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    Auto Chess Mobile: How to Download APK and Play on Android

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    Auto Chess, one of the most popular Dota 2 mods, is now available to test on Android. The APK is ready to download from the game's official website. See how to test the game first hand.

    Auto Chess Mobile was in closed beta testing only for players from China. But yesterday (18) the game was updated to English, and the beta released to all players, thus becoming an open beta.


    Download Auto Chess Mobile on Google Play (Android)

    Developer: Dragonest Game
    Advertising: No | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 5.0
    Language: English | Size: 337MB

    Official mobile version is already in testing, see how to download and play.

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    – How to download Auto Chess Mobile on Android

    Step 1. Access the official website of Auto Chess Mobile (in this link) and tap “Download from Test Server on Android”.

    Official game website:

    Tap the indicated location to download the Auto Chess APK (Image: Playback).

    Step 2. After downloading, install the APK as normal. Remember that the “Unknown Sources” option must be activated on your device. This option is in “Settings” and varies from cell phone to cell phone.

    Tap ok to start the download. (Image: Reproduction).

    – How to register to access Auto Chess Mobile

    Step 3. The game will ask for your registration to start. Go back to the game page and click on “register”.

    Tap register to register the Auto Chess game (Image: Reproduction).

    Step 4. Enter the requested data, but before tapping “send”, tap “get verification code”. When you tap on this option, a code will be sent to your email.

    Tap on the indicated location. The code will be sent to your email. (Image: Reproduction).

    Step 5. Open your email and see the verification code.

    Memorize the code and type in the indicated location. (Image: Reproduction)

    Step 6. Return to the website and enter the code in the indicated location.

    Return to the website and enter the code in the indicated location. (Image: Reproduction).

    Step 7. Finally, tap on “Register Now” (at the bottom of the page) to complete the registration.

    – How to log in to Auto Chess Mobile

    To login, enter your email and password in the game.

    Step 8. If the email is too big and the game doesn't let you type the rest. access this site to see the “login” the game has created for you.

    Website to view the login (if the email is large):

    Be careful not to leave spaces (image: reproduction).

    Step 9. On the website, type your name and password correctly (auto-complete from the cell phone usually puts unnecessary spaces).

    When opening the site your login name will be in the upper right corner of the page. (image: reproduction).

    Step 10. Your login name, password remains the same as you registered.

    – How to open the game and switch to English language

    When opening the game, enter your name and tap the (Image: Playback) button.

    Step 8. Once installed, just start the game. Auto Chess Mobile will open in Chinese, but see below how to put the game in English.

    Tap the indicated location to open the Auto Chess game menu. (Image: Reproduction).
    Tap the indicated location to open the settings menu (Image: Playback).
    Tap the indicated location to choose the language (Image: Playback).
    Choose English language. (Image: Reproduction).

    Step 10. Now just enjoy the game in English.

    Tap the yellow button to start a match. (Image: Reproduction).
    Auto Chess connection and loading screen (Image: Playback).
    Auto Chess Mobile is ready to play. (Image: Reproduction).

    [originally published April 19, 2019]

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