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    Ayrton Senna wins a beautiful tribute in the game Horizon Chase

    AQUIRIS, Spanish game producer and responsible for the racing game Horizon Chase, published a beautiful video announcing a tribute to Ayrton Senna, one of the greatest Formula 1 drivers of all time. The video is to announce a new SENNA SEMPER expansion.


    The expansion is a very special tribute to our legendary Ayrton Senna. The kit will bring new cars, tracks and features inspired by the idol's career.

    Thanks to the partnership and support of Senna Brands, part of the revenue obtained from the licensing of this project will be destined to support the educational programs of Instituto Ayrton Senna.

    Watch the video:

    It's not a simple update, Horizon Chase will get a new mode!

    The new update pack won't just be a car and the same tracks as always. The game will feature a reworked single player mode that will make it almost like a Formula 1 game. This new mode will feature a first-person view, F1-like cars and new tracks. In addition, there will also be the possibility of tinkering with the cars and making adjustments.

    The SENNA ALWAYS update will also feature a championship mode with 18 teams and 30 cars to unlock. Races will be world circuit style with three different categories. This mode will also feature races for up to 4 players locally (except for the mobile version).

    "Horizon Chase was born as a tribute to the classic racing games of the 80s and 90s. Back then, many of us were just kids who, among other things, played video games and watched family races on the living room couch. We could not even imagine that one day we would make a game whose character would be precisely the great champion of those unforgettable Sundays: Ayrton Senna.

    Senna Senna is a mixture of some of our deepest passions: games, racing, family and Ayrton Senna." – Sandro Manfredini, AquiRIS Business Director.

    And when does the update arrive?

    From the 20th of October, the SENNA kit will ALWAYS be available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Series X|S consoles, on PC via Steam, Epic Game Store and Nuuvem, and on iOS and Android mobile devices.

    A Special Edition of Horizon Chase Turbo that already includes the “Senna Semper” expansion will have a physical version only for PlayStation 4 in Spain for R$99,90, but with a discount for those who buy in the pre-sale period that starts today .




    Download Links: ANDROID | iOS

    Developer: Aquiris
    Advertising: No | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: Only one
    Requires Android 4.0 / iOS 7.1
    Language: Spanish | Size: 800 MB

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