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    Aurcus Online: Explore an open world in this MMORPG for Android and iOS

    Aurcus Online is Asobimo's new MMORPG that has just arrived on Google Play and the Western App Store. The game is not as impressive graphically as Avabel, Iruna ou Izanagi, but it features an open world and a completely new universe for players to explore.

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    - How is the game?

    Aurcus Online's gameplay follows the pattern of other games from the company, a mix of online RPG with hack'n slash. The surprise here is the absence of automatic buttons. Yes, in Asobimo games, you have to live the adventure to the fullest.

    The game begins on a ship, where a mysterious woman asks for your help in getting rid of monsters. After that, you are sent to a city to start your adventure.

    Aurcus Online doesn't have a good finish to its script, but it makes up for it with a true open world. It is possible to see other players walking through the scenario and chat with them. The game's quest and guild system are quite simple and interactive, which invites players to spend hours in the game.

    - Opinion

    With a plot that looks like a mix between Final Fantasy and One Piece, Aurcus Online may not be a better MMO than previous Asobimo releases, but still, it's an interesting title for those looking for a real open world game. The game requires a lot of internet, and the ideal is to play only over a WiFi network.

    Download Links (FREE): ANDROID | IOS

    Developer: Asobimo
    Advertising: No| Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 2.3 / iOS 5.1
    Language: English | Size: 45MB + 400MB

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