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    Badland 2 finally comes to Android (free and OFFLINE)

    Badland 2 is a game that mixes side scrolling with puzzles. Owner of incredible art and beautiful visuals, the game reaches its second edition in Google Play. Released on iOS in 2015, Badland 2 is finally available on Android, and for free.

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    - How is the game?

    Badland 2, follows the formula of the first game. You control a creature with the ability to fly. Your only objective is to go through stages dodging obstacles and trying not to die. The graphics and music are the main highlights of the title.

    Despite the 2D look, Badland 2 is a game that literally jumps the screen. The graphics are beautiful and the color composition makes anyone stop to admire the game at some point. The first game is highly acclaimed, both on Android and iOS. So much so, that the first game has a stage generator that has more than 70 stages.

    But calm down, to finish Badland 2, you don't have to face an impossible challenge. There are “only” 100 stages that can be completed in 10 to 15 hours of gameplay. Not bad for a mobile game huh?

    In addition to the large number of stages, the game also has multiplayer modes, where players can play in cooperative mode, in real time.

    One of the features that the game has, and that should be mandatory in every Android game, is the possibility to save your progress in the cloud. Just link your Google Play Games account.

    - Opinion

    Badland 2 is available for free on Android (payable on iOS). The player can choose to buy the full version to get rid of the ads, but it is possible to play completely for free, without the need for internet. That way there's nothing to complain about, unless your thing is to play bad games.

    Download Links

    ANDROID (Google Play)

    Developer: Clean Master Games
    Advertising: Yes | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 4.0
    Language: Spanish | Size: 120 MB

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