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    Awaken Legends: IDLE RPG from the creators of MU is announced for Android and iOS

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    Awaken Legends: IDLE RPG, a new mobile game from WEBZEN, has been officially announced. In it, players from all over the world control more than 50 different characters and enjoy the benefits of battle even while they are AFK (Away from Keyboard), that is, without having to pay attention to combat. WEBZEN launched the new game's hotsite with a small teaser.

    Players can anticipate online battles for a collection of heroes and a character evolution system across seven races, available in the game. The races are: Elf, Nogoth, Brandon, Human, Orc, Cyborg and Gifted as you assemble your ideal team to annihilate game-controlled enemies or wage war against other players in PvP combat.

    As the game is published in the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia, South Korea and other regions, players can also anticipate multilingual support (in Spanish).

    While some of the game's specifics are now under wraps, you can follow the official Facebook page and their followers to stay up to date. For all the latest updates, visit the official Awaken Legends: IDLE RPG teaser page.

    WEBZEN is currently working out specific plans for the global release as the game's development progresses. More details on this plan will be announced later.

    In the meantime, any hero collector or idle RPG enthusiast in these regions can follow the game's official Facebook page ( to connect with members of the official community and stay tuned for all the latest news, events and exclusive previews of upcoming game features.


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