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    Aufero Laser 1 laser engraving machine for R$ 1.158 on Aliexpress

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    Have you ever seen those personalized smartphone or iPhone cases with the person's inscription on the back? They do that with a laser machine like the Aufero Laser 1, which is on sale on AliExpress for R$1.158 reais.

    An ideal product for those who want to make personalized covers and backplates, with the Aufero Laser 1, you will not only create names, but any type of personalized art.

    The Aufero Laser 1 works on surfaces such as metal, brushed steel, stone, wood, MDF, acrylic, paper and leather and makes all kinds of art and even photo-like images. Warning, it does not work on TPU or plastic cases.

    Product name: Aufero Laser 1 Product link: Promotion time: 2021-11-11 00:00:00 – 2021-11-12 23:59: 59 Product Model: Aufero AL1-LU2-2 Price: US$ 199 Price during Promotion: US$ 195.68 Price after COUPON APPLIED: US$ 193.58 COUPON: AUFEROAL1 (US$2.00 off orders over US$100.00)

    Warehouse: CHINA

    A technology from Aufero Laser 1

    The Aufero Laser 1 is an extremely user-friendly machine. With Plug and Play technology, just connect it to a computer or notebook with Windows from XP or higher.

    Machine assembly is also simple. Just fix it on a table and adjust the media distance.

    Assembly of Aufero Laser 1:

    See the machine in action in the video below:

    When purchasing the machine, you will be asked which type of laser you prefer:

    • LU2-2: The most basic model with a smaller cavity and which can take a longer process.
    • LU2-4 20w SF: The intermediate model that has a more powerful laser and creates a larger cavity, making it possible to use the machine on harder materials.
    • LU2-4 20w LF: The more expensive model works on any material, in addition to having a higher speed.

    As it is a laser machine, there is concern about the luminosity it emits. In this regard, you can rest assured, the Aufero Laser 1 has protection features in case it goes “out of focus”. For example, if the machine is turned up or sideways, or the laser focus leaves something that is very close to it, the laser automatically turns off.

    There is also an anti-fire sensor, which automatically switches off the machine if you place a surface that is not ideal for it to work on.


    Regarding the images that the Aufero Laser 1 can work with, it will be necessary to pay attention to the formats with which it is compatible.

    Aufero Laser 1 supports GRBL, JPG, PNG, BMP, DXF and NC.

    The ideal is to use black and white or high contrast images so that the laser can draw the details of the image well.

    Aufero Laser 1 Promotion

    Aufero Laser 1 is on sale on AliExpress for only R$1.158 reais. And with the coupon AUFEROTOP1 you still get R$ 25 reais off. The coupon is also valid for other models that are more expensive like the Aufero AL1-LU2-4 LF and the Aufero AL1-LU2-4 SF. As this is an imported product, remember to choose the EU Plug, which is a plug that works with outlets in Spain.

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