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    Avatar: Reckoning Begins Beta Test (APK for Android)

    Archosaur Games has started beta testing Avatar: Reckoning. O new game for Android and iOS is being tested in Canada. Anyone in Spain can test the game on Android by downloading the APK and using a VPN.

    The new game had already been announced by the official Avatar Twitter account. The title comes to accompany the release of the new film that also arrives in 2022.


    What is Avatar: Reckoning

    Avatar: Reckoning is a new game for Android and iOS that mixes MMO and shooter. The game is being developed by Archosaur Games and Sixjoy Limited. Avatar Reckoning is free and will be released globally soon.

    The game is currently in closed beta testing in Canada. However, whoever is in Spain can test the game by downloading a VPN app and choosing a server in Canada.


    What Avatar: Reckoning's Gameplay Looks Like

    Avatar: Reckoning mixes action, shooting and MMO in a unique game inspired by the sci-fi movie franchise Avatar.

    Players can choose between playing the story mode (single-player) or taking on an adventure with friends in co-op mode with intense raids full of enemies.

    In the beginning, the player can create his own Avatar and embark on a cinematic adventure with several moments that reproduce the scenes from the movie and the vivid atmosphere of the planet Pandora.

    The cooperative mode has several different classes such as: Guard, Scout, Combat Medic and Engineer. This perhaps indicates that a versus mode may also be in the producer's plans.

    Player-created characters can also utilize abilities and gain perks that can give permanent upgrades.

    The game has impressive graphics, but that also means it's a bit heavy.

    Minimum requirements to play Avatar: Reckoning

    Avatar: Reckoning requires at least a smartphone with 4GB of RAM. According to the developers. However, these requirements are very vague.

    Google Play link*

    *Canada Google Play link. You must use VPN to view.

    Developer: Sixjoy Limited
    Advertising: No | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 5.0
    Language: English | Size: 5 GB

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