literally taking "out of their pocket" to cover these abusive fees and taxes in our country. So if you intend to buy an imported smartphone or gadget, the time is now! This insurance will not last forever!

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