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    Astracraft: New NetEase Games Game Launches With Influencer Incentives

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    Astracraft, a real-time creation and competition game co-produced by NetEase Games and independent developer Payload Studios, is online globally. In addition to the Android and iOS game, the company is recruiting influencers and will offer rewards, some in cash. See how to participate.

    New NetEase game allows you to build vehicles and go into combat against other players (Photo: Disclosure)

    How to join the influencer recruitment program for Astracraft

    How to participate:
    1. Upload your Astracraft videos to YouTube or Facebook (minimum video length is 2 minutes)
    2. Add the tags #Astracraft #HoppersPartnerProgram at upload time
    3. Fill in the form with the video link and required information, then tap submit to complete the delivery process.

    Form link:

    All about astracraft

    Astracraft is the first space vehicle combat sandbox game for mobile.

    What makes Astracraft a unique game is the ability for players to enjoy both crafting and battle elements at the same time.

    In Creative Mode, players can develop their creations using the numerous modules present in the game, and also take advantage of all the functions of a very detailed map editor. Players can create custom ARMS, warships and spaceships, as well as build worlds and maps by establishing their own rules. In Astracraft, the only limit is imagination and the willingness to experiment.

    Launch trailer:

    Battle Mode is where players can command their ARMS in all kinds of combat. They can participate in a no-holds-barred fight in the Infinite Arena; collect modules, power up and survive a storm in Storm Mode; or team up with friends to conquer and control the power tower in King of the Hill Mode.

    And there's a lot more to discover in Astracraft, like Race Mode and Party Mode. Race Mode allows players to show their skill behind the wheel, with the help of special items scattered around the track, to decide who is the most skilled driver. In Party Mode, they can choose their most creative vehicles to score goals on a soccer field, or have fun dodging obstacles in other minigames.

    Astracraft also has a “Rocket League” mode (Photo: Disclosure)

    Making the most of unlimited creative freedom

    Another way to enjoy Astracraft is by sharing short videos about the creations in the game and the highlights of the matches. These unique and creative masterpieces can inspire other players to create their own masterpieces and record their most amazing shots.

    To ensure the most interesting ideas are noticed and shared, the “Hopper's Partner Program” influencer recruiting program starts as soon as the game goes online. Space engineers are encouraged to use their talent and creativity to share stories, opinions, ARMS and the most incredible moments on the battlefield. The 30 Most Popular Engineers and 30 Most Diligent Engineers will be selected every week to receive amazing in-game rewards!

    Download the game from the link below. Single link for Android and iOS.

    Source: Press release

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