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    Astral Frontier – OFFLINE Game for Free Download on Android

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    Astral Frontier is a RPG to Android  by Kemco. Like all other games from this producer, the highlight of the game is the possibility of playing offline. In addition, the player is not charged at any time and can finish the game without any problems.

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    The tiny village of Japina is one of the last human settlements in a world where environmental degradation has pushed humanity to the brink of extinction. Our fifteen-year-old hero (as usual) lives there, having lost his parents, siblings and childhood friend Leneria.

    Consumed by grief, he agrees to an arranged marriage to save his village on the same day that a chance encounter will alter the fate of him, his village, and all of humanity...

    Astral Frontier stumbles across every JRPG game cliché you can imagine. Silly protagonist, women all over him, destined to save the world, and so on. However, for many, it is precisely this purity and simplicity that draws attention to this type of game.

    Astral Frontier's controls are a paradigm shift at Kemco. The game follows the pattern of Japanese RPGs. Over there, people really like vertical play (you'll understand).

    The game's graphics resemble an RPG Maker, with some cool effects. It is worth remembering that the game is all in English and is ideal for those who practice the language.

    - Opinion

    Astral Frontier is a free game recommended for JRPGzeiros. The guys who easily detonate a Final Fantasy of life will delight in the story of Orion. The game is very light and weighs only 41 MB. The game only displays ads when connected to the internet. There is even a paid version to collaborate with the project or remove ads.

    Download link on ANDROID (Google Play)

    Developer: Kemco
    Advertising: Yes | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: No
    Requer Android 2.3
    Language: English | Size: 40MB

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